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Part 10.

Mama is advised to get enough rest, don think too hard. Eat regularly, and be diligent in taking vitamins to increase body stamina. Regarding high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink cucumber juice. For three days in a row.

"There are no other serious illnesses, so take care of his mother, Clara! Don think too much, because your parents only have one left!" remember.

"Okay Doctor, Ill remember the advice!" I answered shaking hands.

"Please take the medicine prescription in the

pharmacy, huh?!" said Doctor Steven.

"Thank you again, Doctor," I said almost at the same time as Mama.

We left the room and headed for the medicine department. I am relieved to hear the results of the doctors diagnosis. It means that there is no very serious disease. What needs to be taken care of is blood pressure, so it doesn rise again beyond normal limits.

If blood pressure is too high, it can lead to stroke and hypertension or high blood pressure. Thats what worries me so much. After from here, I will stop at the afternoon market, to buy cucumbers. In order to get home, you can directly juice for Mamas medicine.


"Bro, lets stop at the afternoon market, shall we!" I asked.

"Yes," said Brother Roy without asking.

Usually in the afternoon market a lot of people shopping for tomorrows needs. I also bought kitchen necessities for three days of food. I haven actually been paid, but theres still some savings in my wallet.

Seeing Mamas condition like this, I couldn bear to leave her alone. Its true that there is Brother Roy at home, but its troublesome for the mind. Was told to look after the shop, the sales profit was always non-existent. All taken by him for personal use. So I don believe it anymore.

After paying for all the groceries, I got in the car. There was a heavy traffic jam at the red light intersection, its time to go home from work. And it was almost sunset, so it took patience to drive a car.

I narrowed my eyes when I passed in front of the restaurant that Misel had told me about. I remember Rikis car plate number, you know, Ive been dating for two years. He just got out of the car with a girl. Hm, looks like a new lover again.

So why is Riki chasing my love from campus to the office. Or is this just an outlet instead of being single.

"Look who, Cla, is so serious?" Mom asked.

"Ugh, don worry Mommy!" I said.

As soon as they looked to the side, the two of them had already entered the restaurant. I realized, indeed Riki is not a good man for me. Not to mention thinking about that bastard.

My thoughts were interrupted when the car arrived in front of the house. It was getting dark, I went out first holding Mamas hand.

"Careful, Ma!" remember me. He walked with a limp, maybe his head was still dizzy. Must get a lot of rest as advised by Doctor Steven.


"Mama come into the room, Cla! I want to pray Maghrib," She said.

"Yes, Mah, Clara also wants to pray," I said.

We went straight to the bathroom. In Mamas room there is also a toilet, so there is no need to fight, there is still one more toilet in the kitchen.

After praying, I rushed to the kitchen, cooking for dinner. Its just simple cooking thats important is healthy food. Do not forget to make juice to lower blood pressure. An hour later, I called Mama and Brother Roy to have dinner together.

"Ma, lets eat!"

"Oh-ready to cook, yes?"

"Yes, Ma!" I led Mama out of the room. Mamas body began to look thin. Since Papa died, Mama has been in charge of the shop in the center of the market. Mama does not want to use the services of employees because it is difficult to trust other people.

I had suggested it, but Mama refused, arguing that she was still able to work on her own. "Instead of giving salaries to other people, its better for Roy to help Mama at the shop," he said when I forced him.

Thats the story yesterday, now Mamas condition is not healthy. The shop is also closed in an undetermined time.

Meanwhile Brother Roy is unemployed at home. Sis Roy has worked in the office three times, but he was fired for being undisciplined. good time and the working system.

Me and Mama could only stroke his chest to see his fate. Now seeing Mamas sick condition, Brother Roy becomes gloomy. I don know what was in his mind. Im too lazy to talk to him.

"Add more rice and side dishes, Mah!" I said.

"Mama just add stir-fried vegetables, Cla!" I spooned the vegetables onto Mamas plate. Happy its nice to see Mamas appetite.

"Oh-yes, Roy, starting tomorrow you just look for another job! Let Mama take care of the shop herself. Better to close the shop than no profit from the sale!" he said.

Hearing Mamas spicy words, Brother Roy and I were silent, not daring to speak anymore. I prefer to spend the rest of the rice in the plate. Then clean up the rest of the dirty dishes on the table.

After eating, Mama went straight to her room. I deliver a glass of cucumber juice just finished in the blender. "Mah, don forget to drink, okay?" remember me.

"Yeah, just put it on that dresser!" Mama said, smiling.

"Clara is back in the room, Mom! If you need anything, just call me!" I left the room, closing the door again.

All night I couldn sleep. Mamas words still ring in my ears. For the umpteenth time, Brother Roy has to find a job for his future. Mom doesn trust her son anymore.

During this time Mama always went to the store with Brother Roy. If she gets a new job, and starts working, Mama must be brought to the new shop for Brother Roy to go to work.

I feel sorry for Mama when she rides on a motorbike. His body must be hit by the wind, I don want that to happen. So you have to be able to manage your time, otherwise Bro Roy will get a job.

To be continued ....

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