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Part 15.

My footsteps accelerated, I couldn wait to see the condition of Brother Roy who was in the ICU. From a distance I saw Mama pensive while standing in front of the glass window.

"Mah, how is Brother Roy?" I asked.

"Uh, Clara surprised Mama," she said.

"You look from the glass window! Mama can bear to see your Brother!" she said again.

I immediately stood next to the window, Brother Roys body was covered with wounds. Some are wrapped in bandages. Mama said, Brother Roy went by car, but why is his body in such a bad condition?

I went back to Mamas place, she was sitting pensive. Out of curiosity, I just ask.

"Mah, who gave the news that Brother Roy had an accident?" I asked.

"The hospital who called Mama, use your Brothers cellphone!" she explained.

"Your Brother was brought here by a friend who picked you up this morning. After that, his friend asked for permission to leave for a while and gave our familys cellphone number to the Brother who was in the guard room. Your Brothers cellphone was left with the Brother," explained Mama at length .

"Until now, his friend hasn come here either. Because he knows what happened," said Mama.

I became confused and curious, is his friend a good person or a bad person, ya? How come my friend is in a coma, left alone in the hospital. It means that the key witness is Brother Roys friend. He knows the chronology of events.

But the person just disappeared somewhere. Not to mention the cost of this hospital. If the victim of an accident, usually not covered by health insurance. Duh, hows this?


From afar, it seemed that Doctor Steven was about to approach us. I immediately stood up to greet him and asked about Brother Roys condition.

"Good Afternoon, Doctor," I greeted.

"Good Afternoon, Clara and Mother," he said politely.

"How is my brother, Doctor? Is this life threatening?"

"Calm down, Clara, sit down first!" he ordered.

I returned to the lounge chair and took a shaky breath. Mama rubbed this back and shoulders, we both strengthened our hearts. Seeing the condition of Brother Roy who is in a coma, it seems that it will take a long time and intensive treatment at the hospital. Doctor Steven also sat between me and Mama.

"I don think Roy was a victim of an accident, Mom!" he explained.

"So you mean Doctor, my brother was harmed by someone?" I asked confused.

"I think so, Clara," answered Doctor Steven.

"Actually, I was suspicious, since Brother Roy often came home late at night. Plus he came home drunk!" I explained.

"Whatever the case, the important thing is that your brother is here, in my care." Doctor Steven tried to calm Mama and me down.

"What about the cost, Doctor? My Brother is a victim of abuse, right?"

"Yes, thats right. I have checked all the wounds on his body. There was a blunt object blow to the back of the head and bruises on his body! That blow to the back of the head left your brother unconscious until now!"

"The problem of costs, you can use Roys health card. You just need to fill in the data," said Doctor Steven.

Mom and I looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Ehh, not completely finished, my brothers life still hasn come back. I saw Mamas face again gloomy while standing beside the glass window.

After explaining everything, Doctor Steven said goodbye to us to go back to the practice room. I glanced at my watch, it was going to be Magrib soon. Id better take Mama to immediately go to the mosque next to the hospital, as well as to rest too. Tired of heart and mind, all day doing activities outside the home.

At first Mama refused my invitation, she was afraid that if Brother Roy would wake up, she continued to look for Mama or her family.

"Mah! In the ICU room, there is a nurse who

take care of Brother Roy, so Mama don have to worry!"

"I see, yes, Mama is relieved to hear that!"

We walked to the mosque next to the hospital. I always carry my mukena in my sling bag, so I can pray alternately. Usually the mosque also provides mukena for worshipers who stop here.


For a week, Mama and I went back and forth to the hospital to check on Brother Roys condition. Actually, the head injury wasn that bad, but the body that wasn fit when being abused was the trigger, causing a loss of consciousness. All of that was caused because Brother Roy was often drunk and stayed up late.

Mamas health condition began to decline due to irregular rest. Im almost stressed about this situation. But Mama and Mis Caterine always encouraged me. At the same time, the thesis on campus must be completed immediately. If not, the more the fees for the final semester payment will increase.

I want to go as far as possible to the mountains or to the sea and scream as loud as I can until the tightness in my chest is released. If the late Papa was still around, maybe it wouldn be as heavy as the burden Im carrying.

Its been a week since Mama didn open a fashion shop, I was the one who forbade her. Let Mama wait for Brother Roy at the hospital from morning to evening. After college, I just picked up Mama to go home with me.

I suggested that at night, Mama should rest at home, because her health was starting to decline and Mama agreed. Earlier, before going home, I went to see Doctor Steven, to ask about Brother Roys condition.

"Good evening, Doctor!" I greeted in the practice room.

"Good evening, Clara! Just got home from work, huh?"

"To be precise, I just got home from college after coming home from work, Doctor!" I explained.

"Wow, what a great and smart girl! I applaud your persistence to reach for the future!" he praised.

"How is my brother, Doctor? Is there any progress today?" I asked.

"Alhamdulillah, in the near future, hopefully his consciousness will recover soon. Because the wounds on the back of the head are starting to dry up. The same goes for the wounds on his body!" he explained.

To be continued ....

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