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Part 17.

Not long after, Doctor Steven came to the ICU. He was on picket, on guard duty since last night until this morning. So you know Brother Roys progress, and he brings a paper containing a prescription for medicine.

"Claraa, here is a prescription for medicine that you must buy! But the supplies at the hospital are empty, you can buy it at the nearest pharmacy!" said Doctor Steven.

"Is this medicine expensive, Doctor?" I asked as I read the writing on the paper.

"Hm, the price is quite good. Use the medicine so that the wounds all over your brothers body are fast dry and recover," he explained.

"You can buy it this afternoon, when you get home from work. For the time being the medicine is still available, the dose is just one more drink!" said Doctor Steven.

"When can my brother come home from here, Doctor?" I asked impatiently.

"At least three more days to go home, it all depends on the wound and the condition of the body. Because its just waiting for the recovery period," he explained.

"Ooh-I see," Mom and I said almost at the same time.

I glanced at the watch on my hand, I still had time to go to the pharmacy to buy Brother Roys medicine. The problem is, the dispensary doesn hit eight in the morning, Im already in the office. So the only choice is in the afternoon.


After finishing business at the hospital, I said goodbye to Mama to go to work. The streets seem congested, its time for people to start their activities again, from morning to night.

At the intersection of the red light towards the office where I work, my car got stuck in traffic. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I thought there was something strange. The black sedan behind, seemed to be following my car.

I looked at the license plate number of the vehicle, it was not Mr. Calvins, but the type of car was exactly the same as the CEOs. It was impossible to see who was driving in it because the windshield of the car was dark.

It seemed that there was only one person in the car, I deliberately took the distance to the side so that the car would go first. After the car passed, it was my turn to drive the vehicle. He wanted to take turns following the car, but I lost track of him.

My car is almost at the office, now it has entered the parking lot. I don want to be late again, because today is the first day of wearing the office uniform.

Before getting out of the car, I straighten my hair and uniform to look more confident. After being convinced of the new appearance, I got down and locked the car door. So through the main door to the attendance room, I was startled by a voice behind me.

"Claraa! You just arrived, ya?" asked the voice behind me.

"Oh-uh, yes," I answered in surprise, turning my head to the source of the voice.

"Oh-there is Mr. Rendy! Good morning, sir!"

"Good Morning Clara!" he answered while asking me to fill in first roll call.

"Thank you, sir," I said politely, nodding my head.

After filling in the absences, I went straight up to the second floor. Later, Mis Caterine thought, she was too late to enter the office. My guess was right, Miss Caterine was already standing in front of the admin room. "Oh-thank goodness youve come, Clara," he said.

"Alhamdulillah, I arrived at the office right

time, Mis," I explained.

"In that case, good!" She said.


During break time at work, I decided to eat in the canteen. Even though I brought food in a lunch box, this hot weather, I really want to drink a glass of iced lemon tea.

It just so happened that Mis Caterine came down to the canteen, so I had a friend to eat with. Usually when we get paid, we often order food online. Since it was the end of the month, to save money, I brought lunch from home.

While enjoying lunch with the admin boss as well as friends at the office, there was a sound of reprimand from behind our desk.

"Hey, are you Clara? The assistant is Miss

Caterine?" asked the voice.

As soon as we turned to the source of the voice, a staff member who worked in marketing was already standing behind us. He is also a new staff, just like me. The difference is that he still wears his training uniform, white shirt and black pants. The man didn realize that Miss Caterine was sitting next to me.

"Yeah, right! Whats wrong, sir?" I asked.

"How come your uniform is different? Its so quick to wear an office uniform?!" he protested.

"About a different uniform, thats an order from Mr. Calvin!" replied Miss Caterine, interrupting our conversation.

"Oh-uh, sorry, theres Miss Caterine here too," said the man, scratching his head.

"Then Ill excuse myself, Mis," said the man as he walked out of the cafeteria.

"Hm, theres a lot of people in this office," said Miss Caterine, shaking her head.

We also finished this lunch, Mis Caterine paid for the drink I ordered earlier. Thank God, I am still surrounded by good people who are willing to defend me in this office.

After paying at the cashier, we left the cafeteria. Walking hand in hand towards the elevator, Miss Caterine asked.

"How is your Brother, Clara?"

"Alhamdulillah, Brother Roy has woken up from his coma, Miss!" I explained.

I told you about Brother Roys condition this morning and Doctor Calvins request to buy medicine outside the hospital, because the stock of medicine there is limited. Miss Caterine listened to all the stories I explained.

"Don you guys find out, the cause of your Brothers misfortune like that?"

"I haven asked Brother Roy, because his condition is still weak!" I explained.

"Oh, yes," she said

After tidying up all the office work, I had to go to the pharmacy immediately. Because Brother Roy needs medicine to treat the internal wound on the back of his head.

Miss Caterine came with me, she finally took the time to visit my Brother. Before going to the hospital, we stopped by the pharmacy first. I took out a piece of paper with the name of the medicine written by Doctor Calvin.

To be continued ....

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