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Mr. Fierce CEO Dilemma

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Part 19.

Since hearing Brother Roys confession, Mamas health has been declining. The good intention of wanting to meet his lovers family has not been realized because of Brother Roys condition who has not fully recovered. The pain in the back of his head often recurs when he has a lot of thoughts.

In the middle of the night, Mama often cries alone in the room. He often performs night prayers to calm his mind. Everything has happened, there is nothing to regret anymore.

Brother Roys attitude has changed a lot. Usually quiet now more often angry. All because of the problems that weighed on his mind. His girlfriend has called several times asking for immediate marriage, but Brother Roys condition is still unstable.

Sometimes when he thinks hard, the pain in his head often recurs and he often screams as loud as he can. Yesterday during a check-up at the hospital, Doctor Steven said that the wound on Brother Roys head was swollen.

So it often hurts when you think hard. All this because of a problem that he made himself. Thats the trigger of the disease he is experiencing now.

"Mah... don think too hard! Think about your own health too," I remember, as she lay weakly on the bed.

"This ordeal is so hard for our family," Mama said with a wet corner of her eye.

"Besides, from the start, Brother Roy had wanted to take responsibility, but the womans family didn agree. In fact, Brother Roy was harmed! Now that his condition is so sick, we all lose! I explained.

"Mama just pray, that Brother Roys health will recover quickly. Later when he comes home from work, Clara stops at the pharmacy again to redeem the prescription medicine given by Doctor Calvin last night."

"Be careful on the road, Clara, don speed, okay?"

"Yes, Ma!" I said goodbye and kissed the back of his hand.

When I passed Brother Roys room, I saw from the gap the door was open. Hes on the phone with someone. His voice was not very clear, I canceled the intention to peek Afraid to be late for going to the office.

After warming up the car engine, I opened the fence then took the car out and closed the fence again. This is what the daily routine looks like. As the backbone of the family, I try to stay healthy and strong to face the trials in the family.

Mama, who used to be strong, now looks fragile. Problems involving family self-esteem, are very draining the mind. In addition, Brother Roys condition, which is still weak, makes Mama think about it all the time.

The savings that I have are running low, plus it is to buy Brother Roys medicine which is quite expensive. While I myself need money to complete my thesis on campus. Where else to find the extra money to cover all these needs?


Arriving at the office, I immediately put the car into the parking lot. Soon there will be a queue of vehicles that will look for a parking space. From afar, you can see Miss Caterines car.

Tiin tiinn ... The car horn startled me, I responded by pressing the horn just once. After putting the car down, I immediately got off with a sling bag and lunch box.

Miss Caterine and I walked hand in hand to the attendance room. Along the way, my admin boss kept asking about Brother Roys health. I explained all about the problems that befell my family. Miss Caterine was concerned, she stroked my back and shoulders.

Just recently found a friend at once Sister as a place to pour out the heart. Because I don have any special friends. Arriving at the admin room, my phone vibrated. There is an incoming notification in the blue application.

Not usually my name is marked by this application. After putting the bag and lunch box, I opened the application. Because I was just curious. As soon as I saw it, it was my college friend, Misel who tagged my name. But there is something that intrigues me.

Here is the name of an event "take me out in 2022." Looks like this is an event to find a soul mate with a prize money. That is, if elected by a potential partner. My status is still single, theres nothing wrong with joining the event.

You can also try it, who knows luck, you can make money, I said in my heart, smiling to myself.

"Duhh, you smiled to yourself this morning, just got a message from someone special, ya?!" teased Mis Caterine.

"Aih, what the hell Mis, Im still single!" I answered laughing.

"Are you sure you

e still single?" she joked.

"Rest assured! This is precisely to enter a matchmaking contest," I explained.

"You know where theres a contest like that?"

"From a college friend, Miss! My name was marked by a friend, considering this single," I said, laughing.

"Wow, just come along, Clara! Who knows, youll meet a rich CEOs mate like your dream," he suggested.

"Hm, but I still doubt Miss!" I said.

"So what?" Miss Caterine was astonished.

"It must be the female contestants, beautiful, rich and socialites," I said pessimistically.

"Precisely that well-established man, looking for a woman who simple, smart and hardworking like you!" say Miss Caterine is encouraging.

"Okay, Ill join the list online later," I said.

"Well, thats it, cheer up!"


Throughout the day while at the office, I kept thinking about the event. I forgot to ask Misel the conditions. Ill see you on campus soon. If you are selected as a nominee at the event, the prizes you get are pretty good too. Especially when it comes out victorious.

Actually, my salary is enough to pay for my thesis until I graduate. But the cost to buy Brother Roys medicine and the cost of daily needs are what I think about. Meanwhile, Mama has not opened a shop for almost a month because she takes care of Brother Roy at home.

To be continued ....

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