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Part 21.

I immediately got out of the office and went to Misels class. My usual class. Just about to catch up, Misel already came out and called for me.

"Clara here!" call him while pointing to the cafeteria.

I jogged after Misel who was standing in front of the class. Finally my fear disappeared after meeting this one friend. I peek into the class, there are still a few more students who are taking courses.

I can wait to ask about the event. Because in three days there will be a "take me out" contest aka a matchmaking event.


I jogged after Misel who was standing in front of the class. Finally my fear disappeared after meeting this one friend. I peek into the class, there are still a few more students who are taking courses.

I can wait to ask about the event. Because in three days there will be a "take me out" contest, aka a matchmaking event. We walked hand in hand to the canteen, luckily it wasn closed yet. It usually closes at nine oclock. Thats fine, theres still an hour left to discuss this.

"Misel... do you know where the event was from?" I asked impatiently.

"From friends too, they share it on social media." Misel said while opening the screen of his cellphone.

"How do you do it, because Im new

This is the first time Ive entered a contest like this?"

"Lets find a comfortable seat, let easy to explain!" said Misel.

We also chose a favorite place in the corner of the canteen while ordering drinks and snacks. It was not as easy as I imagined to enter the contest. I only think if I win, then I get a prize in the form of money and then its done.

If the age and status meet the requirements, but I have to sit in the center of the stage. Then the finalists who were all men started asking me a lot of questions.

Well, here it takes ethics when talking and smart to answer all the questions from the handsome finalists. If no one chooses, not according to their criteria, it must be a shame, I thought.

"Thats the risk, Clara! Immediately embarrassed because it was seen by many spectators and finalists," explained Misel.

"Hm, Im a little doubtful! Do you want to join or just cancel?" I said.

"If you don try it, how will you know the results," said Misel.

"Thats right," I said, thinking again.

"Well, Ill just try! Who knows there is a handsome guy who is rich and likes me and then chooses me to be his girlfriend," I said convincing myself.

"Ha-ha, thats how it is! Keep moving forward and never back down!" Misel cheered me on.

I just filled out the registration form via cellphone. Micelle helps with promote my status as a student as well as employees in the property office.

"Don forget to wear polite clothes, speak plainly. Don brag. Tell your motivation for joining the contest," said Misel.


e just like a Lecturer, youve been giving theory all the time. I don know when its going to be in practice!" I mocked.

"Haa-haa don forget a few percent for me, if you win!" remember Misel.

Our laughter echoed throughout the cafeteria. Luckily the atmosphere was quiet, only the cafeteria owner was glaring at the two of us.

Suddenly the man Ive been avoiding appears. Who else if not Riki, man playboy on campus. He greeted us in a friendly manner.

"Hey guys... seems happy ya?"

"Ehh, theres Riki," said Misel.

"This is it, Clara wants to enter a matchmaking contest! She wants a rich, loyal CEO as her life partner!" explained Misel with a funny face.

"Wow, thats great! Good luck, yah!" Riki smiled mockingly.

I immediately stood up and pulled my hand

Misel goes to the cashier and pays everything

which we message. Then leave Riki who was still dumbfounded at my attitude.


"Misel... why did you tell Riki the plan earlier? Look, his smile is really mocking," I said annoyed.

"Im sorry! Let Riki know, if you have the capital to be proud of!" Misel replied as he cupped his hands together.

"Its not necessarily someone who chooses me, but you have already told my regrets in a low voice. Someone else!

"So what preparations should I do for the take me out event?"

"The important thing is that you answer all the questions from the finalists politely, don let it be nervous, because it becomes a separate assessment for them."

"Speak the way it is, don brag about yourself. Call it your status and job, complete with your position in the office. So that the finalists will give you a plus!" explained Misel at length.

"Aih, so can wait to join the event," I mumbled.

"Oh-yes, usually as far as I know, there are three or five participants who want to be selected. As I saw on television," Misel said, remembering something.

"So wait for your name to be called, after that you just come out, then appear and sit in the middle of the stage!"

"Okay, that means Im just waiting for a reply from the event email. To know when the event will be held."

"Yes, totally correct!" Misel said.

After explaining everything, we parted ways in the parking lot. My friend was picked up by his lover Angga. They are such a harmonious and romantic couple, Im jealous of them. May I meet, loyal man at the event later.


Three days later, the event I was waiting for arrived. Incidentally, the shooting was on a holiday, so it didn interfere with work and college schedules.

Since noon I have come and filled out the attendance form and waited on the back stage. Misel just arrived, I breathed a sigh of relief. Have friends to confide in while waiting for their turn to be called on stage.

"Cla... your hands look so cold!" Misel laughed at me.

"What the hell, its because of the cold room temperature," I replied.


e nervous, aren you?" Misel asked.

"Hm ... a little," I said. Its been two hours, we sat on the back stage. There were four women who were chosen by the men in this event, I was the last participant to be called to the center of the stage.

to be continued ....

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