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Part 24.

Mr. RT honked the car horn, a sign that we had arrived at their place. Several people came out of the house to welcome us. Alhamdulillah, it means they still appreciate our arrival.

"Assalamualaikum..." we said at the same time.

"Waalaikumsalam ...," said a voice from inside.

We were ushered in, and sat on a wide spread rug in the living room. Many of their families also gathered today. I think there is no response from them. On the contrary, they were very enthusiastic to participate in this application event.

As a representative of my family, Mr. RT explained the purpose and purpose of our coming to the prospective besans house. Sister Sarahs parents don want to bring up the issue of pregnancy again. The important thing is that they asked Brother Roy to take responsibility and marry his daughter.

One problem has been solved, the items we brought have been handed over to Sis Sarah and her parents. They asked to get married immediately without delay.

The head of the wedding has been prepared

Marriage books can be taken care of after the event is over. The important thing is that their relationship is lawful in the eyes of God. Thats what Sis Sarahs family wants. Everyone present agreed with this plan.

After the consent was completed, Brother Roy immediately took out a red velvet box. Then put a wedding ring on Sis Sarahs ring finger. As well as handing over a set of prayer tools, in the hope that their marriage will always be blessed by God.

However, in the midst of this sacred event, Sis Sarahs older brother came.

"I still don agree, if Sarah marries asshole like him!" pointing at Brother Roys face.

"As a representative of the family, I beg you to understand the condition of your sister who is pregnant!" explained Mr. RT.

"Halah, can he have a husband who is a drunk and a gambler!" curse the man in front of us.

"Everyone has a past, whats wrong with giving Roy a chance to improve!" said Mr. Ustadz as well as the head of the ceremony at the wedding.

Sister Sarahs brother immediately fell silent, he left the room with an annoyed face. This is a lesson for Brother Roy to be responsible

for all his deeds.

The atmosphere is calm again. After the older brother left, we were invited to taste the dishes they had served at the dinner table. After eating together, we can breathe a sigh of relief, finally this problem can be solved.


To avoid unwanted things, our family agreed to take Sis Sarah back to my parents house. Because at home already available room for them. Sister Sarahs parents let their youngest child leave with tears of emotion.

Pak RT emphasized once again to Sarah family that there are no more demands for Brother Roy, because he is already responsible for all his actions. The blessing of the parents has been obtained, so there is no longer a problem. We said goodbye to their families.

In the car, the faces of Mama and Brother Roy and his wife looked calmer than this morning. Brother Roy and his wife seem to love each other, only the way they chose was wrong.

Don want to wait for khoser, let alone there is a conflict between them and their brother. This is a trial in their household, Brother Roy must show that he is aware and trying to change for the better.

When we got home, we thanked Pak RT and his wife very much. Now Brother Roy is able to continue living with his wife. The plan is that Brother Roy will return to the shop.

Since he was sick, everything has been neglected. Mama still manages all the finances, Brother Roy runs the business. Do not want happened for the second time, so Mama was very strict with her eldest child. Moreover, already married, will soon have children.

Sis Sarah works in a private office, before opening a shop, Brother Roy took his wife on my motorbike. Mama believed that I brought the car. So just let them use my bike. It doesn matter, the important thing is that its taken care of fine.

Brother Roy could only be silent listening to Mamas rules. He is more concerned with finding money to pay for his wifes childbirth expenses later. It turned out that Brother Roy was afraid too, if his brother-in-law came to our house and was angry like yesterday.

Seen from the change in his attitude, Brother Roy is more silent. Just do what Mama ordered. For the good of the family, must be firm like that. Who else can defend the family if not Brother Roy, then turn into a good person.


This morning as usual, I can be late for work. Moreover, there is an important meeting with the client and the Commissioner of this company, Mr. Surya.

After yesterdays matchmaking contest, I haven met the fierce CEO yet. I still remember the agreement we both made. Become a couple for the purposes of filming the event. Apart from that, our status is single or single.

This was done, to increase the rating of the show on television. Ahh, that fierce CEO has too many rules, the important thing is that I got the reward from that event. The rest well see, surely the CEO can be conquered in my own way.

Good morning, Mis," I said as soon as I saw Mis Caterine standing in front of the elevator.

"Hay, Claraaaa… congrats, yah! Your wish

came true." Mis Caterine kissed right and left cheeks.

I gave him the code, because we were in the elevator. There were three more people standing next to us. They wondered what Miss Caterine meant. My admin boss smiled meaningfully while glancing at me. The elevator opened, we immediately went out and then entered the admin room.

"Fortunately, I didn mention the CEOs name in front of the employee," said Mis Caterine.

"Hm, if that happens, there will be new gossip in our office," I replied.

"Ha-ha, immediately become an impromptu artist!" she mocked.

"What is there, my fate is in danger, Mis," I said.

I explained to Miss Caterine, the agreement that the fierce CEO asked for. He immediately laughed. Makes me wonder and ask.

"Why are you laughing? Is there anything funny?" I asked annoyed.

"Ive explained from the start that the CEO likes you. But hes embarrassed to show that feeling," answered Mis Caterine.

To be continued ....

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