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Part 29.

Theres no way this is just a coincidence, Ive met at the pharmacy twice. I looked around the yard, there was only one car belonging to Mr. Rendy and he came alone.

How come the time can be the same, buy medicine here too. Various questions arose in my mind.

"Why are you daydreaming, Clara? The medicine is expensive, isn it?" Mom asked.

"The price is okay, Mah! The question is, why is Mr. Rendy always there when Clara buys medicine for Mama!" I explained.

"Oh really?" Mama was confused to hear my story.


Along the way, I was busy looking for answers from coincidences earlier. Mama was so confused and asked.

"Who really is Mr. Randy?"

"He is the boss assistant at the office, Mah."

"Loh, how can it be a coincidence? Theres only one pharmacy in this area, yah?"

"Well, thats the question! How come there are other pharmacies besides here, Mah!" I explained.

"Well, lets just say its our luck, through

Mr. Rendys hand," Mama said quietly.

I agree with Mamas opinion, more accepting that this is a blessing from God through the hands of others.

Derrtt... derrtt...

My cellphone vibrates, there is a notification coming in through a green application. I reached for the phone near the dashboard of the car, then rubbed the screen. There are messages from Calvins number.

Duhh, the CEOs boss is very attentive to asking questions like this. I replied one by one message by reducing the speed of the car. I sent a visual sound, its more practical not to waste time.

"Who else is it, Clara?" asked Mom in surprise.

"This is the CEOs boss at Claras office, Mah!" I explained.

"Loh, its not polite, why do you just call the boss by name?!" Mom was getting confused.

"Because we

e almost the same age! And thats what he asked for when he was out of the office!" I explained at length.

"Hm, its weird todays children!"

"Don forget to change the call, if you are in the office environment!" remember Mama.

"Yes, Ma," I said.

I finished texting with Calvin, because Mama didn like it. After all, the car had arrived in front of the house. I honked the horn for Sis Roy to come out to open the fence.

After storing the car in the garage, I immediately took Mama into the room. Then came out again to get warm water so that Mama quickly drank the medicine.

Tonight, I sleep in Mamas room. Its sad to see him sleeping alone, especially when hes sick like this. I often tell you not to think too much. But his name is a living person, must think continuously unless he is sleeping.

Mama began to get sick often, since seeing Bro Roy in the hospitalization. Especially now that my sister is married soon to have children. Luckily Sis Sarah is working and

have income. If you expect a salary from the shop alone, it may not be enough.


The next day ...

Miss Caterine was waiting for me in the office lobby. Not as usual, whats wrong? From a distance his face looks tense, I immediately approached him.

"Good morning, whats up Miss?" I asked confused. "Last night Mr. Calvin all day with you, Clara?" asked this admin boss.

"Yes, Miss! Whats wrong with Mr. Calvin?"

"Mr. Calvin was beaten by an unknown person!" he said in a whisper.

"Miss Caterine where did you get the news from?"

"Big boss who called my cell phone! Now in the hospital, the ICU!"

"Keep this a secret from the other employees!" he insisted "All right, Miss!" I said nodding my head

In the elevator to the second floor, we didn talk to each other about Calvin. Because in the elevator there are several employees who wants to go upstairs.

As he recalled last night, we came home from the restaurant not until late at night. Its still eight oclock and I still have time to take Mama to Doctor Stevens practice. I was confused and felt guilty.

Arriving at the office, Miss Caterine called Mr. Randy to handle all of Calvins tasks. The big boss has reported it to the police and is currently under investigation at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Calvins condition was injured in the head and it caused him to fall into a coma.

"Clara... after work, we

e going to the hospital to see Mr. Calvin!" said Miss Caterine.

"Okay, Miss," I answered slowly.

Wanting to ask further, Im afraid of being scolded by Miss Caterine. This curiosity is getting higher, I also dare to ask this admin boss.

"Miss ... what was the motive of the gangster, revenge or wanting to rob?" I asked quietly.

"Don know yet! Still under police investigation!"

"What is clear, you should not get involved! Because the last person with Mr. Calvin, is you!" said Miss Caterine once more.

Throughout the day I can not concentrate on completing office tasks. The hospital where Calvin is being treated is where Mama used to check-up. There was Doctor Steven in general medicine. Every afternoon until evening is the handsome doctors practice schedule.

Can wait for the afternoon to come, I open social media on a whim to relieve boredom. As soon as you look at the purple apps homepage, more and more fans are following Calvin and Is activities.

Yesterday Calvin gave the new account name as "Clavin lover." It didn take long, almost a thousand people followed the account.

We keep the account private, only fans can see it, not for the public. All of this was done by Calvin to maintain his reputation in the office.

However, now the handsome CEO, was lying weakly in the hospital. These are all the actions of irresponsible people. Unconsciously the corners of my eyes oozing clear fluid, I cry.

I quickly wiped the fine granules on my cheeks with a tissue. For fear, Miss Caterine saw the sadness in my heart at this time.


The next afternoon, Miss Caterine and I rushed downstairs and headed for the parking lot. There was waiting for Mr. Rendy, Calvins assistant. Our car went hand in hand to the hospital. My heart is getting more and more anxious, there must be a big boss, Mr. Surya.

What if Im blamed for causing Calvins misfortune? Duh, what should I explain? Various questions swirled in my mind, almost interrupting my concentration while driving the car. Fortunately, he quickly realized, immediately mastered the road situation.

To be continued ....

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