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Part 38.

"Why stop here, Clara?" Mama asked when I stopped suddenly.

"Eh, Im sorry, Mom, for surprising me!"

I purposely stopped in front of a mobile phone shop that was still full of visitors. To avoid the car that was following me.

"Your quota is up, clara?" said Mom.

"I think so, Ma! This is being rechecked," I replied.

I don want Mama to know whats going on. And I dare not get out of the car. I waited until the black car passed in front of me. Ill take a photo of the vehicle number as proof, in case the car wants to harm me.

Thank goodness ... finally the car passed, but without a vehicle number. It means clearly, that the driver wants to have bad intentions. Ahh, Im guilty, accusing people who are not necessarily evil to me.

After reading the prayer in my heart, I drove the car at a moderate speed. I hate coming home so late at night. Thankfully the road to my house still looks crowded, because the shop at the crossroads is still open and a place for young people to gather.

Alhamdulillah, the car has arrived at the front fence, Mama came down and unlocked it. The car came into the yard, I got down and opened the garage to store the car.

"In two days, we will have a member

new, namely Roy and Sarahs little babies," said Mom with a big smile.

"Yeah, rest, Mah!" I said.

Usually, I often sleep in Mamas room, but tonight I feel like sleeping alone. If I don feel calm, I go back to Mamas room. Im afraid to disturb his sleep, because of my habit of always playing cellphone before going to bed.

Derrtt... derrtt...

Just about to lie down on the bed, my phone vibrated. Theres a phone call from Calvin. Duh, why haven you slept yet," I said to myself.

["Hello, good evening, Clara," said the voice on the other end of the phone.

["Good evening, Calvin,"] I said.

["You arrived home already?"]

["Alright, its about to take a break,"] I explained.

["Oh-thank goodness," he said, a sigh heard on the other end of the phone.

["Get some rest, Clara! I love you,"] he said.

["Thank you, love you too, Calvin."] I replied.

I immediately hung up the call from Calvin. This CEO has always been very worried about me. And the romance is god-level. Expressions of love and longing are always spoken from morning to night.


The next day ...

This morning I woke up earlier than usual because I had to take Mama to the hospital. While Bro Roy has to open the shop until the afternoon. Since the baby was born, Bro Roy has been more and more enthusiastic about making money.

This change makes Mama happy, the old Bro Roy has returned. Since there is no Papa, Brother Roy is frustrated because he has lost a father figure. He often gets drunk and gambles to relieve his stressed mind. His character turned bad.

Now that trait has been left behind. The presence of this tiny baby can change everything. I promised after work I would pick them up from the hospital. Because its been three days, Sis Sarah is being treated.

However, Sarahs parents have not yet come to visit their children and grandchildren. Are they still angry with Bro Roys actions, I don know... I don know.

After dropping off Mama, I went straight to the office. Its only been a day without seeing that handsome CEO, I feel like something is missing. Fortunately, he seemed to know my heart, and from morning to night, we continued to communicate with each other.

Without realizing it, my car had entered the parking lot, a white-painted building with three floors. The atmosphere of the office began to be crowded with parked vehicles. I glanced at the watch on my hand, five minutes until it was time to enter the office.

I rushed to the absent room, in my rush I almost ran into a tall man, wearing a suit with a distinctive male perfume scent.

As soon as I looked at the man, I almost cheered inwardly. "Mr. Calvin!" I screamed. Because two employees behind us will also fill the absences.

"Good morning, sir," the two employees greeted.

"Hm..." he just cleared his throat.

I immediately got the hang of the situation and remembered that it was in the office. The CEO reverted to his grumpy and often irritating nature.

My please, for the CEO to fill in the absence first. After he left, I just entered the attendance room. At the elevator door I met the CEO, he deliberately slowed down to meet me. Because the elevator is empty.


As soon as the elevator doors closed, this handsome CEO reflexively hugged me. I jumped in surprise, this leg almost slipped. Luckily Calvin grabbed my hand and fell into his arms. This moment was not wasted by Calvin, he immediately kissed my lips gently.

We stared at each other for a few seconds, then realized, I pushed away Calvins hand, which was still on his shoulder.

"Sorry, Clara! I missed you," he whispered in my ear.

"Hm, its already in the office area, Calvin!" remember me.

"Again, Im sorry! I can stop myself from hugging and kissing you!" said the CEO. I just stood there, looking down in shame.

"Excuse me, yes, sir!" I said to the CEO. He

smile and nod your head.

The elevator door opened, I went out first because the office was on the second floor. The CEO had to go up to the third floor to his office. I touched these lips while smiling to myself. In all my life, its the first time Ive been kissed by a man.

"Good morning, Miss Catherine," I greeted as I opened the door.

"Good morning, Clara!" she said.

"Hm, must have met that handsome CEO in the office lobby?" tease my admin boss.

"Hee-hee, you know so much," I replied. "You know! It can be seen from the aura on your face!" said Miss Catherine.

Now the obstacle and trial in our love story are Mrs. Mentari. She did not agree to see Calvin fall in love with me, because of differences in economic and social status.

To be continued...

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