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Mr. Fierce CEO Interrogation 2

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Part 39.

"Thats how happy it is when we have someone we love at work," said Miss Catherine, with a wink.

Its true what he said, Im even more excited to come to the office since Calvin has returned to work. It still feels like a dream, being in this office and winning the heart of a handsome CEO.

Now the obstacle and trial in our love story are Mrs. Mentari. She did not agree to see Calvin fall in love with me, because of differences in economic and social status.

Oh yes, yesterdays beating case is being handled by the police. Duh, how about this, if the police asked for information and I was made a witness, surely Mrs. Mentari would hate me even more. Various questions come to this mind.

Remember that case, I feel scared because I know Riki. If he was caught by the police, there would be no way his parents would let Riki go to prison. Surely they would calculate Calvin.

Ahh ... I can not concentrate on doing the task. Moreover, Calvin is working again. Another chief of staff must have asked why he didn come to the office for four days.

Finally, the fear was proven, when the break came, many employees were sitting in the cafeteria talking about the CEO. Some people know that the CEO has had a disaster. They looked suspiciously at me. But I pretended not to know what happened.

"Clara, you must know the cause of Mr. Calvins misfortune, right?" asked Doni, an office friend who pretends to know this.

"Mr. Calvin, why? Whos hurt?" I asked innocently.

"Hm," Doni immediately walked away from me.

"He-he, my trick worked," I said to myself.

However, this pleasure did not last long. As soon as I returned to the study, Miss Caterine was waiting with a worried face.

"What is it, Miss?" I asked.

"Its terrible, Clara! The police are here for information!" She answered.

Instantly my chest was beating fast, my hands were cold. My stomach felt queasy, and the shirt I was wearing was getting wet with sweat.

"Good Afternoon, Miss Clara!" Suddenly a policeman was standing beside me.

"G-good afternoon, sir," I said a little flustered.

"May we come into the room? I want to ask about the molestation case against Mr. Calvin!?" he explained.

"Please, sir," said Miss Caterine.

This admin boss grabbed my hand, she gave support so I could calmly answer questions from the police. I sat on the chair, then the police started asking questions.

"When Mr. Calvin drove you home, was there anything suspicious?"

"Suppose there is a car following in behind you?" said the policeman.

"I can see clearly, because its late, sir!" I answered.

"Do you know a man named Riki?" this police question almost made my heart drop.

"I-I don know him, sir!" I answered firmly.

"Did you see the black car parked at the crossroads when you took Mother to the hospital?" Looks like this cop, wants to set me up with his questions.

"I didn notice, sir. Besides, there were a lot of vehicles passing by at the crossroads!" I answered.

"One more question from me. Do you know the person in this video?" The policeman showed a video, showing two men blocking Calvins car. They knocked on the windshield and told Calvin to get out of his car.

"I don know them, sir!" I answered.

The point is I do not know all the events that the police asked for. Miss Catherine smiled with relief at my answer. The policeman said goodbye and left our room.


Miss Catherine and I peered through the door. It turned out that the police came together. The other cop is in Calvins room. Now they were in front of the elevator about to go downstairs.

Soon the two policemen got into the elevator and disappeared as the elevator doors closed. I rubbed my chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Fortunately I didn say the wrong thing," I said to Miss Catherine.

"Yes, thats right, Clara!"

"I can imagine if you were made a witness. Mrs. Mentari must be furious, and your relationship with Mr. Calvin is in danger of breaking up," said Miss Catherine.

"Hope is only on Mr. Calvin, he is the main witness. I pray that this case will be resolved quickly!" I answered slowly.

This afternoon, not so much work, I finished it before the police arrived. Now waiting to go home from work.

Derrtt... derrtt...

There was an incoming call on my cellphone, when I looked at the screen, it said Mama was calling.

["Assalamualaikum, Clara,"] said the voice in across the phone.

["Waalaikumsalam, Mah,"] I said.

["Clara ... This afternoon Sis Sarah and the baby have been allowed to go home from the hospital,"] she said.

["Yes, Mah, Clara will pick you up soon, okay?"]

["Okay, when you leave, tell me, Mama, yes!"]

["Yes, Ma!"] I ended the conversation on the phone because it was time to go home.

"Whats wrong Clara?" asked Miss Catherine.

"Sis Sarah and the baby have been allowed to go home, Miss," I answered.

"Wow, congratulations on the arrival of a new family, yes," she said.

"Thank you, Miss," I said.

It was time to pick up the family at the hospital. As soon as I got to the car park, I saw the sky was starting to get cloudy. Just remember, its rainy season now.

"Clara...!" a voice called out to me.

As soon as he turned to the source of the voice, the handsome CEO was already standing behind him. He walked towards me. I was nervous that I didn answer the call. Because there were some office employees in the parking lot too.

The employee looked at me disapprovingly. But this CEO didn care, even showed his familiarity with me. "Duh, why doesn this CEO maintain privacy, its still in the office area, I said to myself.

"Its still in the office area, Mr. Calvin!" remember me.

"Hm, I don care! This is my office, they don have to interfere in our personal matters!" he whispered in my ear.

At this rate, no one will be able to block the CEOs wishes. Im just silent, no longer speaking. I grabbed the car keys from my bag. But Calvin took the key from my hand.

To be continued...

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