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Part 41.

"Welcome back home, together adorable baby," I said while pinching this little babys cheek.

"Oek ... oek." The baby immediately started crying.

The sleeping baby woke up from my pinch. Mom just rolled her eyes at me. Sis Sarah took the tiny baby from Mamas lap and gave her milk.

Sis Sarah is currently on leave from work, next month she plans to work again. I reminded Bro Roy to work diligently and to be responsible for his small family.

I was just about to change my clothes when my phone vibrated again. There was a reply to a message from Calvin. I ignored the message because I was going to the toilet to clean myself.


After cleaning myself up, I headed to the kitchen and prepared dinner. After an hour in the kitchen, finally, my cooking is done. We have gathered in the dining room to eat the dishes I cooked.

Im glad to see Mama, already able to eat voraciously. Usually always gloomy thinking about Bro Roys problem. Since the hospital, Mamas change in attitude is very obvious. Always talking about that little baby.

Likewise, with Bro Roy, he already has plans for his little family. He wants Sis Sarah to resign from work. Then continue the shop business together with Sister Sarah while taking care of the baby.

The conversation at the dinner table continued to discuss the plan. Mama believes, that if there is Sis Sarah, the shop will definitely be able to develop because the shop sells womens clothing. Which consists of stars clothing, robes, and hijab or headscarf.

Sis Sarah was silent to hear her husbands plan. Because a career in the office has always been his dream. But now his condition is different, she is married and has children. The offer from her husband must be considered before deciding to resign from the office.

"According to Mama, if Sarah still wants to have a career in the office, let Mama take care of the baby! Just keep the breast milk in a bottle, so the baby doesn lack nutrition."

"Yes, thats right, Sis! Store breast milk in a glass bottle, then put it in the refrigerator in the freezer section," I explained.

"This is our advice, yes! If you want to continue working in the office, but still want to give exclusive breastfeeding for the baby," I said.

"Thanks for the advice, Sarah will think about it later. Now I want to feel the joys of being a mother!" she answered.

Bro Roy was just silent to hear our conversation. He couldn force his will, because Sis Sarahs salary was bigger than her salary working in a shop.

After eating, I immediately cleaned the table and kitchen. When she was about to enter the room, Mama forbade Bro Roy to come into the room following Sis Sarah. I was confused and then asked.

"Whats the matter, Ma?" I asked.

"Sarah and the baby are sleeping in Mamas room for a while!" she answered.

"Roy goes back to his room, and sleeps alone! After the postpartum period, hes just allowed to sleep room with Sarah!" Mama explained.

"Oh, I see," I said.

Bro Roy immediately scratched his head that didn itch. Approaching Mama, he said, "So Roy has to fast for a month, Mah!"

"Yes! For the health of your wife and baby," Mama answered, glaring at Bro Roy.

"Ha-haa, taste," I sneered as he walked away.


Derrtt... derrtt...

My phone vibrates on the dresser. Oh yeah, just remembered, that there was an incoming message. Because I was preparing dinner, I ignored the message. The phone kept vibrating, I grabbed the flat object and rubbed the screen. It says Calvin is calling.

["Good evening, Clara,"] he greeted.

["Good evening, Calvin. Sorry, I just had time to respond to your phone call,"] I explained.

["What are you doing?"] Calvin asked.

["Just finished dinner,"] I said.

["Oh, yes, I want to tell you, tomorrow I have to go to the police station. I want to provide the information needed for the investigation of yesterdays case," he explained.

["Well, how do you arrange a schedule to the police station with that invitation?"] I asked confused.

["Relax, Clara! You accompany me to the police station, then we will attend the invitation!"] Calvin suggested.

["Okay, thats a good idea,"] I said.

["Hm, but Im afraid if I go to the police station. Later the police will suspect me, then ask about Riki."]

["Believe me, Clara! I will protect you!"] Calvin said firmly.

["I love you, honey,"] Calvin attempted to convince me.

["I love you, too,"] I replied. After saying hello, Calvin ended the call on the phone.

The next day...

Its time to go home from work. Because its Saturday, employees only work half a day.

After lunch and then taking a short break, we were allowed to go home. I hasten to clean up the files that are scattered about on the table and writing utensils. Then rearrange on the storage rack. Miss Catherine did the same.

"Clara what are your plans this weekend?" asked Miss Catherine.

"I have an invitation to a talk show on television, Miss," I answered.

"Oh, that contest from yesterday, ya?

"Yes, Miss! We are the guests."

"Wow, you guys are getting famous, ya!" she praised.

"He-hee, it just so happened that his luck went through that event, Miss," I said, smiling shyly.

After cleaning up, we left the room. Incidentally, the elevator was still empty, we immediately entered and pressed the number one button. Oh, I just remembered, I have to call Calvin to let him know Im waiting for him in the parking lot in the car.

Turns out Calvin had gone downstairs first, now waiting for me on the first floor near the exit.

"Duh, why don you wait in the car? Im embarrassed to be seen by employees who are busy in this room. You already know when you get home from work, there must be a lot of employees going in and out of the office." My scolds to Calvin.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the parking lot. I brushed his hand away in a whisper.

"Calvin ... this is still an office area, don scare me! Later other employees will complain to Mrs. Mentari," I remembered.

"Its OK, don be afraid Clara!" he said calming me who looked nervous.

to be continued ....

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