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Part 42.

I grabbed my keys from my bag and got in the car. Calvin did the same. Luckily he followed what I did. Because in the parking lot more and more employees are taking their vehicles.

The purpose of this afternoon is to go to the police station to accompany Calvin to provide information. Actually, Im lazy to come there, better wait in the car. But Calvin was trying to make sure I wasn involved in this case.

Alright, this time I granted the request. Besides, Im innocent, why worry? After parking the car, I waited for Calvin to come. He was stuck in traffic, so the car was behind me.

Tin... tin...

The sound of a car horn sounded from behind, and Calvins car entered the police station yard. A few minutes later, the CEO got out of his car and approached me. I grabbed my small bag and got out and locked the car door.

The CEO took my hand, he always does it when we walk together.

"Clara... why are your hands so cold?" asked the CEO, frowning.

"Hm, its okay, Calvin," I answered while letting go of his hand.

After reporting to the public relations department, the two of us were invited into the examination room. After being seated, the CEO began to answer questions from the clerk. I waited nervously in the corner of the room. Every now and then, listen to their conversation.

While I was daydreaming, I heard a noise from outside. Incidentally, the new CEO finished answering all the questions from the officers. When I came out of the room, I was surprised when I saw Mr. Surya and Mrs. Mentari being

waiting in public relations. I grabbed the CEOs hand and hid behind his body.

"Calvin, how is it?" I asked worriedly.

"Its okay, Clara! Don worry, Ill always be there for you," Calvin said, holding my hand.


I heard a noise from outside the door, coincidentally the new CEO finished answering all the questions from the officers. When I left the room, I was surprised to see Mr. Surya and Mrs. Mentari sitting in the waiting room.

Too late to escape, Calvins parents had spotted me. Mrs. Mentari immediately stood up, she walked towards me.

"You...! That means right, shes the cause of all this trouble!" shouted Mrs. Mentari, pointing at my face.

"Patience, Ma!" said Mr. Surya while comforting his wife.

"Im here to accompany Calvin, Mrs! know the real problem," I explained.

"You don have to defend yourself!" she scolded.

"Mah... Clara has nothing to do with this matter. Don accuse without evidence! If you don believe it, please ask the investigative team!" said Calvin firmly.

"Calvin, don protect that woman! Shes not on the same level as our family!"

"Mahh, don make a fuss here! Its embarrassing to see people!" said Mr. Surya while inviting his wife to come out of the police station.

Once in the parking lot, Mr. Surya asked about the continuation of the problem earlier. Calvin explained in detail. All reports are complete, the perpetrator will soon undergo a trial. After that, he served his sentence.

Calvins parents refused to drop the lawsuit. They want the perpetrators to be punished severely. For almost taking the life of their only son.

Hearing the CEOs explanation, Mrs. Mentari immediately fell silent. I was still standing beside the CEO, wiping the sweat that fell on my forehead.

"Where are you going after this?" Mr. Surya asked Calvin.

"We want to fulfill the invitation to talk shows on television," replied the CEO.

I feel no longer excited to come to the invitation. Mrs. Mentaris words still ring in my ears. I decided to get in the car.

"Then, Ill excuse myself first, Father and Mother!" I said as I bowed my head and then walked to the car.

"Wait, Clara!" call Calvin.

I quickened my footsteps and ignored the call. Then get in the car. Calvin kept calling my name, but I was already hurt by his mothers words. I immediately started the car and left the police station.

The CEO and his parents could only watch me leave without doing anything. The cell phone in the bag kept vibrating. I just ignore the calls on the phone. It must be the CEO calling me.


The phone keeps ringing, it definitely disturbs my concentration driving. I pulled over to the side of the car to see who was calling. Sure enough, on the cellphone screen, there was a message that Calvin was calling.

"Hello..." I said.

"Clara... don leave me!" he said.

"Where are you? But we

e coming to the talk show!" remember.

"Yes, I remember," I replied.

"Please ... we meet in the courtyard of the building, ya?!" Calvin asked.

After I considered the CEOs kindness during the contest yesterday, I agreed to come to the event. The car turned towards the event building.

Half an hour passed, finally, my car was free from the heavy traffic. From afar, the three-story building towered where the event was being held.

As soon as he entered the parking lot, the CEOs car was already waiting there. The sound of the car engine is clearly audible. The CEO saw my presence, the car engine immediately turned off. The CEO got out of the car and came over to me.

"Clara ... forgive my Mama, yes!" he asked holding my hand.

"Come on, lets not talk about it anymore!" I said.

I walked ahead of Calvin, he grabbed my hand. His tug made me stagger, the CEO reflexively hugged me so I wouldn fall. Hmm, the CEO is looking for an opportunity, I thought.

"Eeh, sorry, Clara! I didn mean to," he said.

"Don make excuses," I said curtly as I walked towards the entrance.

The CEO followed behind me, we entered the studio where the event was going to be held. The event manager greeted us and invited us to take a seat. Calvin took my hand and carried

"Clara, promise me, never go again! Im worried to see you driving so fast!" he said softly.

I just sat there, taking in everything he said. Im too lazy to talk about this issue. I was in the mood to be quiet and alone, but the CEO kept talking and pissing me off.

Because I didn pay attention to his words, the CEO finally went silent. Slowly I let go of his hand and began to focus on following the event in the studio.

To be continued...

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