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Part 4.

"Im sorry, Calvin! I was wrong!" her pity in a stammering voice.

"Come on, you better go home! I have a lot of work to do!" said the CEO in a low voice.

As soon as the CEO left the woman, we immediately turned around, pretending to be in line in front of the elevator. The elevator door opened and we entered immediately and the CEO was already behind us, he joined us. I greeted him while lowering my head.

As usual, Miss Caterine is busy with her cellphone in her hand. We were silent, until the button on the elevator door opened to reveal the third floor. The CEO put the cellphone in his pocket and then walked away as he smelled the smell of a typical male perfume.

Secretly, I began to admire the personality of this arrogant CEO. Although his style is arrogant, but hearing his fight with the woman earlier, I was touched.

Guys as rich and handsome as this, can still be hurt by this woman. He did not have time to pamper and fulfill all the wishes of his woman. Thats the story I heard from Miss Caterine.

The sexy woman often comes to the office to release her longing. Her profession as a model makes her loved by many men. Both in the virtual world and the real world.

Meanwhile, this handsome CEO prefers to spend time in the office until sunset. Even though the office hours are only until five in the afternoon.


None of the employees dared to harass the sexy woman. Miss Caterine often accompanies the woman waiting for the CEO, when she is out of the office. And the story flows from the womans mouth about their love relationship.

Until the woman was rumored to be having an affair with a senior model. This arrogant CEO was instantly furious. He caught this woman named Elsa in a hotel. He was involved in online prostitution cases. I took a deep breath, hearing all of Miss Caterines stories.

"Like the story in the soap opera, yes, Miss!" I said.

"Im sure, the CEO is still in love with his girlfriend. But the prostitution case has tarnished the good name of the CEOs family. Their relationship can be continued!"

"Its a shameful case, one that people will remember for a lifetime," I said.

"Even though the income as a model, is more than enough. But why do women today prefer to find a distraction as a call woman," I said.

"Socialite womens lifestyle is like that. No matter how much money they have, they can never cover the needs of a glamorous life," said Miss Caterine.

"Cla... if later, you become rich and famous, live simply, dress appropriately. Don follow the lust of the world," my partner and boss. message

"Yes, Miss," I said quietly.

"Its true what my Mama said, Miss! For the sake of money, people often justify any means."

"Aihh, why are we discussing their personal problems, huh," said Miss Caterine, clapping her forehead.

"After all, they had a fight in the office environment. How could it not become our talk!"

"Be careful, Cla! Or youll really fall in love with that fierce CEO." remember.

"Haa-haa, the CEO is just like me yes, Miss?" I want to hear his assessment.

"Ihh, who knows the CEO feels right! You

e a smart girl!" he praised.

"Ahh, I can do that," I blushed.

"You should have accepted my prayer, don hesitate like that," he said with a chuckle.

I suddenly became optimistic about Miss Caterines words. Even though Im just a simple girl, the family economy is also mediocre. Mama is a single parent. Its a far cry from the CEOs life.

However, I have the right to dream like any woman out there. I want to have a high future, as high as love that I want to reach.


"Cla... you go straight to campus after work, okay?" asked Miss Caterine.

"Yes, Miss! I have an appointment with the lecturer," I answered.

"Keep going home from campus, aren you afraid of the night?" Miss Caterine is starting to get confused.

"No, Miss, Im used to it. Besides, we have lots of friends, we often go home together."

"Why don you ask your brother to pick you up?"

"Huhh, how can you expect such a man!"

"Thats why I always bring my own motorbike. So that you don get stuck in traffic jams again," I explained.

"Alright, we

e getting ready! Its getting cloudy in the afternoon outside, youll get rained on later!"

I packed up all the files that were scattered on the table, then put them in the filing cabinet. Tomorrow, if you need it, just take it according to the serial number of the file.

Derrtt... derrtt...

My cellphone vibrates, there is an incoming notification from a green application. After everything is done, I open the cellphone screen. There was a message from Misel, my best friend in college.

["Hey, Cla...where have you been, how come you haven appeared on campus yet?"]

["Hey Mici... I just got out of the office!"]

["Oh, I see, after the class is still quiet, Im a little scared myself!"] Mici said.

["Hang in the cafeteria,"] I suggested.

["The canteen is also about to close!"] She explained.

["You just wait near the entrance, Ill be there in half an hour,"] I comforted.

["Okay-okay," said Mici ending the message. I looked at the second floor window, the sky was already cloudy. We rushed out of the room, afraid of waiting in line for the elevator, so we had to hurry. Inside the elevator its starting to look crowded, but its still okay

in for two more people.

Thank God, I also got to the bottom floor. Miss Caterine and I split up in the parking lot. He drives four wheels while I go to the parking lot next to him, specifically for two wheels.

From afar I saw the handsome CEO walking a little hastily. I stood in the corner of the parking lot, just to watch him. As soon as he was about to enter the car, he accidentally turned his head back, where I was standing. I immediately turned around and turned on the ignition of the motorcycle.

To be continued ....

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