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Part 6.

Riki will never be loyal to just one woman. Thats why I chose to separate from coordination rather than victims of feelings. From afar I saw Misel waving, half running he came to me.

"Thank goodness youve arrived," Misel said.

"So why? How come people are scared?" I asked surprised.

"Im afraid to meet Riki, he talks like hes drunk!" said Misel while fixing the position of her hijab.

"What do you want, that playboy?!" I asked

"He keeps asking you Cla! The most inviting

dating again!" said Misel.

"Hm, its delicious! After its sweet, its thrown away," I said poetically.

"Well-ah, don talk about it anymore! I want to move on from him!" I said reassuringly Misel

Didn feel like we had arrived in front of the class, we immediately entered. Today the lecturer of the department who teaches, he is known as a killer alias fierce. His name is Mr. Robby.

"Okay, good afternoon all ...," he greeted.

"Afternoon, sir!" said the children in unison.

"Today is the last day we meet in class. Because tomorrow you guys have started

thesis. Please contact the respective supervisors! Ask what must be fulfilled so that the thesis can be completed quickly. You understand right?"

"Understood, sir," we answered in unison.

For almost an hour, Mr. Robby gave a briefing, before the bell rang. The last meeting was over. Everyone present breathed a sigh of relief, since hearing the theory about the thesis made my eyes sleepy. Moreover, the body is tired from working all day.

This afternoon, just listening to the theory and then looking for a supervisor. Luckily I have the lecturers phone number. The lecturer was in the office waiting for students who wanted to ask for directions from him.

Even though the lecturer given is very killer, but Im not afraid to face it. With just a fierce CEO boss, I dare. Whats more, Im just a lecturer on campus, thats an easy thing for me.


Derrtt... derrtt...

My phone vibrates when I want to go out

campus. I wipe the phone screen to see who messaged me. ["Cla... Im waiting in the parking lot!"] As soon as I saw the senders number, it seemed this is a message from Riki.

["Whats wrong?"] I asked curtly.

["I want to talk!"] he answered.

]"Theres nothing more to talk about!"] I shouted as I put my phone back into my bag.

I quickly walked towards the parking lot, and sure enough there was waiting for Riki beside his car. I pretend not see because it has nothing to do with the traitor.

"Clara... wait!" call him.

I ignored the call, I immediately got on the motorbike and passed from in front of him. Riki did not give up, he followed behind using his car.

There was a chase between my motorbike and his car. This guy is really stubborn. He doesn care about his own safety, he just casually overtakes a vehicle on the highway. Seeing this situation, I put the motorbike aside

Riki also pulled the car aside. I was worried about his attitude. Hes too desperate to do this, speeding on the road highway. He got out of the car while said.

"Clara ... I want to make love again with you!" he said. Ill answer right away. "Sorry, Im not interested again with you!" I said not wanting to lose.

"Why pursue me again? That woman has left you, huh?!" my joke.

Riki fell silent hearing my accusation. He wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Ill chase you any time!"

"Whatever ...," I said as I climbed back into the motorbike, then left him.

Seeing us fighting on the side of the road, some motorbike riders stopped too. Seeing this situation, Riki also got up and left with his car.

Hm, theres just the behavior of todays boys. He just wanted to hurt his heart, then wanted to come back again. Indeed, this heart is made of stone, I said to myself.

Derrtt... derrtt

My phone vibrated again, when I looked at the screen it was a message from Miss Caterine. He gave information about the meeting schedule and the meeting tomorrow morning. "Clara, don forget to eat breakfast tomorrow morning and get dressed, okay?"

"Okay-Miss!" I said. The motorbike has entered the housing complex. Alhamdulillah, this heart feels relieved as soon as it arrives in front of the house.

"Assalamualaikum ...," I said while honking the motorcycle horn.

"Waalaikumsalam ...," said a voice from inside.

I looked in the garage, no cars. That means Bang Roy hasn come home yet, even though its already nine oclock at night. Im just tired of working all day outside the house.


Then I put the motorbike in the garage and locked it. Then enter through the side door. The living room light is still bright, meaning Mama hasn slept yet.

"Ma, haven slept yet, have you?" I asked.

"How are you going to sleep, you guys haven come home yet!" Mom protested.

"Oh-yeah, get some rest, Mom," I said, kissing the back of her hand.

"Mama wants to wait for your brother to come home!"

"Let Clara wait for Sis Roy! Mama go to sleep!" remember me.

"Y-yes, Mama sleeps, okay?" Mama said while walking into the room.

Before going to bed I get used to drinking mineral water to improve digestion. After that just go to the bathroom to clean up.

At the age of twenty-two, I have had many life experiences. Its all because of Papa who taught me to be independent, I can give up on fate. Even though he has a son, Papa doesn want to expect much from Sis Roy. He is difficult to manage, associating with an unknown community.

Just thinking about it, the sound of car horns is deafening. I peeked from behind the bedroom window, it was Kak Roy who came home. I glanced at the clock in the living room, it was already eleven at night. I immediately opened the gate and the car went into the garage.

Again, Sis Roy came home drunk. He spoke incoherently like a delirious person. I went straight to my room and locked the door. Don want to deal with drunk people. With my sisters condition like that, it made Mama think.

The child who was expected as a substitute for Papa, turned out not to be in accordance with the wishes changed for a while. Then reappeared again his ugly nature. Maybe this is the biggest ordeal for Mama in educating us. Trials after Papas departure for good.

To be continued ....

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