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Parallel Memory Chapter 135 Icy Spider Lily

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Chapter 135 Icy Spider Lily

[ "Demonic Emperor Sword: Cataclysmic Destruction" ]

From my memory fragment of the Emperor of Destruction, this was one of the skills that contain absolute destructive properties.

Unlike Extermination Blast, Demonic Emperor Sword: Cataclysmic Destruction does not spread the power. The beam focuses on a single point and, upon contact, causes a colossal explosion.


The sword broke right after launching the attack. The sword was a Rank-B artifact, even so, it could not stay intact after storing the amount of Dark energy needed to use this skill.


Zero's body took an unbelievable troll to execute that skill. It was already a miracle that he was able to stand after using Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast.

Zero completely fell down with all his organs wrecked. Every cell in his body was screaming in pain.

Still, he stayed conscious, until he saw the Ice Griffin die. He could not faint. It will be over for him once he loses his consciousness. Even if he died, he wanted to know the outcome of this battle.

Ice Griffin didn't think that the already wounded creature would be able to attack.

He deployed a barrier and had an Ice layer to protect him. After the previous attack, Ice Griffin didn't overestimate himself, however, he was in no condition to deploy more powerful defense skills.

Ice Griffin tried to deploy his stronger defensive skill but unexpectedly his mana level was lower than ever and he had no more mana to do so. Even so, he didn't panic, he had already deployed a mana barrier which was more than enough to defend against Zero's attack. He also used some of his remaining mana to add a layer of Ice that was as strong as his claw.

Unlike Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast, Demonic Emperor Sword: Cataclysmic Destruction was much smaller but the aura it contained was sharper and more destructive than Extermination Blast.


The Cataclysmic Destruction made contact with the Ice Griffins' barrier. Upon contact, the skill bared its full power. The layer of ice that was covering the mana barrier was instantly shattered while the barrier inside withstood the attack.

The attack expanded and continued to intensify as the collision continued.

The Ice Griffin became cautious once his Ice layer was destroyed and poured more mana into his barrier. As Zero's attack didn't stop, Ice Griffin had to pour plenty of more mana to maintain his barrier.


As the Ice Griffin continued to concentrate on protecting himself from the incoming attack, an Ice flower bloomed from his body.

This situation caught Ice Griffin by surprise. The Ice Griffin's internal organs have started to freeze, and the ice is extending from his body, rendering him immobile.

Zero also watched the Ice Griffin becoming frozen from the inside out. At first, Zero was also surprised and didn't know what caused the situation.

Then he looked at the lifeless body that was in the distance.

"Professor Mia"

Zero said in a low voice.

He knew what caused that phenomenon in Ice Griffin. This is Professor Mia's "Icy Spider Lily" skill.

It was a delayed skill where the user embeds the target with something like a seed. Similar to Cryo Bomb but unlike Cryo Bomb, it was more powerful but took longer to execute.

After attaching the skill to the target, the seed will slowly absorb the Ice Energy. Usually, the user will attack the target and at the same time they will be feeding the seed with Ice energy but since Ice Griffin was using Ice energy, it must have been slowly absorbing the Ice energy of Ice Griffin.

Also, the Ice energy in the atmosphere of the Gate is very high so that skill must have become stronger.

And the fact that the Icy Spider Lily bloomed from inside the Ice Griffin, Professor Mia must have embedded the seed inside the Ice Griffin. Ice Skill is practically useless to Ice Griffin but it was different if attacked from inside where it was defensive and had no resistance to Ice energy.

The Ice Griffin tried to stop the 'Icy Spider Lily' from freezing his remaining body part. In order to resist the Ice Energy, he channeled his mana into his body.

However, Ice Griffin was late in noticing the skill and more than half his body was already frozen by the Icy Spider Lily skill.

Since the Ice Griffin was partially frozen by the 'Icy Spider Lily' skill and had used his mana to resist the Icy Spider Lily, he could not use more energy to defend against Cataclysmic Destruction.


The barrier without the support of Ice Griffin instantly crumbled and shattered under the attack from the Cataclysmic Destruction. The didn't stop there and made its way towards its target.


The Ice Griffin howled as disbelief filled his eyes. He was right now powerless against the incoming attack. He had no more mana nor was he in any situation to dodge the attack.

The attack of Zero had finally managed to reach Ice Griffin's body.


The Cataclysmic Destruction penetrated Ice Griffin's body and shot far into the distance until it disappeared. All the things in its path were reduced to dust.


Zero looked at the Ice Griffin's body that was lying on the ground with a huge hole in its chest.

The Ice Griffin, once a mighty existence, had finally been killed.

His gaze turned from Ice Griffin's body to Professor Mia. He tried to stand but it was impossible with the state his body was in.

Zero, even without any strength in his body, dragged his body towards Professor Mia with his right hand.

An unbearable pain was coursing through his body. But he gritted his teeth and kept on moving. The distance was just a few meters, but to Zero, it felt unbelievably far away.

( Just for last time! )

I wanted to look at Professor Mia for the last time. She was someone who didn't hesitate to sacrifice her life for someone like me.

My body felt like it was frozen. It might have actually been frozen but I could not feel anything other than pain.

I used my hand to drag the heavy body, yet the coldness was quickly enveloping that part as well. My entire body was like an icy statue that refuses to move.

After countless struggles and pain, I reached near Professor Mia's body.


Tears ran down my face as I extended my hands. I held her hands and gently called out her name.


Professor Mia didn't answer. I knew she was dead but refused to believe it. Her hand was very cold and she was no longer breathing.

There were so many things that I wanted to say to her; I wanted to say sorry to her. I wanted to apologize because it was all my fault that she had to die here. Apologize that I have changed her fate.

But it was all useless because the person to whom I wanted to apologize had already departed from this world. It was better for me to apologize when I see her again in the next life.

Even with the Ice Griffin dead, Zero's body was already on the verge of collapsing. At maximum, he could breathe for one hour more.

I felt a lump in my throat, clenched both my hands, and began to cry loudly.

I kind of realized what the Emperor of Destruction felt. After destroying everything he wanted, he must have also realized that what he wanted to save had already died. Only emptiness is left inside the heart.

"I …should…have…tried…harder..."

Perhaps it was the price of my insolent resistance towards my own destiny that I am being screwed like this. If I remained who I was without changing anything, Mia and Mia would not have to go through this.

I kept looking at Mia Frostine but the image got blurred as my eyes were slowly losing their vision.

I kept looking at her without blinking because it felt like I would not be able to open my eyes once I closed them— so I simply kept staring at Mia's face in silence.


As if to mock me, a portal appeared in front of the Ice Griffin's body. The portal that would take me to the outside world.

I was in no condition to go out and Professor Mia's pulse has completely stopped. Her corpse will be forever left here if I decide to go out of the portal.

The moment all the intruders (that is humans) were either dead or had exited the Gate, the portal would automatically close.

I might be able to get out if I tried my level best, but I had long since accepted my fate. Rather than leaving Mia alone, I might as well die with her here.

My death was already guaranteed even if I went out.

This body of mine had already been pushed beyond its capabilities multiple times. It was already strange that it had still not collapsed.


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