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Parallel Memory Chapter 154 The Journalist

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Chapter 154 The Journalist


"Look! Professor Mia is back!"

"She seems to have become even more beautiful than before."

"God had bestowed her with both talent and beauty, alas the world is really unfair."

Professor Mia was back. No surprise there since she was the one who dragged me back to Ace Academy.

The students in the class had become extremely excited after seeing Professor Mia back. The object of envy and the person who is being talked about in the whole world is right in front of them. How can they not be excited


Professor Mia said.

The student kept quiet as soon as Professor Mia said the word. The student knows better than to defy Professor Mia.

With Professor Mia's power increased, they cannot imagine the state they will be in if Professor Mia punishes them.

"I know most of you have heard of why I was absent. Now that I am back I will once again resume my duties."

Professor Mia then took attendance and shared the announcement that she has as she usually does. The only difference was that the student was excited to see her.

They had the same expression as when Professor Mia first came to the class as a homeroom teacher.

When they first had Professor Mia as their homeroom teacher, they could not stop being excited. Though with time, that excitement seems to have vanished.

But now they seem to have again realized the luck that they have in being able to have Professor Mia as their homeroom teacher.

Professor Mia's fame is now as high as it could be. There was no one who had not heard of her. The greatest genius of the century.

Professor Mia exited the class and the class continued on as normal. Since I had no training in the morning, I actively listened to the teacher.

Professor Mia had suspended the training for a week. I guess she is worried about my injuries even though they are all healed up.

The class began with Professor Helm talking about the use of mana core as external mana. After that was the training period.

Today, I didn't need to train with Professor Mia so I headed to where the class is training. It was the class that I had not attended since I was training under Professor Mia.

I looked around to see how they were training. The students were in groups and were training by themselves.

( Soft! )

That was the only thing I could tell about the training that they were doing. They were Rank-E and only used 50kg weights to train with no increase in gravity.

Some were just running around. What do you think would achieve that Stamina Even if I ran around the whole day, I would not feel tired in this place.

At least use mana to run around, not just run aimlessly. Mana use will increase your control and capacity, though it will be exhausting but that is the purpose of training.

I could only say that the training that my classmate was doing would rather deteriorate my strength rather than increase it.

For the first time, I know why Church guards' training is considered one of the most difficult. It was because they indeed when compared to the training my classmate were going through.

( I hope others are doing better than this. )

I was worried about how the other participants for the Tournament of Academies were training. If they were also going through this kind of training, I can only worry about the winning rate of our school.

The tournament was not a one-on-one battle and having strong teammates was needed to win.

Though I don't think that the mentors would be so easy-going with the participants of the tournament.

The distribution of the resources would be decided by the tournament. They must be training their mentee with harsh methods as their salary depends on them.

I would suffer if I had weak teammates. Though I can rest assured knowing Hiro and the other main characters are there.

I don't know what type of training they are putting themselves through but they do get extremely strong before the Tournament of Academies. I expect them to be more powerful than they are in the novel.

If Hiro breaks through to Rank-C - then winning the tournament would be a walk in the park.

Well, I expect to see improvement in their performance soon. With the Tournament of Academies beginning around next month.

Anyway, I should stop thinking about things that are beyond my control. Whether other participants are working hard is none of my business and I can't stop them even if they don't train.

I can only increase my strength so that even if they are weak, I would have no problem winning.

Walking out of the gate of Ace Academy, I headed to the NightShade guild to train. Even if I don't need to train with Professor Mia, it does not mean that I would not train.

The training was not for the others, but for myself. I learned how weak and powerless I am in the face of death after the incident at Gate. If not for luck, Me and Professor Mia would have both died in the Gate.

I need to increase my power as quickly as possible. There are many unexpected events and dangers that could easily kill me if I ever get complacent.


After the training, I stopped by Tech Genesis for a bit. Everything was going well and the company was heading in the right direction.

TwitFlick and WorldCraft already have tens of millions of users. The profit generated was enough to make even the Diamond Graded Guild take notice of my company.

The reason I was at Tech Genesis was to have the company procure a new sword for me. The previous sword had been destroyed by the skill that I used in the Gate.

I needed a stronger weapon than that. Even with the sword being at Rank-B, it just broke like that. I would need a sword at Rank-A though it will be difficult to get a sword artifact of that rank.

But with the money that I currently possess, it was only a matter of time to get the sword artifact of Rank-A. I just need the information gathering team to collect any information on a good Sword Artifact.

After I was done with my purpose, I went back to the dorm to rest. The bed at Holy Church was much softer but I feel much more comfortable sleeping here than there.

The next day, I was on the way to my class. Everything was as usual except for the fact that there had been a sharp increase in the number of journalists in the Ace Academy today.

With Professor Mia back at the school, I guess they want to have an interview with her.

I could see many of them talking with some students and other students were also staring at them.

I ignored them and continued to walk to class. However, as I walked away from the crowd, my hand was caught.

"Young man, Stop!"

Following the grabbing was a voice.

Turning around, I found that it was one of the journalists that grabbed my wrist.

I don't know why he caught me when there are a lot of other students in the area. He could have just gone for them.

"I heard you are the personal disciple of Mrs. Mia Frostine."

So that was the reason. Looks like the journalist in front of me had some relationship with the people of Ace Academy.

Only the students and teachers that are from Ace Academy would know that Professor Mia is my mentor. So, my guess is someone from the Ace Academy told him.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Please let go of me."

I try to ask him nicely. If I used my power, I might break the hand that is grabbing me.

"Don't try to lie. We already have extensive information about you. We know that you are the one that Ice Enchantress is teaching for the Tournament Of Academies."

"I have already told you I don't know what you are talking about. If you want to interview someone, ask them."

I pointed to the other students who seem to be looking forward to being interviewed. I guess they think they will get some fame from those news reporters.

"I already have something to do. So if you excuse me."

I tried to take my hand away from the journalist's grip when instead of loosening the grip, the journalist held it tighter.

I was surprised because the strength of the grip was of someone at Rank-D. A Rank-D journalist looks like he works for some big company.

"Please stop with your lie. We would like to ask you some questions. Young man, we work for the Titan Storm Guild. If you cooperate with us, it will be for the best."

The journalist said in a domineering voice making it sound like a threat.

Titan Storm Guild is one of the Diamond Graded guilds. It is famous because the Guild leader is Rank-S , one of the top Heroes.

But even if he works for a Diamond Graded Guild, is it not rude for them to force me

I mean I have not even blamed them for collecting information about me and now they seem to be threatening me with their guild.

"So what I have already told you that I need to go. When I say I need to go, I will go. Don't you dare threaten me with your guild!"

I said in an annoyed voice.

With that, I used some strength to free myself from his grip. I walked away not giving a damn about the journalist.

"Humph! Arrogant like his teacher. I will show him the power of a journalist."

The journalist clenched his hand.-

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