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Chapter 189 Battle Between The Strongest! [2]

"I never thought I would need to show my abilities!"

The hoodie girl spoke.

In this tournament, she was only thinking about assisting Omar Noel and taking out any opponent who might pose a danger to Omar Noel. Never did she think that she needed to show her real power that early in the tournament.

She regrets not calling Omar Noel back before reaching this point. She underestimated the strength of Ace Academy. Their school was not the only one hiding their strength.

Since they fell into an enemy trap, she had no choice but to use her real power to turn the battle in her favor. She had to finish this battle as soon as possible before Omar Noel gets defeated by Hiro.

On the other side, Omar Noel was desperately defending himself against Hiro's attack.

Omar Noel didn't give up and, even though he was getting overwhelmed by Hiro, he knew the Hoodie girl could easily save him.

Omar was also surprised to find that the person who provoked him was so powerful. Strong enough to even hold back the hoodie girl.

Now, he saw that his hope was getting delayed and he was getting himself beaten up by Hiro.

He gritted his teeth and cursed inside his heart. His hatred for Hiro and Zero grew. He has never been humiliated this much. Now, his only hope was that the hoodie girl quickly defeats Zero and saves him.

"Show your real abilities Haha… So what Do you think you can save him just because you decide to use your real abilities Do you think I will stand by and let you do it"

Zero said arrogantly.

Inside, he was smiling. He could finally see who this person was. How come such a strong participant was there in Arcane Academy

It was better if he exposed her strength so that even if he fails, other people would investigate her. Zero knew that a person stronger than Omar Noel would definitely catch the attention of the higher-ups of The Authority and various guilds.

They would definitely ask for her identity.

Anyway, he was determined to find out why Arcane Academy was keeping such a secret. It might be their little dirty secret, something that they can't easily reveal.

"Humph! Don't think you can be so arrogant after I show you!"

The hoodie girl snorted and then released her mana aura.

She knew that Zero's expression would change after realizing how strong she was.

They were all shocked and shuddered in terror since the mana aura released by that person was Rank-B -.


That was the rank that many people couldn't fathom. To a person below the rank of C -, they would not be able to tell what rank it is.

They might not understand what the hoodie girls' rank is but they can feel that the mana aura was more fearsome than the mana aura emitted by Omar Noel.

"Rank-B! How can that be"

"You meant to say that Arcane Academy has a stronger fighter than Omar Noel!"

The Ace Academy and Britelts Academy students were despairing again. They didn't think that they could win, after all the opponent was Rank-B. Even the Ace Academy who believed in Zero's strength started to lose hope.

It was not that Zero was not strong but that the opponent he was facing was too strong. They already lost their hope before the battle ended.

The audience in the stadium also heard the shouting of the participants. They were baffled as the random girl from Arcane Academy turned out to be the strongest student.

"Turns out the girl is in Rank-B!"

"Arcane Academy certainly hid her well!"

With the emergence of powerful students, the audiences became more enthusiastic.

"Zero! He should be alright, right"

Zero's mother said. She got worried about Zero.

In the beginning, they were surprised by Zero's actions. In addition to coming to the battlefield, he also provoked Omar Noel. His action dumbfounded Zero's parents. They also didn't know that their son could say such words.

This made the parents of Zero and Micha bewildered by the behavior he was showing. They have watched Zero grow up and know that Zero doesn't create trouble or fight with others. So, seeing him show such an arrogant side had stunned them.

But more than that, they were extremely worried about him. They were relieved when Zero walked away without fighting and let Hiro Ernest fight.

While others were insulting and cursing Zero, they felt that he made a wise decision. They were not worried about the reputation as long as Zero was fine.

Now, Zero was fighting with an opponent far more dangerous than Omar Noel.

They were stunned and glad to find that Zero had the power of Rank-C. Zero's parents were proud of their son and could not wait to brag about him.

Diego and his family were shocked! They didn't think that Zero would be such a genius.

Eleonore was stunned. She didn't think that Zero would improve so much in such a short period of time.

She would have cursed at herself before because she would have been in the same rank as him but luckily she had broken through Rank-B - last month.

If he dares to provoke her, she could still beat him to a pulp.

( So what if you got stronger I am still stronger! )

"Darling, don't worry! He should be fine! You have to believe in him."

Zero's dad reassured.

Although he was nervous and worried as well, he had to calm his wife.

( Anyway, this kid dares to hide his strength from his parents! You had us worried to death! )

Zero's dad thought.

They would not have been so worried if Zero had told him about his strength. They thought that Zero was in Rank-D and was extremely anxious about his safety.

He was proud of his son's achievement! Knowing that his son had Rank-C strength, decreased some of his worries even when knowing that his opponent was Rank-B.

Anyway, they could not do anything even if Zero gets beaten. They could only pray and hope that he escaped unscathed.

Though other audiences felt different. They were itching to watch Rank-B beat Rank-C. Though some people were cheering for Zero. People who like to cheer for underdogs supported Zero.

"Who is she How come I have never heard of her"

"Hey! Arcane Academy, who is she"

"Tell us her name! How come you didn't show her face"

They were curious and wanted to know about the genius that appeared. They shouted at the Arcane Academy professors to reveal the identity of the girl.

Arcane Academy professors sweat with nervousness. The girl was their trump card and would be only used when they have no choice but they can't blame her for showing herself as Omar Noel was losing.

But her identity was not something that they could reveal. It would be a disgrace to their school if others found out.

Nevertheless, some of their professors were flaunting instead of caring. They appear to be showing off and telling others, 'This is the power of our Arcane Academy!' with their puff chest.

One such professor was Professor Frey. She would have also frowned because their trump card was revealed so early but seeing that the opponent was Zero, she was smiling.

She was surprised that Zero had a strength of Rank-C. She had investigated Zero before and found out that he barely qualified to attend Ace Academy.

She thought that Professor Mia used her authority to put Zero in the tournament, never expecting that Professor Mia's little lover was a monster. But even so, her mood became better knowing that Zero was facing their strongest student.

( Ruelle, you have to make that brat suffer as much as possible! )

She also didn't forget to provoke her archenemy.

"So sorry! Professor Mia looks like your little lover is going to be beaten up. But you should not blame him. What can he do when he is facing a Rank-B"

Professor Frey said this in a sarcastic manner.

Professor Mia's body twitched a little but then calmed down. She was surprised to find out that Arcane Academy had a Rank-B student.

She knows that if allowed Zero would have instantly won using Dark Energy though he can't as there are many people watching him. It would spell his doom if others find out he can use Dark Energy.

It was not worth it for a tournament.

Therefore, she became a little worried when she found out that Zero's opponent was Rank-B -.

However, thinking calmingly, her student was not any less monstrous than a Rank-B student. If you don't consider winning as a priority and just look at the tournament as a training ground then this match was absolutely good for Zero.

It is not every day that one gets to fight with Rank-B seriously. Moreover, Professor Mia knows that Zero's life was not at any risk.

Even if he loses, the opponent would not kill him. She thought that it would be a worthwhile learning experience for Zero.

Though she hoped Zero would win, and the chances weren't too slim either.

"Professor Frey, thank you for your concern but you should be more worried about your student."

Professor Mia replied.

Professor Frey was delighted inside knowing that her words had certainly worked but frowned a little when Professor Mia warned her back.

"You meant to say that Zero could beat her Professor Mia, I was really surprised that he was Rank-C, but remember that there is a big difference between Rank-C and Rank-B. There is no way that Zero would win."

Professor Frey sneered.

"Who knows You never know until the winner is declared!"-

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