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Parallel Memory Chapter 57 Summer Vacation [2]

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Chapter 57 Summer Vacation [2]

I realize that not having Amazon is pretty inconvenient. Previously, to buy some items like a tent and grill, I had to waste too much time searching different shops for the items.

This world does not have services like Amazon. I wanted to use this opportunity to not only make life easier for myself and people around the world but also earn money.

Amazon a small bookselling eshop created by Jeff Bezos became a multi-billion dollar company on earth and it is one of the most successful companies.

Alibaba, another online shopping company is also a major successful company established by Jack ma. This shows how profitable online shopping is.

However, it was not only to earn money this time. I wanted to have access to rare potions and artifacts with this platform.

When this online shopping website becomes popular, many people would also sell potions and artifacts through my website. They might even be willing to sell some of the rare potions and artifacts they possess.

I don't have to look for potions every time I need to buy one. And I could also buy those artifacts without spending time searching for auctions that sell them.

This was to make buying these things easier for me. Now that I have money, I just needed artifacts and potions to make me stronger.

The more I thought, the more I became sure that I needed to create this platform. I would also be first to know if some rare treasures are being sold here and if it is something I want then I could buy it first.

That night I had a fancy dinner and a long shower before going to bed. I was too exhausted to write down the plan or discuss it with Aiden.

I kept those things for tomorrow. I was physically fine since what I had experienced in that dungeon was not real but mentally, I was still exhausted.

That artifact, Staff of Illusion was like an incredibly advanced virtual reality device. It could make things feel real and even transmit pain to your body. But your real body would not get damaged since the things inside the dungeon was all illusion.

It was just your pain being transmitted to your body through your brain. You might become mentally crippled in there but physically nothing will happen.

I jumped happily on the soft bed and went to sleep. That night I had a good sleep.


I woke up feeling refreshed and with lots of energy. I was suffering from a little sleep deprivation in the dungeon.

It was not the best feeling to sleep in the dungeon. Though I had a bed and a tent which was comfortable and better compared to other students who had to sleep on trees and ground.

But it was nothing compared to sleeping on a real bed with no worries such as monsters and other people attacking you.

I also got disturbed a couple of times by a monster entering near my tent.

And also by some students like those three who wanted to rob my things. Though there were taken care of easily, however, they did succeed to interrupt my sleep.

I took a shower and had a huge amount of rice and potato curry for breakfast. I went to the company afterward to discuss establishing online shopping.

At first, Aiden and others were not sure about the idea since they were specialized in software rather than business things. They also felt that creating something like a delivery service will not net in any money.

But I assured them not to worry and just focus on making the UI of the website. Even if I lose some money, I can bear it.

About whether this will work out or not, ask 200 million users of Amazon on earth. After finishing the discussion on what type of website I need, I had another meeting.

This time it was with the marketing and business team. I had explained how online shopping works. I also need them to acquire some stores so that we have something to sell when we start our online shopping service.

And I also need them to negotiate with other shops to encourage them to sell their products on my online shop. We needed to prepare everything we might need after launching the website.

And as for the name of the website,

[ "Let's call it Megaplex" ]

My plan for going home after two days got delayed as I had to stay at my company for one more day before I can go back to my home.

The planning took more time than I anticipated. And not many shops agreed with the idea we provided. However, I was not in a rush as I have money and time. We could just start with selling items from the store that we acquire.

For attracting more users, I decided to buy shops that sell potions and artifacts. The price was not cheap, it cost me around 10 million Ethan coins but it was totally worth it.

Potions are like hot selling cakes that are always in high demand. We might have spent too much on acquiring the shops even before creating the platform but it was all worth it.

I know that the return for this expenditure will be many times more.

Even if there are not that many buyers and we could not sell them, I could always use them myself. I also had to establish multiple branches in different cities.

Finding Employees and finding a place to establish the office were all kept for the management team to handle.

I went to the dorm after all the work was done. I packed all the stuff that I had to take. It was only some clothes and I stored those things in the spatial ring.


After one hour of sitting on the bus, I finally reached my city. I had to walk a couple of meters before I reach my house.

After walking for 10 minutes more, I reached in front of the building which could neither be considered big nor small.

I reached for the doorbell and rang.


As soon as the doorbell rang, I heard the sound of a footstep.


The door opened and the one standing in front of me was my mother, Madison Elea, who smiled brilliantly after seeing me and quickly took me into her embrace.

[ "Welcome Home, Zero!" ]-

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