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Chapter 98: Sister Tea relies on herself to kill the whole alliance (27)

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In the middle of the night, the game forum was still passionately discussing news and interesting events of various S games.


For example, how the eliminated European and American teams fought each other, whether the strength of the LCK was so terrifying, what was said in the microphones of the knockout teams...

In short, the popularity never went down.


And the most interesting thing is that because the location of the Semi-finals is in New York, many teams who have been in Chicago for more than half a month could not follow.

Therefore many small episodes occurred before the knockout players from various countries left.


For example, the famous European popular king Spider, when he left the hotel in Chicago, specially asked Bi Ming for a group photo, and also posted it on his social media accounts to show off:


"Lin and me.



In the accompanying picture, the handsome guy with brown hair and blue eyes was half-bent over with a smile, and he was taking a side-by-side photo with the big beauty with short black hair and red lips beside him.


The number of likes turned very high, and the English messages below were all booing, asking if the brown-haired little brother could abduct Bi Ming to LEC.


One must know that Spider's status in the European competition is similar to that of Shi Zhong.

They are all super popular star players.

This time, the group photo was sent to the Internet, and the intention of showing off was obvious.


The LEC side was playing Cp, but the LPL side found this comic, and almost died of laughter—


The background wall behind Spider and Bi Ming was mirrored, reflecting the black faces of the rest of PG.


"Help, those who hugged her arms and looked at Sister Nan for a photo were all being watched just as fiercely as my cat did when she saw me touching other cats.

It's funny."


"It should be the angle of the shot, the photographer is amazing, they really look like they're jealous."


"It can be made into a stalk map, [What should we do if the jungler runs away, worried.jpg]"


"Stop joking," An only fan immediately came out to warn, "Clock and the others are obviously expressionless, so don't make it seem like they are jealous."


"What's wrong with being jealous Everyone is just making fun of it casually, and girlfriend fans are anxious" CP fans hehe.


"I'm Lin's mother fan, so I can't stand the way you guys pull CP for my daughter all day long!" The only fan replied angrily.


Soon, after PG's daily performance - "Only Fans vs.

CP Fans" kicked off again, and other fans have long stopped being surprised.


Probably out of hostility to FQ, on the same day, R9's little golden retriever, Frank, also posted a photo on ins, with the words full of fire:


"Lin and me~[Heart]"


In the photo, the little golden retriever was smiling like a thief, with his hands on the top of his head, and behind him was a table full of PG teammates who were eating.


Comment area: Is this a photo


Frank said confidently: Of course, there is me and Lin, and he added mosaics to everyone else's faces.


The crowd fell over.


And the Little Golden Retriever couldn't help it.

He originally wanted to invite Lin to dinner, but he blamed the twins, who abruptly ruined his plan.


The European and American divisions have always been humorous and like to play tricks.

Although they lost the game, can't they have some fun


Many netizens also began to follow the trend and played tricks-


Some people learn from Frank's shameless practice, put Lin's official picture with his own face, and say "My wife (Wife) and me."


Some people also changed the words and pictures, such as turning the background of Frank's picture into a championship trophy, with the words: "Champion (champion) and me." It was intended to ridicule the little golden retriever who could only rely on obscenity to be the first.


The sentence pattern of "XX and me" suddenly caught fire strangely, and it became people's allusions to themselves and things they couldn't get, just like the two handsome e-sport guys in the European and American divisions, and their unrequited goodwill.


This kind of story full of pink bubbles was very exciting, but soon, an even more exciting thing happened in the LPL division -


Chen Zeyang and Mu Yu ripped apart.


First of all, Chen Zeyang posted a bill on his Weibo, which calculated that Mu Yu had spent nearly 500,000 yuan from his money since they started dating.


Most of them were rewards.

In order to support Mu Yu's live broadcast career, Chen Zeyang was very willing to throw gifts in this regard.


The second was the high cost of shopping overseas after the mid-season game between the two.


In the end, Chen Zeyang said: "I've broken up, I've lost sight of it, let's find someone else next time.

@Host Little Yu"


Everyone was amazed at the Weibo post and started to gossip:


[After half a year of love, Yang lost 500,000]


[I just said that the anchor girl could have some good things, but Mu Yu is too greedy, right Chen Zeyang's salary is covered in it.]


[The Green tea baiting girl and the cheating scumbag are really good match [applause]]

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

[The full picture is unknown.

I will not comment now, waiting for the woman to respond.]


Mu Yu's Weibo and live broadcast room were quickly rushed, and there was a lot of malicious ridicule and rebuke.


"The one who came out to sell", "Little three making money", "The tea is not a good woman to look at"...

Such attacks made Mu Yu's head buzz with anger.


Soon after, she also learned from Chen Zeyang and posted a long article on Weibo with a bill.


In the long article, she sincerely told about the various conflicts between herself and Chen Zeyang since the summer games, and the process of her being treated coldly and violently by Chen Zeyang and becoming a sexual tool for the other party to vent their pressure.

From the perspective of women, her delicate writing aroused the sympathy of many compatriots.


The bill shows the tens of thousands of sneakers, clothes, and other valuables that she bought for Chen Zeyang on weekdays, indicating that she is not a "fishing girl" who only cares about getting gifts.


[This is Chen Zeyang's ticket to the hotel after he lost to his ex-girlfriend in August.

He was very excited that night and even called his ex-girlfriend's name.

I don't know if he still loves her, but I silently endured it for this relationship.

But after that the next day, he started fighting with me again.

He didn’t call and didn’t care about my body.

After the summer games, he often went to bars to drink heavily.

Even the boss couldn’t stand his drunkenness.]


[From then on, I also learned that Chen Zeyang is a cowardly, selfish, and incompetent man.]


[After breaking up, he harassed me again and again, preventing me from continuing the live broadcast, and saying that he would "Discredit me", just like he did to Sister Lin Nan at the beginning.]


Mu Yu's words euphemistically brought Bi Ming, who now has a huge fan base in LPL, trying to give herself more sympathy points.


But Bi Ming's fans were not vegetarians, they quickly caught the loophole in Mu Yu's words:


[So you admit to throwing dirty water on Lin Nan]


[At that time, you were picking things up in the live broadcast room, and the connotation of Lin made Chen Zeyang unhappy.

Now you are saying it's all Chen Zeyang's instigation to bite and bite.

She really knows how to speak.]


[Chen Zeyang, that cub derailed you, what are you pretending to be ignorant of here]


Mu Yu looked at the comment area, her body trembled, but she continued to type:


[I really don't know, the person in the double row at that time was Chen Zeyang.

He was the one who cheated, and I was cheated on too.]


Although she found out later, she still chose to be with Chen Zeyang, who had just broken up.


Netizens actually lacked interest in this affair between a man and a woman.

After Mu Yu "Clarified" that she was not a mistress, and she no longer acted rashly.


However, her counterattack was effective.


Chen Zeyang had got a room with his girlfriend before the last game of the playoffs.

BU fans hated him to death.

They believed that it was his doing before the game that caused BU to not play well with WOW and miss the World Championship tickets.


The BU super talk, which had finally calmed down, became crazy again, and a large number of fans stepped back, scolding Chen Zeyang for being disgusting, being a dickhead, and indulging in games.


Bi Ming's fans were also furious, this guy even dared to utter their goddess name after losing the fight, it's just unlucky!


In the single-person super talk, fans frantically sent pictures of crossing braziers and stepping on villains.


"Did Chen Zeyang get his brain shaken Did Lin hit him too hard and it made him wake him up"


"This *** also deserves our goddess"


With the excitement of the crowd, Chen Zeyang was also interviewed by the club again, warning him to be cautious in his words and deeds and not to publish any remarks that affect the club's image online.


Chen Zeyang looked at the newly-assigned junior jungler of the second team behind the coach, his face was so gloomy.


"In the future, he will sit in your seat, and you will go to another training room." The coach didn't have a good look at Chen Zeyang, because several players recently approached him to complain about Chen Zeyang, who often smelled of alcohol and played badly in training games, a complete mess.


The coach thought to himself that he might as well try to train new people.


Anyway, the transfer period is about to start, and it's time for Chen Zeyang's to leave.




On the day of the Semi-finals between PG and KD, it suddenly started to rain in the modern city with many high-rise buildings.


But the gloomy weather couldn't stop the heat wave in the stadium.


The blond host's enthusiastic roar resounded throughout the venue—


"Let's congratulate PG for winning the finals with a 3-1 score!"


Although he used English, it did not affect the PG fans who had traveled thousands of miles to the scene, shouting and cheering excitedly, with tears in their eyes for the victory of their beloved team.


KD's performance today can be said to be a step further.

In the first game, it was a desperate situation, and PG was impressed by this old friend.


But fighting against each other was exactly what PG likes the most, but not what KD is good at.


KD thought that they were fully prepared, but they did not expect that PG was also not the PG of the summer finals.

After going through the Group-stage and the Knockout stage rounds, they absorbed the sophisticated operation of the Korean team and the imagination of the European and American teams and became more comprehensive. 


Their expected strategy of disrupting the opponent's normal development completely failed in the first two rounds.

PG was not afraid of new routines at all.


However, in the third game, PG ushered in its first defeat in the World Championship, and it also made the whole world see the possibility of this "cosmos team" being defeated—


The coach had turned stupid and was poisoned by Qinggang.


In the Group stage, PG used the bottom lane Qinggang to play tricks, which stunned the world.


In the Knockout rounds, PG made persistent efforts, allowing Shi Zhong to win using the Qinggang Shadow mid-laner, and successfully beat the defenseless R9.


And Li Dingbei's road trip was a frequent visitor to Qinggang.


In order to achieve the ultimate BP of Qinggang's four-way swing in the upper, middle, and lower fields, the more and more daring coaches let Bi Ming take Qinggang as a jungler in this semi-final.


After all, he had already won two sets, and the difference in strength was still obvious.

Pyo decided to gamble once for his ultimate swing routine.


The result was obvious, Qinggang Shadow jungler is definitely going against the version.


Even though Bi Ming earned already several thousand ahead of the opponent's economy, this hero's wild brushing mechanism was extremely bad.

It is very deadly in the wild core version, and there were few things that could be done.


When PG lost the third game, the ratings soared instantly.


Many European and American viewers who have lost their desire to watch the game have returned, just to see how KD can defeat the undefeated myth of PG.


It's a pity that the PG who learned well in the fourth game ended the game very cleanly and didn't dare to mess around again.


In the microphone after the game, the BP in the fourth game was specially released by the official:


Pyo: "Alas, our top, middle, bottom, and wild four-way shakes are out of play."


Meng Dongliu: "Haha."


Meng Xishang: "Haha."


Bi Ming: "Pyo, return our 100% record."


Shi Zhong: "We can only wait for next year."


Li Dingbei: "Next year."


The tone of the PG people who lost a game was still as relaxed as an outing, and there was no arrogance in their tone.


After all, Bi Ming and the others have always been told: "Sooner or later, they will lose."

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

Is there anything invincible in the world They are not fairies.


If you lose a small game, adjust your mentality, and you can win a big game.


The result of this LPL civil war was similar to what the public expected, but it was rare for PG to lose a game.

Rareness is precious.

The discussion value of this game became obviously higher than other wins.


After researching and researching, the cloud audience came to the conclusion: "Lin must not play Qinggang."


Although some people clearly pointed out that the jungler of Qinggang Shadow is an absolute reverse version, but if one loses the game, people always have to find someone to blame.


Bi Ming didn't care about gossip, but the others who started to swipe their phones as soon as the game was over were upset.


So after the group visit after the game, the head coach Pyo, who was "persuaded" by the players, took the initiative to take the blame: "Blame me.

At that time, my brain was pumping, and I wanted to try Qinggang Shadow as a jungler."


The reporter who saw the head coach actively taking the blame for the first time was stunned and couldn't help but look at the other players: "Please, what do you think of Lin's Qinggangy in the third game"


The twins looked at each other, and finally, Meng Xishang said, "Lin's Qinggang Shadow is fine, I was taught by her, but this version is not suitable for junglers."


The reporter looked at Li Dingbei.


The other party took a straight look: "Her Qinggang has solo beaten me, she is very skilled, and she played very well in the game."


Finally, it was Shi Zhong's turn.

He unhurriedly turned against the question: "Is this a question of how well Qinggang played in the third game"


The reporter was stunned for a moment, why was he asked back


"Internet, netizens think so..."


"Then they didn't understand." Shi Zhong lowered his eyes and his voice was cold, "But you are a professional and shouldn't ask such amateur questions."


Very good, this sentence is a lore for reporters.


Reporters who simply wanted to earn more traffic: ...Damn, I would have asked them how they felt about winning the game.


And Clock's words were too sharp, making his chest hurt.


PG and his party walked through the post-match passage to the outside.

On the way, they encountered the KD crowd who were squatting by the handrail and looked very bad.


The red-eyed KD top laner saw them coming, quickly wiped the corners of his eyes, and forced a smile.


The outside world said that they won a small game against PG, although they were defeated.


But the game is all about winners and losers, and there is nothing for them to be honored for if they are defeated.


As the winner, the PG people didn't want to irritate LPL's old friends, so they stopped talking and nodded gently to say goodbye.


Going outside, a burst of dampness hits their faces.


The rain curtain outside covered the bustling New York, making the whole city look gloomy.


"No wonder the KD group didn't leave, it's raining so hard." The coach sighed.


Meng Xishang called the driver, then frowned: "The car can't come, we have to walk over."


The manager and team leader didn't want to waste time, so they said, "Let's go to the convenience store to buy an umbrella."


Meng Dongliu's eyes drifted to the burger shop on one side: "Now the convenience store is full of people.

You will have to line up.

I will go to this shop to buy some hot food and wait for you."


Everyone couldn't help but laugh.

Fortunately, this glutton is not fat.


Soon, several people dispersed.


Bi Ming did not follow them, but stood in place and stared at the garden square surrounded by rain.


When she turned back, Shi Zhong looked at her bright eyes looking at the rain curtain, and was a little puzzled: "What are you looking at"


"I was thinking that the car is not far from us." She pointed to the black stretched luxury car waiting on the roadside outside the square, "Why do we have to get an umbrella"


Shi Zhong was caught by the clear pupils she raised, his heart trembled, and he couldn't help but reply to her: "Do you want to run over in the rain"


"The rain isn't too big," she stretched out her hand to catch it.

A few drops of drizzle fell on her palm.

The cool and moist touch felt very comfortable.

"How about we go directly"


Shi Zhong stared at her, was silent for a while, and finally succumbed to her two beacon-like eyes.


He sighed, "Let's go."


Bi Ming raised her head but saw that the man had neatly taken off his white jacket, revealing the short-sleeved team uniform inside.


"" In her slightly surprised sight, the man put the coat over her head—


"Okay, let's go." He took her arm and led her into the rainy square.


When the wind and rain blew, Bi Ming had a coat wrapped around her head, and she could only see her own feet and the long legs of the man in front of her.


She didn't need to look at the road, her hands were being held, and as long as she walked forward, she wouldn't even step on a small puddle.


It's just that the one who suffers is Shi Zhong, who was drenched in the rain.


Bi Ming can smell the mint aroma on the coat, which is a little different from what she uses.

Shi Zhong's is more refreshing, like the breeze blowing across the cheeks, clear and clean.


Both of them had long legs, and they walked slowly.

They arrived at the door of the black sedan in less than half a minute.


The driver recognized the team uniform and quickly opened the rear door for them.


But after getting in the car, he heard Bi Ming say that the twins were still there waiting to buy umbrellas, and immediately said that there were several umbrellas in reserve in the car, and they just happened to be sending them to others.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"Miss Lin, Mr.

Shi, please wait in the car for a while, I'll be back soon." The driver was very responsive to his two twin employers, so he rushed past with four or five umbrellas.


Bi Ming and the others were also at ease.

The back of the super long car is spacious, and there are bezels that can be lowered, which looks like a small lounge.

The twins' game consoles were still on the seats, and the self-contained liquor stations had frozen drinks and fresh fruit.


Shi Zhong asked her, "Do you want to sit by the window"


"Well," Bi Ming saw that his black hair and face were wet from the rain, and his delicate eyebrows were wet, so he took out a tissue and handed it over, "Wipe it, don't catch a cold."


Shi Zhong took it over and wiped the raindrops from the ends of his hair casually, but the eyelashes and cheekbones were still wet with rain.


Bi Ming disliked his slow movements, so she simply sat beside him, put a tissue on his face, and then played with her fingers again, pinching the bridge of his nose with her fingers through the paper.


The man was a little helpless, grabbing her wrist, the tissue slipped from his face, revealing a pair of black eyes with a faint smile inside.


"Hey, Shi Zhong" Her wrists wrestled, and the jade-like joints rubbed against his palm.


Shi Zhong just smiled and clasped her hand without letting go: "You like raiding so much, I can only give back one or two."


Bi Ming stared at his hand, her eyebrows twitched: "You're bold."


"No way, that's what you forced me to do." The man greeted her lit pupils and said slowly.


He finally realized that in the fog, the beacon that he thought was guiding the way would only lead him to the abyss step by step.


But since he is already deeply involved, there is absolutely no possibility of going back.


Then, he had no choice but to go all the way to the dark.


Seeing his fluctuating expression, Bi Ming chuckled lightly, clasped his hand back, and scratched her fingertips in his palm.


"Captain, you finally found out I thought you would continue to play stupid." The tone was soft and ambiguous.


The intense itching meant that it was spreading like a tide, and the eyes of the two were like dense water plants, entwined into knots.


"If I don't play stupid, I can't help asking for more." The man said calmly.


"Then come and ask for it." The woman chuckled and shook her entangled hands.




"Are you afraid"


"Don't regret it." With her acquiescence, the man simply leaned over, pressed her between his body and the car window, and slowly approached her.


Bi Ming's lips curled up as if she was certain that he would not dare to continue.


The man twitched his lips and simply used his actions to prove it.

He bowed his head a little and bit her full, trembling red lips.


The fragrance of mint and the juicy rose fudge bloomed on the moist lips and tongue and was shudderingly sweet.


Chaotic feelings collided everywhere, and the aura of aggression deepened.


The inside of the car was so quiet that only the sound of water entwined between lips and teeth could be heard.


For a moment, her hand grabbed his hair, her lips were slightly separated, and her soft curves rose and fell as she gasped.



stop first, they're coming." During the ventilation interval, the woman avoided his hot breath and reminded him softly.


However, this sentence brought a secret excitement like cheating.


The man's dark eyes sank, he grabbed her jaw, lowered his head again, and sucked delicately, violating those moist lips.


In the corner of the car, the opaque glass that blocked the line of sight was tightly closed, the rain outside was getting heavier, and the temperature in the car was getting higher and higher.


Their kiss was like the rain in New York, which seemed to come suddenly, but was actually planned for a long time.


It's like a whole summer's hot and dry heat, just to brew this moment's heart.


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