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Queen of the Universe Episode 4: Competition

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Afzam was furious to hear Rong So Kans accusations against Rongyao, red lightning seemed to appear in his irises. Teeth chattered with anger, jaw clenched, fingers clenched.

"I thought you could just go around with it, accusing other people at will?"

"Your Majesty the King, it seems that the man is also very disapproving of the person claiming to be your incarnation." Yi Ban De again voiced his opinion, although he did not know who Afzam was but he was sure that the man was on their side.

The Queen nodded, he gave a faint grin. He didn have to intervene too deeply because his classmates were already going to teach Rong So Kan a lesson.

Lingdao Zhe noticed the commotion in his palace, he was the one holding the match event but those people just made trouble.

"My husband, will Rongyao be okay? Im afraid this commotion will put him in danger." The consort of the Southeast Star took care of her baby, she was worried that the injury suffered by her son two months ago would recur again.

"Wife, you calm down. Most importantly we don tell anyone Rongyaos real identity." Lingdao Zhe tried to calm his wife down.

The Empress nodded, as a wife, she will always believe in her husband. Even though in his heart he is very worried.

"Thats it, Master Rong no matter what happens. As the vice chairman of the Rajawali College, I can accept that you accuse our chairman. Don you claim to be the incarnation of the Queen of the Universe, meaning you have very great power. We, the Rajawali school, challenge you to a fight. If you lose, then you should apologize to Chief Rongyao." Afzam points his sword at the head of the Tai Wong school.

Rongyao Zhi Guang closed his eyes, he opened his eyes again then turned his body."We go, the King has prepared a place to welcome us. Theres no need to stand in this place, soon the two of them will be fighting."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Yi Ban De nodded, he made room for his lord the way to the seat that had been prepared.

Rong So Kan laughed at Afzams challenge, she looked at the man lightly. For him no one deserves to compete against him other than Rongyao Zhi Guang, he is a leader so must fight the leader too.

"A dog doesn deserve to challenge me to a match, you

e just an errand boy. If you want to compete, tell Rongyao Zhi Guang to come. You don have the qualifications to fight me." Arrogance and arrogance characterize this person.

Rongyao Zhi Guang smiled faintly at the arrogance of his mortal enemy, but he couldn possibly serve him, because his identity might be exposed.

Afzam is getting angry because he is being belittled, he is pointing the heirloom sword Rajawali at Rong So Kan, that means he is not playing games at all.

"You see this sword, don you? This is an heirloom of the Eagles, meaning that here I am acting as the leader of the Rajawali College. Or are you actually really afraid of me? You can beat me."

"Bastard! I won be afraid of a cursed human like you, fine, Ill fight you. But don let you cry when you lose to me," replied Rong So Kan angrily.

The officer who was assigned to preside over the match program gave a report to Lingdao Zhe, he asked for permission to continue the event.

The King gave permission, Afzam and Rong So Kan flew to the arena.

The two pairs of eyes stared at each other, looking at the opponent full of hatred and anger. Sharp as a dagger ready to stab the opponent.

"Listen carefully, if I win this match, you and your Eagle College must acknowledge me as the incarnation of the Queen of the Universe." Rong So Kan gives a condition, he is still confident that he is the incarnation of a ruler of the unseen realm.

"Interesting, you think you can win over me? You think Ill let you win," Rongyao thought from the special guest seat of honor.

The two knights prepared to fight, each of them took out a sword. Rong So Kan took out a demon sword while Afzam used an Eagle sword.

Rongyao Zhi Guang frowned, the demon sword will not be able to be defeated by the Eagle sword. Apparently Rong So Kan is a descendant of the Staggering Dragon kingdom, because only the descendant of that kingdom is able to wield the Devils sword.

"I have to do something to trade that sword, or Afzam will lose. But... is Afzam able to control the power of the rainbow sword?" The man was still watching the match between the two humans in the arena.

Trang …

The two great heirlooms clashed against each other, sparking the flames of each others power.Different colored light shows the flow of each school.

Black and white attacking each other, Rong So Kan looks so relaxed against Afzams power. The head of the Tai Wong school didn seem tired in the slightest, unlike Afzam. The man was sweating from using too much force.

Seeing his opponent cornered, Rong So Kan intensified his attacks even more. That man added power to his demon sword. At least he will do his best.

Rongyao snapped his fingers, and in the blink of an eye her and Afzams positions immediately changed.

Rong So Kan was surprised to see the figure of the man with the golden yellow hair fending off his attacks with ease, but strangely why no one was suspicious.

"Why? Do you feel confused? You feel like they don see me?" Rongyao Zhi Guang grinned faintly, he narrowed his eyes. A red light immediately shot out of the eye and then hit Rong So Kans eyes.


Rong So Kan screamed in pain, she dropped her sword and covered her eyes with her palms. Heat and pain now attack his eyes, he feels that now he is blind and will never be able to see again.

Rongyao Zhi Guang is very satisfied to see it, it is a punishment for someone who has claimed to be his incarnation.

"Rong So Kan, I warn you once again, never claim to be the incarnation of the Queen of the Universe. As the Queen of the Universe, I never acknowledged you as my incarnation."

Afzam is confused with himself, wasn he fighting earlier but why is he sitting comfortably on the chair belonging to the guest of honor?

In the blink of an eye, he seemed to be dragged back and into the arena of the match. Again a strange incident occurred, the Eagles sword in his hand turned into a rainbow sword.

"This... why is this magic heirloom in my hands?" Confused and astonished but no one seemed to notice.

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