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Rosie blinked.

She kept on blinking until she felt certain she understood her employers words right.

Rosie searched Cedrics face for some indication that he was joking. But his expression remained unemotional.

Giving her head a shake to clear it, she ruefully muttered, "I think the wine has muddled my senses or I swear I just heard you say that I was going to live here."

"Then let me make it clearer for you," he replied evenly. "You

e going to live in my house, Rosie. Starting tonight."

She gave out a shriek of laughter. "Are you drunk, Mr. Orion?"


She gave him a confused smile. "Then am I drunk?"

"No. But will it help you accept your situation if you were?"

"You were serious?" she whispered with such disbelief, it made him smile.

"Yes. I was serious."

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