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Qu Zhi really had some skills. Those stocks had risen for three days!

Lin He didnt idle around these few days. She called Qu Zhi on time every morning and pestered her to have breakfast with her, afraid that she would miss out on Qu Zhis words.

Fortunately, Qu Zhi left the house an hour and a half later than Liang Wen and Chuchu. Otherwise, with Liang Wens temper, he would definitely be annoyed by the phone that was ringing all the time and would dismantle the fixed phone at home.

These few stocks had been on the headlines for the past few days, and the shareholders had begun to swarm up and invest in the “Popular Stock.”

In the short term, when a certain stock was popular, the bold ones would always be able to collect some money.

However, the more people there were, the greater the risk. The good trend in the stock market would not last long.

Qu Zhi was well aware of this.

She remembered that there was a year when her uncle had followed the trend and bought stocks, and in the end, he couldnt clean up the mess.

Qu Zhi calculated the days. According to this trend, she would have earned enough money by tomorrow and could sell her shares.

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It just so happened that her training class was coming to an end, and she could finish it this weekend.

During this period of time, she had been busy with this and that. She was really tired and wanted to rest for a while.

So, she told Lin He that she was going to sell all her shares, and she felt that she had earned enough.

Lin He was stunned for a moment. She counted that she had earned quite a bit and said reluctantly, “Ill sell it away too.”

She had said it herself that she couldnt be greedy when buying stocks, but it wasnt easy to make a decision. She still wanted to make money, but she didnt dare to.

Qu Zhi knew what she was thinking and consoled her with a smile, “Its too tiring to keep an eye on the stock market. Its better to spend some money to relax and earn more money!”

This suddenly woke Lin He up.

If Qu Zhi was too tired, she probably wouldnt be able to read the stock market so accurately.

From then on, her phone no longer rang in the morning, and Qu Zhi could sleep in comfortably.

Qu Zhi felt that the burden on her shoulders had been reduced, and she was even more motivated to study.

The training class was about to end, and there would be a small test. After the test, there would be a graduation certificate. How glorious would that be

She wanted to use all the time she could use to study and do well on the test, as well as set a good example for Chuchu.

After class, Wang Tian secretly stuffed something into Qu Zhis hands.

Qu Zhi lowered her head and saw a small green scarf with a thin and delicate hook. It was no worse than the ones sold outside.

Qu Zhi knew that this was for the child in her stomach, but she didnt expect her to be so thoughtful. Her heart rippled, and she quickly thanked her.

“Sister, Ill be going back to my hometown after class.” Wang Tian held Qu Zhis hand. “Take care.”

She didnt expect to part with Wang Tian just like that, but when she said that, Qu Zhi was even more reluctant.

Qu Zhi also wanted to give her something, but she really didnt prepare anything. Her bag was empty.

She saw the pencil case on the table.

At that time, she was determined to study hard and even bought the best pencil case.

The pencil case was imported and made of calfskin. Even though it had been used for more than a month, it was still shiny.

Wang Tian didnt have a pencil case, so her pencil was clipped to her chest.

Her fountain pen was always leaking ink, and Qu Zhi could see blue ink spots on her shirt.

Qu Zhi poured her pen into her bag and handed it to Wang Tian. “I also want to give you something. I hope you dont mind.”

Her eyes were already filled with tears.

She quite liked this little girl. She was really lucky to be able to meet such a lovely and enthusiastic girl in the sea of people.

In the past, she only had family in her world and very few people appeared as friends.

Qu Zhi wanted to ask her out for dinner that night, but Wang Tian was in a hurry to catch the fastest bus, so she didnt manage to meet up.

When she got home, Chuchu saw the ink spot on Qu Zhis waist. She didnt expect that the pen she spent so much money on would leak ink. Plus, it wasnt easy to turn around because she was pregnant, so she didnt notice it at all.

“Mom, youve also become a little cat!” Chuchu covered her mouth and chuckled.

Liang Wen was watching TV at the side. He didnt even look up as he chided, “She only cares about spending money. She doesnt treasure the clothes.”

Although he didnt mean it, Qu Zhi took it in.

At first, she felt a chill in her heart, and then a ball of fire surged up in her chest.

After being pregnant for so many days, her figure had gone out of shape, and she could no longer wear her old clothes. She had just bought some new ones, so why did she “only care about spending money”

Unexpectedly, Liang Wen turned his head and inadvertently noticed the green scarf in Qu Zhis hand. “Where did you pick this up youre dressing yourself up so beautifully but give a child this”

Qu Zhis rationality was completely severed!

However, she couldnt lose her temper in front of the child, so she didnt say anything and quietly walked into the room and closed the door.



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