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The Devils Temptation Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Targeted

“What sort of rift” Roshan delved further into the question as it didnt really make sense to him, he felt there was an unusual clarity with the clouds and it didnt give a good sign according to his knowledge. That was the only thing that brought him back into this underground palace, meanwhile Azazel just kept his demeanor calm and icy, justifying the oceanic blueness of his eyes but they remained distant.

“A limbo is more like another netherworld between the three realms where souls dwell, though not condemned or anything of that sort but its where souls normally go after leaving the earth, waiting to be either reincarnated or reborn.” He theoretically explained to the confused Roshan who finally had a look of understanding crossing his face, but then another question suddenly hit him.

“Shouldnt there be a barrier around it”

Azazel raised a brow in reaction, silently contemplating on Roshans next question before letting out ahmmm in response, “youre not wrong, but something even more unusual happened in your absence.”

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Getting up to his feet, he faced the window as though he was recalling the most unusual event that took place, “a terrible force struck the limbo in accordance to some uncomfortable predicament and a soul was accidentally freed due to its magnetic force.” His gaze was suddenly filled with curiosity as he continued, “it was the last energy soul needed to make sure the net chain of rebirth doesnt fluctuate, unfortunately, we lost it.”

“Cant you just recover the soul back”

Azazel couldnt hold back a little snort, “As far as I know the soul is probably residing in some humans body and getting it back is impossible, unless we kill the human or wait for that being to die.”


“A soul escaping before its actual time of rebirth, wont that cause the lifespan of this person to shorten to some extent” Levi thoughtfully inquired, earning a slight nod from Azazel.

“Its the consequence of going against the law of rebirth. However, whoever has that soul must have probably come of age, many Demons would have targeted that specific being already, since the soul would return soon enough.”

“Targeted” Roshan suddenly inquired, meeting the stare of Azazel whose cold eyes glinted in response.

“I know theres been many deaths occurring lately and its due to those wild Demons who cant control their bloodthirst, on the contrary, storm Demons, shadow Demon and the rest higher demons who only feast on powerful energy souls, would have been an easy way for me to figure out who the being is, unfortunately Ive been too busy fixing the net chain with something temporal to focus on that.”

“And you think this person with a special soul resides in Euphrasia”

Levi couldnt resist nodding his head to Roshans third question this time around and he feigned a pitiful expression, “you need to see the chaos being displayed in the Euphrasia kingdom, the war hasnt even started yet.”

“They should have thought about it before blindly trapping me in that temple,” Roshan outwardly cursed with a resentful gaze as the images of those spirits and sharp cuffs tearing at his flesh flashed before his eyes, not only did they trap him, but theyve labeled him as a beast, a devil and many other pretty names he could remember.

If they really want to see a devil, he was going to make them experience the torture of being with one.

“They brought this incoming misery upon themselves and soon enough, theyll all bow before me in defeat, pleading for mercy cause Ill make them experience what real pain feels like, to the point theyd wish for death instead.”

“One could easily sense your vengeance brother.” Levi half-joked before his teasing smile equally faded, as though he just remembered a tragic event as well.

“I heard the new weaponry made for catching Demons hasnt been tested yet but I cant tell as of now, we need insights about the main kingdom.”

“Another reason why Im here.” Roshan immediately uttered as Levis words seemed to remind him about his second reason for coming here. Turning his attention to Azazel, he didnt ask but straightforwardly demanded with a targeted gaze.

“I need one of your pills.”


“Are you giving or not”


Azazel refused without even batting an eye. Despite being locked away for years, his half-brothers attitude barely changed, rather it seemed to have only gotten worse, to the point he wondered how the rest of the Astaroth family would react once they see him, but that could be handled later, as of now, he was more curious as to what Roshan wanted to use his pills for.

“Im not giving.”

“Dont worry, I have no intention of using it on you.” Roshan assured him in a clarified tone but that didnt convince him pretty much.

“Then who”

“If you dont give them to me, you wont know, and itll be our loss.” He stated the unseen aftermath, causing the reluctant Azazel to give in to his demand as he focused a bit of his power to his right middle finger, letting the crimson light dance along the tip with a magnifying power.

He instantly caught the light in his grasp, only to open his palm and resting on it was a red colored pill which he handed to Roshan.

“You get only one as your welcome gift, and because I do not trust you.”

Nevertheless, Roshan took the pill and placed it inside his mouth. Without uttering anything else to the both of them, a dark powerful light soon enveloped him, causing a great gust of wind to encompass the hall room and once the dark light faded, he was out of sight, leaving the room to fall in a quiet hush as both men exchanged glances.

“Whats he planning on doing with the pill” Levi alarmingly chimed in but only got a blank stare from Azazel in return.

“I gave him the pill so he has no choice but to tell us, he knows I dont easily give out my things without a proper exchange.”

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