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No one dared to ask.

They thought of the rumors that the little princess was born with an auspicious aura.

They now felt even greater admiration for her.

Gu Yihan waved his hand.

“Drag this nanny down.

Do as I say, skin her and chop up her flesh, breaking down her bones into ashes!”

Eunuch Chunshou quickly instructed others to clean up the hall.

Everyone was still in a state of shock, but the princess and the emperor were obviously still very calm.

Gu Yihan rubbed his daughters soft head lovingly.

“As you can see, my Nuonuo is a lucky star sent by the heavens to protect me from calamity.

Now that Nuonuo is three years old, I decided to bestow her with a title.”

Everyone present was in an uproar.

According to the Great Qis tradition, princesses could only receive a title when they reached adulthood or when they got married.

That was because when they received the title, it meant that they could accept the annual tribute from their fief.

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The princess was only three years old, but she was already going to receive such treatment.

Wouldnt she become very rich after she grew up then

Gu Yihan had this intention for very long and had even thought of a conferred title for her.

He held Gu Nuoers small hand and asked, “Yaoguang1, the one to bring provision to all lives.

In the future, Nuonuo will be Fathers Princess Yaoguang.

How does that sound”

Yaoguang represented huge auspiciousness and also divine intent.

Gu Nuoer didnt know these things, but she knew that what her father gave her would be the best!

The child smiled sweetly, revealing a row of baby teeth.

“I like it!”

Gu Yihan was overjoyed.

He looked at the birthday gifts on the table that were given to Gu Nuoer.

The tyrant emperor suddenly thought things through.

“In the future, my daughter can have as many of these things as you want.

Since you can have everything, why make a choice Reward everyone!”

Everyone broke out in a sweat.

Other than cheering “Your Majesty is wise.”, they couldnt say anything else.

During the banquet, only the gloomy boy sat beside General Bai Yi and looked at the princess who was like a moon surrounded by stars.

There were many people around.

However, he only needed to twitch his nose a little to be able to notice the sweet fragrance from the princess that was different from other people.

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The boy fell silent.

She seemed to be a little different from other people.


After the princesss birthday banquet ended, the child lay on Noble Consort Qiaos shoulder and fell asleep.

Noble Consort Qiao, with the palace servants following her, carried the princess and left.

Gu Yihan waved his hand and called for the banquet to be dismissed.

He then went to the imperial study to discuss some trivial matters with his subjects.


Coincidentally, the little princess Gu Nuoer, had also reached the age to start getting exposed to studies.

Hearing this, General Bai Yi came out from the line and cupped his hands together, reporting, “Your Majesty, can your subject ask for grace for Siming He is already eight years old.

“He has passed the ideal age of beginning schooling, but has a strong need to go to school to study.”

Gu Yihan asked, “Who is Siming”

“The boy Your Majesty asked your subject to teach and discipline.”

Gu Yihan was struck by a realization.

Bai Yi then started to bring up that strange boys life at his residence these few days.

“Siming was probably put through cruel training since he was born and might have lived with wolves for some time.

He doesnt like to eat at the same table as others.

“He is very wary and even likes to hide during the day and go out at night.

His endurance is extremely strong.

Your subject felt that he had been tortured by inhuman training in the past.

“If he gets a chance to enter the school to study, he will definitely become more amiable.

Furthermore, he might become a rare military talent to become a general in the future.”

Gu Yihan fell silent.

“That day, his movement was very fast and I saw it too.

Although he is only eight years old, he has astonishing explosive powers.

“If he is sent to school, its hard to assure the other students safety.


The emperors tone changed and he thought of something.

“Isnt our Nuonuo still short of a guard and an attendant”


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