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The man in black was stunned.

His gaze flickered as he looked at the young and petite princess in front of him.

Noble Consort Qiao, who was carrying her, narrowed her eyes and immediately understood her daughters thoughts.

Noble Consort Qiao said in an arrogant voice, “As an assassin, you dont have any room to fight back anymore.

As long as I call someone in…

“Youll be caught immediately.

Even if you dont reveal the mastermind, the emperor will definitely not let you off.

And you now only have one way to keep your life.

“The princess has already told you what it is you need to do.

No matter how much the other party offers, well pay you double.

Well pay you to kill them instead.

After the favor is returned to them, Ill help you escape.”

It sounded like an absolutely tempting deal.

The man in black fell silent, feeling complicated.

He had killed at least a dozen people, even if not a hundred.

This was the first time he had received an order, but encountered a victim who tried to bargain with him for him to defect.

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The man in black wasnt stupid.

He knew that Noble Consort Qiao was very smart.

And the child in her arms was also very intelligent!

The mother and daughter stood there, one silent and one moving, looking like they could take his life in an instant!

Gu Nuoer seemed to be able to tell that he was conflicted and spoke out in her childish voice with a hint of consolation, “Little Uncle Assassin, please be more open-minded!

“That bad person told you to come and bully me, but they didnt tell you that my mother is so amazing! They clearly didnt want you to go back alive.

“Youve failed in your mission and if you were to get caught by the palace guards, you definitely wont be able to escape death.

Since my mother and I are so honest, why not just agree to our proposal Is there anything better than this”

The man in black looked at the little princesss eyes silently.

Gu Nuoers eyes were dark.

Her quiet face looked obedient and tender, like a piece of milky white jade.

At this moment, probably because she had just woken up, her cheeks were flushed like two ripe pomegranates.

Gu Nuoers gaze seemed to be magical.

The man in black was slightly dazed.

After a while, he nodded gently.

He staggered and stood up with the help of the wall, gesturing a number.

“Two thousand taels.”

After saying that, he climbed over the window and left quickly.

Almost at the same time, Noble Consort Qiaos expression turned cold and her red lips parted slightly.

“Zhang Sui.”

A hidden guard quietly came down from the beam.

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“Your Highness, your subject is here.”

“Follow him and see whose palace he went to.”

The security around the Qiushui Palace was the strictest.

To be able to break in silently from outside the window, this had probably been hiding somewhere in the palace.

“Yes.” Zhang Sui flipped over and left out of the window, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Gu Nuoer leaned on Noble Consort Qiaos shoulder and yawned.

Her big round eyes were filled with mist.

Her hazy and beautiful eyes were filled with sleepiness.

At this moment, Wanyin and Wanxuan, who heard the commotion from outside, put on their clothes and rushed in.

Noble Consort Qiao never needed them to keep watch at night, but they still slept in the outer hall.

“Your Highness, what was that commotion just now!”

Noble Consort Qiao explained calmly, “Someone came to assassinate us.”

“What! This servant will go call the imperial guards over now,” Wanxuan said in shock.

Noble Consort Qiao waved her hand and said, “No need.

I have other arrangements for this matter.

You guys can just pretend not to know anything.”

Gu Nuoer grabbed a strand of her mothers black hair with her small hand, her eyes curving into crescents.

“Thats right, Baby Nuo and Mother have incited the little uncle assassin to defect.”


Wanyin and Wanxuan were both stunned and looked at each other.

As expected of their noble consort and princess.

Their thoughts were not like ordinary peoples!

Ordinary people would have a strong urge to kill the assassin immediately.

However, their two masters had even incited the assassin to defect!


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