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Noble Consort Qiao coaxed Gu Nuoer to sleep, patting her back gently.

Unexpectedly, Gu Nuoer was sleepy, but her eyes were still open.

Her eyes were watery as she looked left and right.

She was obviously waiting to watch the show.

Noble Consort Qiao sighed in her heart.

She really had no idea who this child took after.

She was so mischievous.

After a while, Zhang Sui came back through the window and knelt down to report, “Your Highness, the assassin has gone to Consort Xiaos palace.”

Consort Xiao

Noble Consort Qiao narrowed her eyes and pondered.

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Consort Xiaos family background was not bad.

She was known as a good person in the palace and had always been honest and dutiful.

She had never had any conflict with Noble Consort Qiao.

If she was the one who had sent someone to assassinate Gu Nuoer, it might be because Nuoer had discovered Qinghes involvement in the poisoning incident.

However, Qinghe had already died to take the blame.

What other reason did she have to kill Gu Nuoer

Could it be…

Did they think that Nuoer had seen the other leads when Qinghe was drugging the tea

Noble Consort Qiao lowered her head and looked at Gu Nuoer, who was in her arms with her curious eyes opened, waiting for the continuation of the story.

She was very sure that if Nuoer saw anything, she would tell her.

Since Nuoer didnt say anything, it meant that she didnt see anything.

Noble Consort Qiao started to think.

Zhang Sui asked, “Should I inform His Majesty that the assassin should still be in Consort Xiaos palace and hasnt left yet When I followed behind him, I realized that he had entered a small room in Consort Xiaos palace, but he wasnt in a hurry to take Consort Xiaos life.”

Noble Consort Qiao nodded and said in a cold voice, “I had injured him.

He was probably applying medicine.”

Gu Nuoer waved her small hands, her clear eyes filled with excitement.

“Mother, Mother, let Elder Brother Zhang Sui force the man in black out of the small room and run around the palace!”

This way, when Gu Yihan investigated things, he would know that the assassin had fled from Consort Xiaos place.

Noble Consort Qiao pondered for a moment before agreeing to her daughters idea.

She whispered a few words to Zhang Sui.

Zhang Sui nodded and turned to disappear out of the window again.

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer in her arms and deliberately pursed her red lips.

“Little thing, who taught you to be so full of bad ideas”

Gu Nuoer puffed up her small belly and stroked it with her small hand.

“Im not full of bad ideas, there are still the spicy salted duck, braised pork knuckle, and crystal plum cake I had for dinner!”

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Noble Consort Qiao laughed softly and lowered her head to kiss her precious daughter.

Gu Nuoer squinted her eyes and shook her chubby little face, sighing from the bottom of her heart.

“Mother smells so good!”

Noble Consort Qiao guessed that Gu Nuoer wouldnt sleep until she finished watching the show.

“Wanyin, bring the princesss thin cloak over.”

She tightened her innerwear for Gu Nuoer.

“Since youre forcing yourself not to sleep now and want to watch the show, Mother will allow it.

“But you have to promise Mother that after we finish watching this show and come back, you have to sleep obediently, alright”

Gu Nuoer agreed immediately.


Things were just as Noble Consort Qiao had planned.

Zhang Sui scared the man in black out of the small room and fled in panic, attracting the attention of the imperial guards patrolling the palace paths.

In the end, Zhang Sui followed the noble consorts instructions and secretly forced the black-clothed person to the Music Bureau.

Zhang Sui then retreated after succeeding and quietly turned to leave.

At this moment, the imperial guards had also arrived outside the Music Bureau.

The assassin was injured and he was no match for the imperial guards numbers.

Moreover, there was no shortage of skillful people amongst the imperial guards.

In just a few moves, the man in black was subdued.

Hearing the commotion, the palace servants and performers in the Music Bureau were all woken up.

The nanny walked out of the door with the lamp.

Chen Miaoshuang also draped on her clothes, supporting onto the door frame and frowning to see what was going on.

“Whats going on” The head eunuch in charge of the Music Bureau went up to ask.


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