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When she got into the carriage, she was already so cold that the tip of her nose had turned red.

Gu Nuoer blew out some hot hair and rubbed her small hands.

The carriage should belong to one of the officials.

At this moment, there was still a heater burning.

The interior of the car was simple and on the rosewood table with auspicious clouds carvings, there was a plate of pastries, a plate of melon seeds, and a pot of tea that had gotten a little cold.

Gu Nuoer crawled to the corner of the carriage, shook the folded blanket, and wrapped it around her chubby little body.

Phew~ She felt so much warmer.

Looking at the tempting sweet pastries on the table, Gu Nuoer licked her lips.

Well, her mother had said that she mustnt eat other peoples food casually.

However, Baby Nuo was really hungry.

When that official uncle came, Baby Nuo would definitely apologize to him and compensate him with another plate of pastries.

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With this thought in mind, Gu Nuoer wriggled over while wrapped up in the blanket.

She sat in front of the table and started to eat heartily.

General Bai Yi had come to the palace today to report something to the emperor.

However, the emperor seemed to be busy dealing with the matter relating to the assassin and did not have time to meet him.

Therefore, General Bai Yi could only return first.

He planned to return to the residence first and come to the palace to give his report another day.

However, when he lifted the curtain, even someone like him who was experienced on the battlefields and was calm in all situations had no choice but to open his eyes wide!

In the carriage, Gu Nuoers stomach was bulging from all the eating.

She was lying flat in the carriage with an unfinished pastry in her small hand.

The table was already a mess.

The child seemed to be tired of eating and was resting.

Sensing that someone had pulled up the curtain, she quickly sat up.

She and General Bai Yi stared at each other for a long time.

Gu Nuoer took the initiative and said softly, “Uncle Bai Yi! Why arent you getting on yet Come quickly, come quickly, Baby Nuo wants to go out of the palace to look for… Elder Brother Siming to play!”

She must not be sent by Uncle Bai Yi!

Bai Yi frowned in confusion.

“Princess, why are you going to my residence alone”

Gu Nuoer sat up straight and explained seriously, “Thats right.

Because Elder Sister Wanyin and Elder Sister Wanxuan are very busy, Baby Nuo came out by myself!

“Uncle Bai Yi, Nuonuo is already three years old.

Why do I need someone to accompany me when I go out Hurry up and come up.

Well go to your house to play!”

General Bai Yi was doubtful.

It wasnt that the little princess wasnt adorable, nor was it that her words sounded like they were made up.

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But that…

Bai Yi looked at Gu Nuoer.

There were ink stains on the tip of her nose and the remnants of pastries on her pink cheeks.

He looked down and saw that her clothes were buttoned up wrongly.

Even her two fair feet only had socks on one of them.

General Bai Yi was speechless.

No matter how one looked at it, this didnt seem simple!

Gu Nuoers eyes flickered when she saw that Bai Yi didnt move.

The child panicked in her heart.

This was bad~

Uncle Bai Yi couldnt have seen through anything, right

Then, Gu Nuoer frowned and tears gradually welled up in her big watery eyes.

“Uncle Bai Yi.” The child let out two sobs.

“Do you think that Baby Nuo is disturbing you by going to your house Then Nuonuo wont go.


As she said this, she twisted her small butt and planned to slip out of the carriage.

Bai Yi had watched Gu Nuoer grow up.

When he saw the little princess crying, he panicked.

“Princess, dont cry.

Thats not what I meant.

Alright, alright, alright.

Well set off now.

Its just that theres nothing fun in my residence.

I hope Princess doesnt mind.”

As he spoke, Bai Yi lowered his head and entered the carriage, letting the coachman drive the carriage away from the palace.

Gu Nuoer sat up straight and immediately stopped crying.

She fluttered her glistening eyes that had been washed by tears.

“No mind no mind~”

The child waved her hand and wrapped herself back into the blanket.

Under General Bai Yis puzzled gaze, Gu Nuoer hid under the small blanket and smiled, revealing her white teeth.


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