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Mu Shuzhen was a little surprised, her gaze flickering with emotion.

“Thank you for your understanding, Your Highness.

This servant will do my best to protect Her Majesty.”

However, at this point, she still didnt know why the princess was helping her like this.

Was it just because she was a cultivator

Gu Nuoer smiled, her eyes curved like crescents.

In reality, she was thinking…

If she hadnt suddenly seen the bad luck on that person called AYun and the green light on Mu Shuzhens body…

Gu Nuoer wouldnt be willing to waste her energy to do this good deed!

The reason why she didnt chase AYun away was very simple.

This was because she wanted to be an obedient and sensible princess.

If AYun didnt get into trouble herself, she wouldnt chase her away.

Baby Nuo paid a lot of attention to her reputation!

At this moment, Noble Consort Qiao and the empress returned together.


Empress Du chuckled.

“Yayu has good taste.

That girl, AYun, is smart with her words.

I like her.”

Gu Nuoer looked up.

The four palace maids had gone together just now, but now, only this person called AYun had come back with them.

She immediately stood up and ran over to hug the empresss dress.

Empress Du lowered her head and carried Gu Nuoer in her arms with a smile.

“Baby Nuo, let me take a good look at you.

Ive been lying sick for so many years and havent been able to take a good look at you.

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“The child in my arms in the past has already grown to be so adorable.”

Gu Nuoer was also very passionate and kissed the empresss cheek.

“Empress Mother, hurry up and praise Nuoer! I also chose an older sister to take care of you.”

After saying that, she pointed with her small hand and said, “Elder Sister Shuzhen, quickly come and pay your respects to my empress mother!”

Mu Shuzhen quickly went forward and bowed.

Her attitude was extremely humble and her voice was very weak.

“This servant, Mu Shuzhen, greets Her Majesty.”

Noble Consort Qiaos expression froze.

She hadnt asked why her daughter had taken a fancy to such an inconspicuous maidservant.

However, with the empress here, it was not good for her to ask further.

Empress Du had always been kind to others and this maid was also recommended by Gu Nuoer.

She immediately smiled and said, “Then Ill call you Shuzhen in the future.

From today onwards, you and AYun will serve by my side.

“There are very few rules in my palace.

As long as you serve me wholeheartedly, you will be rewarded.”

Since this was a palace maid recommended by Gu Nuoer, Empress Du immediately rewarded Mu Shuzhen with a jade bangle.

In order not to favor one over the other, she gave AYun a pair of red jade earrings.

Ayuns voice was neither servile nor overbearing as she accepted it.

On the other hand, Mu Shuzhen held the gift in her hands while trembling in fear, not knowing what to do for a moment.

Noble Consort Qiao glanced at Mu Shuzhen, feeling that she was not as smart as Ah Yun.

However, since her daughter liked her, she didnt say anything.

She only sat down with the empress and chatted leisurely with her.

“I heard from His Majesty that the first prince will be returning to the capital in half a month.

When he comes back, he will definitely be a handsome boy.

The knot in Elder Sisters heart can also be resolved.”

Thinking of the enmity she had with her son, Empress Du sighed.

“I hope its as you said.

I only hope that he has grown up and become more sensible.”

In the empresss arms, Gu Nuoer quickly propped up her round body.

She asked in a childish voice, “Empress Mother, Eldest Brother is coming back Will he bring Baby Nuo a gift”

Empress Du couldnt help but laugh and tapped her little nose.

“What do you want How about you write him a letter yourself to tell him

“I heard that the crown princes border is famous for the rainbow glaze bells.

You can ask him.”

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