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Chapter 02: Magenta Eyes


My name is Kenichi Kudo.

When I was in junior high school, my father, who was a firefighter, died and since then it’s been just me and my mother alone.

“Ken-chan! It’s morning.

Wake up.”


It’s been a day since I saved the beautiful lady at that fire scene… I hold my right arm down as I think about yesterday’s events.

It was a wound inflicted in exchange for saving a beautiful woman.

Yesterday I managed to cover it up by doing my own first aid so that my mom wouldn’t find it.

I don’t know when she’ll find out about this wound but she will.

Well, I don’t think it’ll leave a big scar, but mom’ll be worried, so I’m still here…

“Ken-chan! Wake up!”

“You scared me! If you’re going in, knock!”

“I did, but you didn’t respond.”

Apparently, I was so concerned about yesterday that I couldn’t even hear my mom knocking on the door.

My body has a lot of basic heat, so I sleep in short sleeves.

And my bandaged arm was exposed as a matter of course…

“Ara What happened to your right arm”

Have I been exposed too soon

I told her why over breakfast that she made for me.

“Un… I know exactly how Ken-chan feels.

And I think you did well… because he was like that too.


She turned her face down with a sad expression.

Of course, I understand why she’s reacting this way.

So I gave my mom a thumbs up and spoke in a confident tone to calm her down.

“Mom! I’m not going to die before you! Well, if I’m really in danger, I’ll just run away or give up and come back to you!”

“… Seriously, Ken-chan, you…”

She sighed in relief when she saw me smiling brightly.

“You’ll have to live a long life even if I’m dead! You see, life is full of wonderful things!”

“Then I’ll have to build up a lot of energy.

Another serving!”

“Fufu, you’re a good eater, just like your father.”

Smiling, Mom took the rice bowl from me and served me an extra bowl of rice.

I ate breakfast and left the house to head to school.

Mom works a part time job, but she cooks breakfast every morning.

Dad, who lost his life saving many people, is treated as a martyr and received a medal from the government and an additional pension.

That, plus mom’s salary, is what keeps the Kudo family’s economy afloat.

I took a look at our detached house and moved on my way to school.


“Yo! Kenichi! I’ve been waiting for you!”

“You could’ve gone ahead.”

“Don’t be so shy, we’re in the same class, so it’s fine!”

Waiting for me at the front gate was, of course, my male friend.

I don’t have any girlfriends.

He’s a guy named Yuto, and we’ve been friends since my father, a firefighter who died, saved his family.

He’s savvy and a better communicator than I am.

I sighed shortly as I walked along with Yuto, still basking in the afterglow of yesterday’s events. 

“Why do you look so down”


“Let me guess.”


Yuto then spoke confidently with a smug look on his face.

“Kenichi, you sighed because you haven’t been able to get a girlfriend, right”


My mouth was half open as he was off the mark, he still continued,

“Because, Kenichi, you’ve been leering at Uchida-san in class all the time.”

“No! That’s not it! I wasn’t looking!”

Seeing my puzzled reaction, Yuto turned his eyes to me and says,

“Be honest with me, hihihi.”

Yuto was provoking me in a playful way.

I wasn’t annoyed at all, since I knew him well enough to know that was his character. 

I patted my chest and opened my mouth, relieved that he didn’t ask me and know about yesterday.

“That’s because I’m now in the same class as the girl I confessed to a year ago, so I’m conscious of her.

Which is normal…”

As he scratched the back of his hair, Yuto spun his words with a slightly apologetic expression on his face.

‘Well, it was Kenichi’s first confession.

You must’ve been pretty depressed back then”

“I had fallen so low that I spent the nights crying, under futon saying, I’m going to be a virgin for the rest of my life.”


Smiling bitterly, Yuto patted me on the back.

“What’s that”

“Don’t be so down.”


“Uchida-san turned down all the boys’ confessions, not just Kenichi’s.

Rumor has it that she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, and I don’t think she turned you down because she had hard feelings for you, Kenichi.”

“… I see.”

“I’m sure of it!”

If you ask me, that’s true.

If she liked a guy, she would have gone out with him long ago.

Well, whatever it is, it’s already the past.

There’s no point in rehashing it now.

So I went to the entrance and I heard a lot of noise around me.

“Look, it’s Uchida-san!”

“Oh, man, she’s so cute.”

“I heard she crushed one of the guys last week, too.”

“She’s a picture-perfect, pure and beautiful girl, isn’t she”

“The face is one thing, but… the body is way beyond the JK level…”

The one who appeared along the boy’s disgusting conversation was,

Rino Uchida.

She has long, silky black hair and pretty eyes.

Small face.

I felt that the fact that she had slanted eyes made her even cuter.

It’s a spring uniform, so there’s not a lot of skin showing, but it doesn’t cover all of her amazing body.

Despite the blazer she wears, the bulge around her chest is a statement of her presence, and her slender waist and long ivory-colored legs are the target of admiration by boys and envy by girls.

And the most memorable part was,

Dark magenta eyes with hints of pink and red.

Come to think of it, the beautiful lady I saved yesterday had the same color of eyes as her.

It brought back memories of yesterday’s events at the restaurant.

“She was so pretty…”



“Do you still like Uchida-san”

“No, wait, that’s not it!”


Yuto smiled gently and looked up at the blue sky.

And then he said in a whisper.

“I’m sure Kenichi will find someone good in time.”

Well, this is what you call flattery.

Nothing to worry about.

Though he’s such a nice guy.

I was a bit embarrassed so I opened my mouth to change the subject.

“Anyway, how’s your little sister Yuri-chan doing”

“Ah, she’s as energetic as ever.

Let’s play together sometime.

Yuri likes playing with Kenichi.”

“Oh, I like that.”

We proceeded to talk about such trivial things.

Uchida-san, along with a few of her female friends, went inside the entrance and was no longer visible.

TLN- The schedule is not decided yet, so will probably release a chapter like in every 3~ days.


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