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Chapter 08: The changes brought about by graduating from virginity



Kudo Residence.

Kenichi’s room.

I did it.

My virginity has been taken away by a beautiful lady.

“I can’t believe myself!”

I always thought those things were out of my league.

It may be a bit of a misnomer, but I thought that this kind of sweet and sour thing was the domain of the Riajuu boys and girls at school, a domain that I could never experience no matter how hard I tried.

I was new to all of that, so my movements were awkward, but Ayane-san was aware of my feelings and gently took the lead.

But as we continued further the color in her eyes began to fade.

As if she was taking off her binding and pouring out her feelings onto me.

And I was…

Swallowed by her.

That was not s*x.

The more I thought about it, I felt it was a hunt.

The love she poured on me was really heavy and dusky.

The look she showed me during the act.

Her gaze was so intense and so overwhelming that it entrapped my whole body.

“I’m sorry.


“It’s fine…”

After the deed was done, she regained her composure and had become the calm woman she had always been.

The gap was too much for me to take in, so I…

“Ah, that… The order was reversed, but… umm… I fell in love with you at first sight… So, would you please… go out with me”

A year after Uchida dumped me, I tried to confess my feelings to this beautiful lady.


“I’m sorry.

It’s just…”


It was another traumatic moment for me.


I was rejected twice.

But this time, the chest pain didn’t last that long.

Because Ayane-san, lying naked on the bed,

Stared in my eyes so hard like digging holes, said,

“But I think we can continue this relationship as long as you’re okay with it, Kenichi-kun.”

Her magenta eyes locked to me as if saying she won’t let me go.

I had just lost my virginity to her.

How could I say no


I nodded, hypnotized.

After having intense seggs with her, I went home and covered myself with a futon, and just breathing in and out hard to soak up the afterglow.

Luckily, Mom’s not home yet.

“I did it for real, I can’t believe it…”

I kicked the futon as hard as I did the last time.

It took a few minutes for this overheated feeling of mine to settle down.


I then went into sage mode after the act with Ayane-san.

Thinking about it, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been immature until now.

After Uchida dumped me, I was truly a no-show.

I was in despair, saying things like, “I’ll never have a girlfriend again,” and “I’ll be a virgin for the rest of my life,” and all sorts of other pathetic nonsense.


Me and Ayane-san have what you might call a seggs-friend relationship.

In other words, the fact that she rejected my confession is not a total denial of my existence, but circumstances.

I suddenly have such an unfounded thought.

For a long time, every time I see Uchida in class, my heart aches and my past black history comes back to me.

I was obsessed with the fact that I couldn’t talk to her well enough and she turned me down.


After meeting Ayane-san and talking with her and getting physical with her…

I began to feel like an idiot for worrying about it.

I began to feel like a child.

I’m not depressed about being rejected.

So, I’ll…

To the girl who dumped me.

I’ll look at her as a very normal girl.

(Though she’s a very beautiful girl who is recognized by myself and others at school)

Anyways, Mom is so late.

Worried, I called her, but she said she was having a drink with a work colleague, so I slumped down on the bed and slept in peace.




Today, as usual, I went to class, had dinner with Yuto, and then after school.

Everything was going as usual.

Except for her…

Uchida was looking at me quite often during homeroom and in class.

As she was seated in front of me, it was obvious and impossible not to notice.

There were a few times I wondered if she’s looking elsewhere, not at me. Because I don’t want to have some silly thoughts about it.

Anyways after pondering for a while, I decided to leave, and as I was about to leave the classroom with Yuto…

“I’m sorry Kenichi! I’ve got another errand to run…”

“Again with your father’s work”


He’s a little shorthanded.”

“Do you need my help”

“I’m good enough on my own.

But I might ask you to help me if it gets too hectic…”

“Okay! Call me anytime then!”

And as I gave him a thumbs-up, Yuto rushed out of the classroom.

I tried to move my feet, thinking it was time for me to go too, but…

Someone had an urgent matter to attend to as well.

Apparently, Yuto isn’t the only one.

“Rino! I’m sorry! I have an emergency! What am I going to do on my day duty…”

The girl (Megumi Yanagisawa), who was one of her two friends, bowed her head and apologized to Uchida.

Today’s day duty is Uchida’s and that friendly-looking Yanagisawa.

There is a strict rule that the day duty must be done by two people, so it’s not a good idea to do it alone.

“It’s alright.

If you have something urgent to do, I don’t blame you.


Uchida looked at her other friend, not at Yanagisawa, who looked so relaxed, but at her other friend with narrowed eyes.

Then the girl said,

“Um, my boyfriend’s waiting for me at the front gate, but I’ll let him know that I’m running a little late.”

Uchida looked at the girl and sighed ruefully.

“I’m sorry, Minami! By the way, you said the other day that you were going on a date with your boyfriend today, right Don’t worry about me, and go with your boyfriend!”

“No, but I…”

Minami frowned, a bit troubled.

Then the boys who were listening to their conversation stood and intervened,

“Oh, I’ll do it instead!”

“No! It’ll be me!”

“Me too!”

The boys who usually aim for Uchida come up to her and talk to Yanagisawa, who seems to be friendly.

Incidentally, the boys occasionally glanced at Uchida’s chest and gave her a lecherous look.

“Eh Wai-wait…”


Yanagisawa and Uchida looked at the boys annoyingly.

“Hey! Your mind is full of shet! Get away from us!”

Minami, with her narrowed eyes, squinted even more and started waving her hands in the air to ward off the boys.

But the guys never backed down.

Uchida was puzzled.

It was not unreasonable.

Uchida was quite famous among the boys of the school as the most beautiful girl of the school.

There are many people who try to take advantage of the fact that they are in the same class as her.

She looked this way and that and sighed in annoyance.

I could see the look on her face as she did so.

Uchida and my eyes.

It connected.

It was only for a moment, but her eyes moistened, exposing her frail figure, but then she seemed to realize something and suddenly lowered her head with a dark expression.

No reason for me to be afraid.

There’s no ulterior motive, no trauma left, so I’m free.

And it was Ayane-san who gave me this freedom.

So, I approached them.

And said,

“Yanagisawa, I’ll do it.

If I’m a bother to Uchida, I’ll help you find a girl who can take over for you.”

When I told them, Uchida and her two friends stared at me with their mouths half open with surprised looks on their faces.

Well, it’s understandable if they refuse.

To Uchida, I’m probably on the same level as the guys next to me.

Because I confessed to Uchida, that could make her think so.

Uchida, who couldn’t possibly know how I felt…

Suddenly her cheeks blushed.

She pointed at me with her index finger, looked away and then said.

“Kudo-kun… would you please.

It might be helpful if you do the day duty… with me…”


A thud ran through the air.

“Ah, erm… Kudo-san… Thank you! And, please!”

Yanagisawa, who seemed to be a friendly girl, bowed her head and told me to take care of her friend..

And Minami the girl with narrowed eyes…

Looked at me.

With the corners of her mouth rising slightly.

[TLN- I don’t wanna say but Daddy-Kenichi is here to help]


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