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148 A Zombie Tsunami

Soon, Wang Ran jumped out.

Deputy Director Qian even pretended to go and help him out.

“Ah, if you guys wanted to come up, you could have tried reaching me.

“No need to smash… Smash a hole.”

Deputy Director Qian said, sweating profusely.

At that moment, Tang Tang and Liu Shiyao also came up.

After the equipment was moved up, the a group of Mutated Zombies jumped up.

“Director Li!”

Deputy Director Qians body trembled.

He did not expect Director Li to…

Eh He wasnt a human, he was a zombie!

boxn ovel.


“Qian Feng!

“Im going to kill you!”

The Mutant Zombies pounced over with red eyes.


“Help! Help me!”

Deputy Director Qian instantly felt the pain of his skin being torn apart.

Wang Ran watched them silently.

Although Liu Shiyao felt that it was cruel, she could understand the feelings of the Director and the others.

Qian Feng indeed deserved to die.

Soon, Qian Feng was eaten clean by the zombies and animals.

He didnt even have the chance to become a zombie.

“Alright, were done here.”

Wang Ran carried his equipment and prepared to leave.

“Right, what about the nuclear power plant”

Liu Shiyao suddenly asked.

“The nuclear power plant…

“Lets go back first.”

Wang Ran looked at Tang Tang and thought of Wu Jiaxin, who was on the plane.

She was not very capable of defending herself yet, so there was no need to risk leaving her alone.

After all, the nuclear power plant was simply a probable risk not a certainty.

Even if there was a problem, it would not affect N-City.

Although it was a little selfish of him, Wang Ran decided not to go there.

Liu Shiyao sighed and agreed with Wang Rans thoughts.

After this trip, she had a new understanding of the current world and human nature.

A saint would only stretch himself thin.

“Are you guys saying that theres a situation at the nuclear power plant”

The Director asked, as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“If humans or zombies go in and mess around, its likely to cause a leak.

“When the time comes, within a hundred miles…

“Survivors and zombies alike will be wiped out.”

Liu Shiyao explained.

The Directors expression was grave, as if he was thinking about something.

“Leave the nuclear power plant to me.

“You guys can go back in peace.”

The Director said with a serious face.

“Director Li! You…”

Liu Shiyao didnt expect the zombie director to have such an idea.

He was a zombie!

“Im a zombie now, but Im still working for the government…

“Leave J-City to me.

“You guys should leave quickly.”

The zombie director waved his hand.

Liu Shiyao covered her mouth as her tears flowed down uncontrollably.

In this day and age, zombies were actually more reliable than humans …

Compared to Deputy Director Qians actions, Director Li was truly noble…

Wang Ran rubbed Liu Shiyaos head.

Director Li already had golden eyes, so his mind was far sharper than other zombies.

Wang Ran was not surprised to learn that he had made such a choice.

The group took the elevator to the ground floor.

More ordinary zombies showed up, but the Director simply released some of his aura, and they all made way for him.

“Director Li, dont worry.

I will develop the vaccine and drug as soon as possible to turn you back to human.”

Liu Shiyaos glasses were covered with a layer of mist.

“Just the thought is enough.

“Lets go.

You should leave before anything happens to the nuclear power plant.”

The zombie director urged.

Liu Shiyao nodded and followed Wang Ran to the helipad.

On the tarmac, more than a dozen zombies were lying on the ground.

It seemed that Wu Jiaxin had killed them.

“Ah, you guys are finally back!”

Wu Jiaxin looked a little bored, but her eyes lit up when she saw Wang Ran and the others.

Immediately after, Wu Jiaxin also noticed the change in Liu Shiyaos clothes.

A womans intuition was very sharp.

She had gained another sister!

“Lets move quickly.

We dont even know the state of the nuclear power plant.”

Wang Ran urged them.

Wu Jiaxin nodded and immediately returned to the cockpit.

The Mi-26 quickly took off and flew toward N-City…

N-City had already fallen into a great panic.

Thousands of zombies had gathered up and were sweeping through the city like a tide.

At their head , there were two strong Tank Zombies.

They didnt let a single building go.

As long as they saw a place where people might be hiding, they would go up and smash it.

In just a few hours, over a thousand survivors that had already died in the zombie horde.

They stood no chance.

Even Awakened Ones fell.

Once they were caught in the zombie tide, their strength would be exhausted quickly, and they would become food for the zombies.

Despair gradually enveloped the city…

On the roof of a certain grain depot, a heavyset man was holding a pair of binoculars with a grave expression.

The Black Tide ahead was constantly surging towards the grain depot.

At this rate, the granary would be flooded in a few minutes.

The granary was serving as a large survivors camp for over 500 people.

Among the 500 people, there were over 20 Awakened Ones.

Clearly, they didnt stand a chance against this tide.

But when it came to retreating…

There were many old and weak people in the camp, as well as a large amount of supplies.

There were not enough vehicles to transport them, so they would never get away in time.


A group sacrificed themselves to buy everyone else time.

Jin Bao put down the telescope and walked into the warehouse with a serious expression.

He didnt have much time to decide.


“Were in big trouble!”

Jin Bao gathered his team.

“Right now, a tide of zombies is approaching us.

“Theyll probably reach our camp in about five minutes.

“Theres way too many of them for us to fight this.

“So, I need two teams.

“Team One, you will be responsible for escorting the survivors and the evacuation of supplies.

“Team Two… Stay here and buy time for the others.

“Ill be in charge of Team Two.

“You guys… Youre free to choose.”

Jin Baos voice revealed a trace of helplessness.

This was indeed a difficult choice.

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