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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 30 Life: Some Mistakes Shouldnt Be Made

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The expression on Shi Qian Shans face immediately began to change. He knew that Chu Yangs words were aimed directly at him. He quickly lifted his head, looking right at Chu Yang. He asked in a serious voice, "What are you trying to say"

"I am trying to tell you to eat. After that, you will definitely be able to understand!" Chu Yang looked at him, his gaze slowly turned cold. He continued slowly, "I wanted to see if the poison in the food can kill or not. To be honest, I am very curious!"

Shi Qian Shans heart suddenly sank. "You... What kind of joke is this"

Chu Yang smirked. "What Are you not having any fun with this game Shall we move onto a new and more exciting game then"

Chu Yang took a bowl of rice from the tray onto the bed and sat down on Shi Qian Shans legs. A crack was heard as the healing bones broke once again. Shi Qian Shan screamed in pain as his body contorted like a shrimp. Perspiration the size of peas began to stream down his face. The moment his mouth opened, Chu Yang stuffed it with a bit of the blanket. Chu Yangs action was agile and decisive. Someone with many decades of experience could not have carried out an action as smoothly.

Shi Qians anguished screams immediately turned into smothered chokes, as he tried repeatedly not to swallow. All he could do was to stare at Chu Yang in deep fear, shaking his head repeatedly. During this time, sweat was pouring like rain from all over Shi Qian Shans body. With one hand holding the rice bowl, Chu Yang gripped Shi Qian Shans neck with the other. He looked coldly at Shi Qian Shan and said, "Shi Qian Shan, I didnt want to kill you so early, I have hardly vented my annoyance.

However, your actions today cannot be tolerated and have pushed me beyond my limit."

With his mouth muzzled, no matter how Shi Qian Shan tried to yell and scream, he could only emit a few throaty ohoh. His eyes were filled with resentment and fear as he struggled in a last ditch effort, rendering himself even more pain than help due to the extent of his wounds.

"Shi Qian Shan, lets not even talk about the way you treated Tan Tan and me these past years. Eight years ago, you and your family were robbed by bandits, your lives hanging by a thread and your sister was almost raped by them. It was master who appeared in time, rescuing your family. Afterward, it was your family who begged master to take you as a disciple. Master thought you seemed like a decent person and acceded to their request. He then took you in and taught you martial arts.

However now, not only do you not appreciate his kindness, you even reciprocate by using poison to try to kill him. Are you even human"

Chu Yang reprimanded, "You are indeed wolfs heart and dogs lung!"

Shame appeared in Shi Qian Shans eyes, but it disappeared almost as quickly as it came. He violently glared at Chu Yang as if wanting to eat him alive. Theres was not a shred of repentance at all!

Suddenly Shi Qian Shan coughed violently. The force was so strong that a clump of fresh blood along with the blanket that was stuffed down his throat flew out from his mouth.

The fresh blood splashed on the blanket forming patchy streaks.

Shi Qian Shan ignored his pain and stared furiously at Chu Yang. "Chu Yang! Dont try to pretend in front of me. Its absolutely useless! Ive stopped using those little trick a long time ago."

Shi Qian Shan let out another dry cough and despite the blood that was running from the edge of his mouth, he uttered resentfully, "So what if I am an ingrate I wanted to kill you all, so what I have a burning ambition, wolfs heart, and dogs lungs, so what"

Shi Qian Shan was panting, his chest heaving. "If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have been beaten to the brink of death. If my legs werent broken, I would not have lost a chance to participate in the sects ranking competition. My future wouldnt be this bleak if I hadnt lost that chance. Everything is because of you! Chu Yang... you and I will never share the same sky! As for master... hahaha..."

Shi Qian Shan wiped the dried blood from the corner of his mouth and laughed coldly. "Do you really think Meng Chao Ran is that kind He saved my family because he was mesmerized by my sisters beauty! If I did not discover that in time and immediately married her off to somebody else, then she would have fallen into his hands. Normally he acts honorably, but within, he is a no doubt a scoundrel. Sometimes, at night, he keeps calling, Chu Chu... Chu Chu... does he think that I wouldnt be able to hear Chu Chu is my sisters nickname! He is truly incorrigible!"

It seemed that Shi Qian Shan knew that his fate had been sealed after what he had attempted to do today. So he revealed all the resentment that was held within his heart.

In the dining room next door, upon hearing these words, Meng Chao Rans entire body trembled and his face grew pale.


The teacup in Meng Chao Rans hand shattered. The little fragments dropped down through the cracks of his fingers. Suddenly, Meng Chao Rans hair stood on its ends. He let out a single breath, which flew towards the door, accidentally created a big hole.

"Hahaha, I was right. This old man... what greatness and generosity... hahaha..." Shi Qian Shan said as he laughed with insanity.

Chu Yang roared and rushed forward to attack Shi Qian Shan.


Before Chu Yangs palm was even lowered, the wall separating the two rooms broke, scattering dust everywhere. Meng Chao Ran had rushed into the room and grabbed Chu Yangs wrist. He knew that Chu Yang would not be able to control himself and decided that it was time to intervene.

"Old man, did you want to say something else" When Shi Qian Shan saw Meng Chao Ran, his body instinctively cowered. However, the only thing that remained aggressive was the tone of his voice.

Meng Chao Ran slowly released his grip on Chu Yangs wrist. He took a few breaths and quickly recovered. His eyes looked at Shi Qian Shan without sympathy. He said slowly, "Shi Qian Shan, from this moment, you are expelled from the sect!"

Shi Qian Shan laughed loudly. "Oh, Meng Chao Ran, Meng Chao Ran. Do you sincerely believe that at this point I still need to be your disciple I would rather not!"

Meng Chao Rans gaze became colder, yet he continued to speak calmly, "Shi Qian Shan, despite your sisters beauty, she did not mesmerize me to the point where I would be obsessed over her."

With a laugh, Shi Qian Shan mocked, "Are you crazy Why else would you then call my sisters name in your sleep"

Meng Chao Rans eyes flashed with anger but was soon immediately replaced with pity. "That was not your sister name. I am 48 this year and eight years ago I was 40 with your sister being only 15. Even though she was not bad looking, I, Meng Chao Ran, would never stoop that low."

Meng Chao Ran laughed dryly, "I did call Chu Chu... However, I was not referring to your sister, Chu Chu; But rather Ye Chu Chen, my wife, the love of my life. We have been separated for 20 years now. There has never been a moment that I dont think of her..."

Meng Chao Ran said coldly, "Actually, the reason I saved your family that year, was because her name and your sisters name sounded similar. Jiang Hu has always been full of the strong bullying the weak. I was never interested in even interfering in the affairs of others!"

Meng Chao Rans words left Shi Qian Shan choke, lost for words. At this moment, everything became clear. It suddenly made sense why masters voice became strange each time he mentioned that name. After all, it wasnt his sisters name...

Suddenly, Shi Qian Shan was filled with remorse. He went through many years filled with distrust and embracing hatred, but as it turned out, it was all due to a misunderstanding...

Meng Chao Ran took a deep breath before speaking in a casual manner, "Do not misunderstand. The reason I am explaining everything to you is not for your sake! This shall be my farewell to you."

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Despite how Meng Chao Rans words seemed contradictory, Chu Yang, being a neutral party uninvolved in this conflict understood his intentions. Meng Chao Ran was explaining everything to Chu Yang as neither did he want his disciple to misunderstand him nor others to misunderstand the precious love he held in his heart. Hence he needed someone to be his witness.

Many years have gone by, yet nothing has or could sway the love in Meng Chao Rans heart.

Shi Qian Shan then realised that he had surfaced Meng Chao Rans greatest suffering!

His countenance changed as he cried out, "Master.... I was wrong... I was confused... I deserve to die... please, please forgive me."

"Its far too late! In this life, there are some mistakes you should not make. And if you make them, then you will have to pay with your life." Meng Chao Ran shook his head coldly and slowly stretched out a hand. His gaze remained calm and resolute as he ignored Shi Qian Shans pleas for forgiveness, determined to eliminate any such future problems.



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