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After the matter was handed over to Nan Xiao, the result soon came out.

Shi Ning was right, that video was indeed edited and the person who cut the video was a master editor as it was able to deliberately hide the editing point.

“So how did that person find out that the video is edited”

“Since it was something that has been edited it would surely leave traces.

What’s more, there are some shadowing and lighting that is not the same.”

Nan Xiao continued.

“At first glance, the scenery is the same but after zooming in several times you can find some tiny details.”

The person who helped her this time really has a good intentions as it even checked little details for her.

Now she was relieved, it seems that she didn’t do those things excessively enough and those forge video of her doing violent things such as stepping on the back of the other people’s hand and kicking girl’s abdomen with her feet—Shi Ning never done those things.

“He will send me the unedited version of the videos and the video analysis tonight.

What do you want to do”

“Naturally, the truth should be known.”

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Are you going to come forward and respond to this”

“I am the person involved, of course I have to respond.”

“We can actually suppressed these by some means.

I guarantee that no one will dare to say anything in front of you.”

If she respond to this kind of things just like this, it would only result to something bigger and more complicated.

Shi Ning looked at him in the eyes and asked.

“Nan Xiao, if this matter is suppressed it means we have to cover up the truth.

Have you ever considered the feelings of those bullied students Let me ask you when you watch the video, don’t you think what I really did at that time was really too much, and I should be taught a lesson”

Nan Xiao was silent for a while, and said.

“Frankly, I can’t connect you with the video.

Just like how I looked at you now, I can’t imagine you’re going to do those things.”

“As for those students who were bullied What business is it for me on how they feel”

He only wanted to protect her alone, others even if they were crippled it was not his business.

It sounded cruel, but he was selfish after all.

Shi Ning then remembered that the male lead was even more ferocious than the original owner.

And her telling him about these benevolence, justice and morality were probably nonsense to him.

“Forget it, I can’t leave this matter to you just leave it to me.”

Nan Xiao’s frowned deepened.

“What do you want to do”

She wanted to find the victims in the video, no matter what the original owner owed them an apology.

There were three people in these video, namely would be Tong Lu, Xu Wenjiao and Ke Jie.

After this incident, Tong Lu actually reached out to her and expressed her willingness to come forward.

“Actually I tried to speak up for you but there were so many comments that words didn’t work at all.”

Shi Ning was touched.

“I’m sorry for letting you see these things again.

It’s obvious that I hurt you but in the end you turned around and helped me.”

Tong Lu smiled.

“Last time I said, I have forgiven you.

You have helped me so many times so I should naturally help you.”

“And there are many things in the post that simply do not match the facts, I can’t remember the specific things but I always feel that you did not treat me as much as in the video.”

Shi Ning explained to her.

“This video is edited, some are faked.”

Tong Lu was shocked.

“What Someone else deliberately faked the video to harm you Who is that person”

“I want to find the other two students first and then reveal the truth out.”

Shi Ning said.

“But if l look for them like this, I’m afraid they will be scared.

Tong Lu can you contact them for me I won’t mean anything else, I just wanted to say sorry to them face to face.”

If she rashly went to them, it’s possible that these people would thought she came to retaliate after seeing the video.

But if she let Tong Lu became their middle man and relay the message, as the person with the same experience they should believe Tong Lu.

Tong Lu thought about it.

“Xu Wenjiao is not a big problem since she is in the same class as me.

I can help you find her, but Ke Jie she has transferred to another school.”

“She used to be in different class so I don’t have her contact information.”

“Then can you just help me find Xu Wenjiao”

During the lunch break, Tong Lu helped her to call out Xu Wenjiao.

Shi Ning thought that the students she bullied would have been a little scared to see her.

But, it was the opposite instead.

Xu Wenjiao came out with her arms around her chest and was full of impatience.

“Why are you looking for me”

“That, did you watch the video”

“Look here, tsk.

I didn’t expect that you recorded that at that time, Shi Ning you’ve gone too far! Is it fun to record people’s embarrassment and humiliate them again and again!”

Speaking of this, Xu Wenjiao was a little emotional and shouted at her.


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