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Translated by: Parfait


“Hahahahaha! Nan Xiao, today, this father will break your legs!” As soon as his voice fell, Nan Xiao moved, just like magic, the ropes that originally tied him fell loosely. 


Nan Xiao stood up amidst Chu Yingjie’s rampant laughter.


He said to the little brother who had just talked to him: “Can you Shi Ning is much smarter than before.

Women are really the problem.

If it weren’t for her, I couldn’t have removed the ropes from my hands.”


The younger brother opened his mouth and looked at his Brother Xiao with eyes of worshipping a god.


On the opposite side, Chu Yingjie couldn’t laugh half-way.


On the other side, Shi Ning dialed a call.

“Brother, I am tied up, come and save me.”


Ten minutes later, Shi Chen drove over in a motorcycle.

He frowned when he saw Shi Ning first.

“Making a prank again”


Then he started the motorcycle to turn around and leave, but Shi Ning quickly grabbed him.


“No, you go to save Nan Xiao.

He saved me just now, and now he is in the hands of those people.”


Shi Chen looked forward and saw that a fight had already occurred.

It was obvious that one person was fighting numerous people at the same time. 


Shi Chen said to her: “You stay here and don’t move, I’ll save him.”


Shi Ning took his hand, slightly worried.

“Why did you come alone”


She had clearly told him the number of people of the other party.




Shi Chen didn’t want to tell her.

He didn’t even bother to call more people because when he heard that something happened to her, he rushed over on his own.


“One person is enough.”


After saying this, Shi Chen drove the motorcycle.


The other party had a dozen people with weapons in their hands.

Nan Xiao was still able to resist at first, and was able to beat several people.


While he was beating them, someone took a knife and slashed his arm when he was unprepared.

Nanxiao was obviously not able to fight after he was injured.

The other party saw his bad state and rushed at him like crazy.


“Damn it, Chu Yingjie, you’re still not a man.

It’s no skill to cheat more than times.” Jin Sihan looked at him and struggled desperately.


However, he didn’t have the skills of his Brother Xiao, and he was still tied tightly by a rope after trying to break free for a long time.


Broom broom broom-


Not far away came the sound of a motorcycle engine, and a windy BMW HP4Race motorcycle model stopped in front of them.


Shi Chen took off his helmet before he rolled over from the motorcycle.


Everyone forgot to fight and instead looked at the motorcycle intently.


“S̲h̲i̲t̲, his motorcycle car is so handsome!”


“Where did you buy this car, it’s so f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ cool.” 


Jin Sihan sneered: “Our Shi Chen’s motorcycle costs one million.

The production limit is only a few, only one hundred people can own this.

Do you deserve to want to buy it”


Chu Yingjie pointed to Shi Chen: “Who do you think he is”


Jin Sihan: “Shi Chen, haven’t you heard of him Don’t mix him up with you.”


Of course they had heard the name of Shi Chen.


When Nan Xiao and Chu Yingjie were both junior high school students, the name Shi Chen had already dominated the high school class, basically to the point where everyone was frightened. 


No one dared to provoke him.


It was not until Nan Xiao entered high school and Shi Chen was in the third year of high school that the name of Yang Chuan’s boss fell to Nan Xiao.


As for why Shi Chen didn’t gave up fighting…


He said such a sentence back then.


“I’m already in junior high school.

I’m tired of the fighting anyway.

If I don’t study, I won’t get into Tsinghua University.”


Not get into Tsinghua University


Look, was this considered human language


At this time, everyone remembered that this eldest brother was different from ordinary school bullies.

He was a school gang leader, but still could get into the top ten of his grade.


Take it easy and learn.


After the third year of high school, Shi Chen’s grades soared to number 1.


Even if he retired, his legend still remained in major universities.


Unexpectedly, they saw the real person today.


“Are you here to save Nan Xiao” Chu Yingjie asked.


Shi Chen nodded, then said quietly, “By the way, I will only mention that the girl you tied up just now is my sister.”


“Brother Chen, you are finally here! Save us! Look at how Brother Xiao was bullied by them! These b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ tricked and beat us.” Jin Sihan saw Shi Chen just like he saw his savior.


Shi Chen glanced at Nan Xiao, who was exhausted.

“I’m usually very busy.

If it weren’t for Shi Ning, I wouldn’t come.”


Chu Yingjie looked at Shi Chen’s steady and indifferent appearance and felt the strong pressure from a former boss.


He suddenly regretted that he tied Shi Ning.


He hadn’t beaten Nan Xiao yet before he got into another trouble.


Shi Chen turned his head and asked Nan Xiao, “Still okay”


Nan Xiao wiped the blood from the corners of his lips with his fingers, curled his lips slightly, and smiled coldly.  “Of course I can.

You haven’t done fighting for too long, so don’t go through it now.

I am enough to solve this group of waste.”


Shi Chen glanced over at the group of people who were eager to fight but dared not go.


“Let’s go together and end it early.”


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