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There was no way she could have a credit card with a $5 million overdraft available to Wan Yue.

But his mother has this ability.

However even if the relationship between his mother and this Aunt Qin was good, Wan Yue was just a nanny’s son, what makes Cao Shu give him so much money.

This was the strangest point.

At Shi Ning’s birthday party that day, he asked Wan Yue his family’s information.

Wan Yue told him that his father had gone early.

That means his real father was no longer alive.

The information shows, indeed Wan Qing had a husband before but not long after the marriage they divorced.

And this man was now alive and well.

If Wan Yue was the child of Wan Qing and that man, so where was the information telling that his father died early.

Shi Chen wanted to check Wan Yue originally was because of the sudden appearance of a boy around Shi Ning.

In a school like Yangchuan, there were also people who deliberately pretend to be a self-supporting himself amidst of being a poor boy persona.

He had suspected that it was someone with a heart to send over to deceived Shi Ning.

After all, there were too many people in Yangcheng who want to get involved with the Shi family, and there’s no guarantee that someone won’t want to start with his sister.

Who knew that this investigation would lead to a more crappy information.

Things seem to get more complicated.

Sophomore Arts III class.

After the math class, the students in the class seemed to be drained by the math teacher.

When the teacher came out of the classroom, a large number of students lay on the table and began to sleep.

Shi Ning also felt her eyes a little tired after class.

She sat in the classroom and did eye exercises.

“Shi Ning.”

Wan Yue called out to her.

Shi Ning turned her head to looked at him.

He pulled a donut out from behind him.

“I bought it for you.”

Shi Ning took it, a little surprised.

“Why did you still buy me food”

Wan Yue said, “Two days ago I just got my salary from the part-time job, these days I ate so many of your breakfast so I at least have to return a little.”

Since Shi Ning saw Wan Yue in his part-time job, she deliberately tries to hide the fact that she know in case it would hurt his ego and think she saw him as weak.

But she did not expect, she was the only one who thinks she would hurt his pride, and held in her heart many questions she wanted to ask for so long.

But here he was lightly telling her about his part time job.

Wan Yue saw Shi Ning’s dumbfounded face and said.

“What’s wrong Does this matter of my part-time job surprise you so much”

Shi Ning hurriedly said,

“No, how can it be! I think it’s good to work part-time.

It can make money and increase social experience.

When I finish the college entrance examination, I’ll also work part-time.”

Wan Yue knows that she was concerned about his pride and deliberately said this, but the corners of his lips couldn’t slightly curving, showing a inadvertently smile.

That’s when he saw a chalk mark on Shi Ning’s face.

He think she came across it when she was doing math problems just now.

“You have something on your face.”

Wan Yue said.

Shi Ning reached out and wiped her face.


Wan Yue doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

His fingers, uncontrollably touched her face.

“Here.” He whispered, then reached out to help her wipe away the chalk mark.

The gesture was somewhat intimate, and Shi Ning froze for a moment.

Wan Yue also knew that he was too abrupt, smiled and said.

“Sorry, that mark was too ugly, I couldn’t bear to look at it so I wiped it for you myself.”

Shi Ning didn’t care that much, just said.

“Is it that ugly”


At this time, someone outside called out to Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning, someone is looking for you.”

“I’m going out for a while.” Shi Ning looked outside and said to Wan Yue.

Wan Yue looked out the window and the person standing in the hallway was Lin Suno.

The one who, in Shi Ning’s mouth, was even more powerful than her.

Shi Ning went outside and smiled unconsciously when he saw Lin Suno.

“Why are you looking for me”

Lin Senuo turned around and handed her the information in his hand.

“This is the competition information that our class sent out, and I typed up a copy for you.”

Shi Ning looked at the paper in his hand and exclaimed in admiration.

“I’m in the middle of doing my review, this will surely help me!”

“Thank you Suno.”

Lin Suno lowered his eyes, his eyes unconsciously fell on her face.

Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan were right.

This new transfer student was really not a nice person.

Just now he stood here and saw the boy with his own eyes, reaching out to touch her face.

His gaze was so direct, Shi Ning was rarely looked at by him like that.

She looked up full of doubt and asked,

“What’s wrong Suno Is there something on my face”

Is it still the chalk mark Just now Wan Yue did not wipe her clean

Shi Ning was just about to ask someone to borrow a mirror for her take a look, but at this time, Lin Suno, who was standing in front of her, moved one step ahead of her.

His cold, clear eyes looked at her as his hand slowly lifted, and then–

With two fingers on her face, he pinched her cheeks with neither strong or soft force.

What is he doing

Shi Ning looked at him with open eyes full of confusion.

“Give it back to me.” He then said.

He kneaded the fingers on her cheek and gently rubbed them twice.

He looked at her with a lot of tenderness.

There were soft waves in those beautiful peach blossom eyes.

“You love to pinch me like that sometimes anyway, so consider this your return.”

She did it because she thought he was cute and wanted to tease him, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was suppressed by the seal of learning, he would have been a fun-loving person.

But this Lin Suno right now—

His actions were really a bit out of line with his immortal temperament.

“Tsk, why have you become so petty.”

It’s not like she pinched him a few times! How was it that he  still remembered and now she has to return it.

“I’m so stingy.”

He said with a stern face and a straight face.

He was so stingy that he w0uldn’t others to touch her.

He could bear it before, but now it seems more and more unbearable.

“Pay it back, I’ll see how you make me pay it back.”

Shi Ning cupped his face with both hands and rubbed it like dough.

Finally, she watched Lin Suno being ravaged by her.

The corners of his mouth twitched, his hair was also messy, and his high-cold temperament was greatly reduced, this made Shi Ning satisfied before she entered the classroom .

After returning to class, Shi Ning still went to ask a mirror with a classmate to take a look.

She always felt that there were still chalk marks on her face.

Why else did Lin Suno pinch her face just now And the location where she was pinched was exactly the same as the location where Wan Yue had rubbed.


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