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Shi Ning almost couldn’t breathe properly after being hugged tightly by Jin Sihan.

Reaching out, she pushed him but was unable to budge even after a long time.

“You let go of me.”

“No, I won’t let go.” Jin Sihan held on tighter and wouldn’t let go.

Shi Ning could only threaten him.

“I’ll get really angry with you this time.”

Threatening him was really effective as the arms shackling immediately loosened.

Shi Ning stared at him.

“I have told you how many times, you can’t hug me like this, why can’t you just listen.”

He’s sixteen, not six, so how come he’s still acting like a kid.

Jin Sihan pursed his lips, and his aggressive look wanted to be a puppy waiting to be petted.

“You know how hard it was for me to come and see you I begged her for a long time, risked being scolded, avoided sassaeng fans, and went over the wall, I took so much effort to see you.

I just miss you too much, so I can’t help it ……”

Shi Ning couldn’t bear his ruse.

“Well, well, I’m not scolding you.

But you should remember what I said.

Even if we have a good relationship, people will misunderstand us when we do this kind of action.

Besides, you are a big star now.

You should pay more attention to these things.

I don’t want a gossip with you, your fans will surely malign me when that happens.”

Jin Sihan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his outgoing aura immediately disappeared in an instant.

“Who dares”

Even if it was his fan, he would still protect the person in front of him and would never let anyone harm her even a strand of her hair.

Shi Ning said this casually and did not think he would take it seriously.

“I was just kidding, we have been friends for so many years, there will be no scandal.” Shi Ning said with a smile.

Jin Sihan, however, was laughing bitterly in his heart.

Just a friend When will she be able to see me as a real man, not just as a friend, brother, or childhood friend

The two men simply sat on the stone piers in the corner.

Jin Sihan was really busy recently.

Because he was halfway through his career the company has to arrange a full daily schedule of training.

In addition, his current film and television works were popular now, and there were still many activities to catch up on so he was working continuously and overloaded every day.

“If I had known it was so tiring, I might as well have gone back to school.”

He sighed.

Shi Ning: “Studying is more tiring.”

She scratched her ponytail.

“I’ve been starting to feel less hair lately.”

Jin Sihan: “You have so much hair that you can’t go bald.”

Shi Ning’s hair was black and dense, from the top of her head and hanging down to her waist, just like a waterfall.

“I heard you transferred to science class” He asked.


“You don’t think liberal arts is challenging so you want to change your strategy”

“Do I look like someone who has nothing better to do Who wouldn’t want to take the easier path, it’s just that the career I want to pursue in the future is related to science.”

For the sake of her dream, she had no choice.

Jin Sihan: “This kind of thing may be difficult for others, but if it’s you, I’m sure you can do it.”

“Okay, Okay, Okay, don’t blow rainbow farts for me as soon as we meet!”

“I mean what I say, I believe in you unconditionally.” Jin Sihan seriously said.

He casually asked again.

“During my absence from school for so many days, apart from the matter of your transfer, is there anything else big happening in our school”

“Not really, but ……”

She hesitated for a long time, thinking about whether to tell him about Wan Yue.

She once asked Wan Yue if he would mind if people knew his identity and if he had ever thought about claiming his ancestry.

Wan Yue told her.

“What’s wrong with people knowing I’ve long been indifferent to my real identity, whether it’s the son of a country grocery store owner or the illegitimate son of a wealthy Yangcheng businessman Jin Yan.”

“It’s just a title in other people’s mouths, I’m me, what identity do I need I dare to come here, so I’m not afraid of others knowing the truth, and I’m hiding it from you because I respect my biological mother out of politeness.”

“As for recognizing my ancestors, sorry, never thought about it.”

“Sihan, if you had a brother, what would you do” Shi Ning asked tentatively.

Jin Sihan: “This brother thing is just an ATM for me.

It’s just too broad, otherwise, I think it’s good to have a brother.”

It’s good to have an ATM brother, and this idea from Jin Sihan was very realistic.

But Wan Yue as a brother—she’s afraid not only that Jin Sihan couldn’t withdraw money from him but give him money instead.

“It’s not Jin Shang, it’s another brother.”

“What another brother I have only one brother!”

Jin Sihan said as if he thought of something and turned to Shi Ning.

“Can’t it be my father’s illegitimate son”



You know your father well.

Finally, Shi Ning chose to tell Jin Sihan about it.

She always felt that although Wan Yue acted like he didn’t care anymore, his heart still craved affection.

Cao Shu and Jin Shang have no hope.

But if they really care about Wan Yue, they won’t let him live in the countryside for so many years.

Her brother, Shi Chen, was too deeply hurt by this, and naturally could not accept him easily.

Only Jin Sihan.

Shi Ning thought.

Maybe Jin Sihan could understand him, and it would be good for the two brothers to recognize each other.

Shi Ning: “Are you going to be okay later Can you wait here for a while, I’ll let you see someone.”

Jin Sihan: “I can’t stay too long.

Although there are few people here, after all, the school is a densely populated place.

If I’m found sneaking in to meet you, tomorrow you’ll go on a hot search with me! Aren’t you afraid of that”

He said in a teasing tone.

Shi Ning: “I’m joking with you.

I’m serious.”

Jin Sihan: “I really can’t stay too long.

I’ve violated the company’s regulations without permission.

I’ll be punished if I’m too willful.”

“Forget it.

Let’s talk about it later.”

“But if you ask me a favor, I’m willing to accept any punishment.” He smiled.

“If you act like a spoiled child, you will act like a spoiled child to others every day.

If you don’t like to see him then forget it.”

Shi Ning gave him a blank stare and lifted her leg to go outside.

Jin Sihan pulled her over.

“See him, I’ll see him okay.

And when did I ever act like a spoiled child to others I just act spoiled with you.”



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