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It’s been too long since he last saw her, and all those suppressed emotions that he had for so many days were overflowing, so Jin Sihan has become particularly clingy.

Shi Ning tried to send Wan Yue a text message, but he didn’t reply.

“Wait here, I’ll go and call him.”

Jin Sihan grabbed her hand.

“I’ll go with you.”

“I’m going to the classroom to look for someone, and you dare to come with me to the school building”

Jin Sihan dragged her along.

“Then don’t go and look for him.

I just want to spend some time with you, I don’t want to see anyone else.”

He would just think later about the agreement that he, Nan Xiao, and Lin Suno had promised beforehand.

Brothers Shi Ning is most important.

Shi Ning doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh at his appearance.

“Everyone says your aura has become intimidating after becoming a big star, and you look much more mature.

Why do I think you’re more childish instead.

“I just want to stay with you a little longer.” Jin Sihan said softly.

In the end, Shi Ning broke away from his hand and went to find Wan Yue in class three of literature.

At this time everyone was on lunch break, Shi Ning called out one of the students sitting by the door to help her call Wan Yue.

Wan Yue came out of the class and smiled when he saw Shi Ning.

“Why would you still come to me.”

He went to see Shi Ning twice before, and each time he saw her sitting in her seat busy brushing up on her studies, he couldn’t bear to disturb her.

Once he stood by the window but Shi Ning didn’t see him, her deskmate, Lin Suno on the other hand saw him.

Lin Suno came out and told him that Shi Ning had just recently changed her curriculum and was very nervous about her study as she had a lot of pressure that she even spent her mealtime studying.

When Wan Yue heard her deskmate say so, he didn’t dare to disturb her study.

And since then, he hasn’t seen Shi Ning.

Shi Ning looked surprised at him.

“Is it weird that I came to see you”

Wan Yue: “aren’t you so busy studying every day that you forget to eat and sleep I’ll be moved to cry if you can find time to see me.”

Shi Ning smiled, “That’s so exaggerated.”

She just studied a little longer but she still eats her meals and sleeps like a normal person!

“I am looking for you this time, mainly because I want you to meet someone.”

Shi Ning brings Wan Yue to Jin Sihan.

Jin Sihan looked at Wan Yue for a long time, his expression was extremely complicated, he tilted his head and asked Shi Ning.

“You mean, he’s my father’s illegitimate son”

Shi Ning nodded.

Jin Sihan walked around him as he looked at him up and down.

“No wonder I said why I said you resemble me a little it turns out that you are also one of the old man’s vicissitudes.”

Wan Yue had heard that before Jin Shan was recognized by the Jin family despite being an illegitimate son of Master Jin and the actress.

Jin Shang gave him his identity and he was protected by the Jin family, so now almost no one dares to mention the word illegitimate son in front of Jin Sihan.

Compared with him, Jin Sihan was much luckier.

At least, the Jin family was willing to recognize him and defend him.

Jin Sihan leaned over and asked curiously.

“Does my father know your existence”

Wan Yue: “Know.”

“Since the old man is willing to let you be born, there’s no reason not to recognize you.

I heard from my brother that the old man played a lot when he was young and that he has more women outside and among those women, there were two or three who tried to get pregnant under his nose to get the old man’s side but he forces them to abort the child saying that his only lover and the one he really loved was my mom.

Who’s your mother ”

Jin Sihan was obviously not surprised that his father had an illegitimate son, but he was curious about who Wan Yue’s mother was.

“I won’t say who my mother is, but I guess this matter can’t be hidden for long, you will know later.”

He finally chose to leave the last pair of dignity for Cao Shu.

Jin Sihan shook his head and said angrily.

“Damn old man, why did he say that my mother is his favorite So he let me live, What are you Is your mother my father’s second love”

Wan Yue: “Please allow me to remind you that I am one year older than you.

That means that Jin Yan and my mother knew each other first.”

“Fuck, my dad is really a stud of all the scum.” Jin Sihan cursed.

“No wonder he gave birth to my brother, a pervert.”

Speaking of Jin Shang, he seemed to think of something and said seriously to Wan Yue.

“Everything else is fine, only one thing you should pay attention to, now it is best not to let my brother know of your existence.”

“Jin Shang”

“That’s right.”

“I’m an illegitimate child and I can’t threaten his position, so it’s not like he will mind me”

Jin Sihan: “maybe he doesn’t worry about you threatening his position, he worries about you threatening my position… In short, he is suspicious.

Just stay away from him.

He is not as kind and talkative as I am.”

Wan Yue laughed: “So it looks like your brother is treating you pretty well.”

“He owe me too much when I was a child.

When I grow up, he finally had the conscience.” Jin Sihan said.

In fact, if fate allows he could have a place in the Shi family of Yangcheng and no one would question his identity or judge him not because he relies on his father’s influence but because he grew up with the heir, his brother Jin Shang.

This was why even if Jin Shang’s desire to control him has reached a perverse level, he could still tolerate him.

Wan Yue didn’t say much, but before he came, Jin Sihan had already heard much about him through Shi Ning.

Jin Sihan put his arm around Wan Yue’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry.

Even if the Jin family doesn’t recognize you, you still have me! I’d like to recognize you as a younger brother.

We are illegitimate children, this is enough to draw us closer.”


Goddamn it they were both illegitimate children but why is he the younger brother.

The corners of Wan Yue’s lips twitched.

“How many times must I remind you before you can remember that between us, I am older than you.

Even if you want to recognize me, I am the older brother, and you are the younger brother.”

Jin Sihan: “I don’t care.

I’m always the youngest so today is my turn to be the big brother since I was the one who recognize you first, I am now your older brother and you are my little brother.

It’s first come first serve.”

Wan Yue has no rebuttal to his set of nonsense and nonsense sophistry.

However, Jin Sihan’s attitude towards him made him feel that not every blood relative was afraid of rejecting his existence.

At least some people were willing to accept him and recognize him.

This feeling was wonderful and warm.


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