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After the exam, Shi Ning not only did not relax but also became more nervous.

The math competition league was in 20 days, and the final exam was after that.

Even if she has three heads and six arms, it was still difficult to take care of all aspects.

The league was approaching, and Shi Ning’s first priority was still the math competition league, after all, she has prepared for this competition for a whole year, and if she could enter the national competition to get into national means she could add twenty points to the college entrance examination results.

This was undoubtedly the best guarantee for her after transferring to the science class.

So these days, Shi Ning in addition to the class was also be self-studying while she listen to the teacher’s discussion, and the time after school was used to brush the Olympiad math problems.

When Zhuang Zixue passed by them or asked Lin Suno to discuss a topic, he would occasionally come over to take a look at what was Shi Ning doing.

When he found that Shi Ning did all the competition papers every day, was not reviewing the contents of the final exam, and did not pay any attention to their bets.

Zhuang Zixue could not help but comment.

“Are you looking down on me”

Shi Ning did not understand his question as all her attention was on the questions she was reviewing.

“And what’s wrong with me”

Zhuang Zixue knocked on the test paper on her desk.

“You only care about your competition results, don’t you know that the final exams are just a month away I’m doing my best to prepare, and what about you”

After knowing Shi Ning’s strength, he no longer despised her but regarded her as a competitor worthy of his serious treatment.

So these days he was trying his best to revise the questions, he didn’t even give time to review general questions for the competition and instead brush the exam papers for this semester in order to compete with her.

As for the national league, he’ll be able to enter it anyway as the national league was three months away so he got more time to prepare.

So when he saw that Shi Ning slacking off her review for the final exams these days and concentrating on the competition instead, Zhuang Zixue felt that even if he won in the end, he would have no sense of achievement.

What he wanted was for this to be a contest where both parties give their best.

“I’m serious about preparing for this exam.

You don’t pay attention to how tedious my preparation is.”

Shi Ning thought he was saying something important, but it turned out to be this.

“Aren’t there more than a month left for the final exams, and the league is only twenty days away.

Don’t worry, when I finish the competition league, I will prepare for the final exam seriously.”

Zhuang Zixue continued, “After the league is over, there are only ten or twenty days before the final exam.

Are you saying that you will use half a month to surpass me”

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

Her brain right now was full of provincial league matters, and she has no time to care about the betting contract with him.

“You, you, you, are simply too arrogant!”

This perfunctory attitude of hers made Zhuang Zixue even angrier.

“Let me tell you what league matches you are preparing for.

Although we are a competition class, only three or four can enter the national competition every year but even if your competition results are really good if your rank in the school is below the top ten in the whole school it will affect the results, so you might as well prepare for the final exam.”

“All right, all right, you get out of here.”

Shi Ning was too annoyed hearing Zhuang Zixue’s long speech and decided to open her to drive her guest away.

Zhuang Zixue sullenly returned to his seat, thinking that this time no matter what, in the final exam he must also do well, and must let this transfer student know his strength!

“Does he always talk that much”

After Zhuang Zixue left, Shi Ning asked Lin Suno, who was beside her all this time.

Lin Suno: “En, he also likes to play tricks.

When I was a child, I learned Mathematical Olympiad with him.

The children in the class said that he and I were two weirdos.”

When Shi Ning heard this, she was not happy.

Nono was 10000 times cuter than the guy who talks so much!

“It’s different, it’s like two extremes.

He’s extra active and I’m extra tight lip.”

He and Zhuang Zixue both grew up as children of other people’s families in their parents’ mouths.[1]

[1] refers to those who have been excellent in many aspects especially academic performance since childhood and are often mentioned as role models by other parents to spur their own children to work harder.

The two were also the top two performers in the competition class.

However, after every performance, Zhuang Zixue would not be satisfied until he was praised and recognized by everyone.

Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable and try his best to find a sense of existence in front of everyone.

Lin Suno, on the other hand, was indifferent to any praise.

The type where he knows that he should be in the first place and doesn’t need any praise or reward for getting the first place.

Shi Ning waved her hand to oppose his statement.

“He’s not usually active, though he is really talkative, and I can’t bear it.”

If the league wasn’t around the corner, she would certainly have spent all her energy on finals as well, after all, there doesn’t seem to be much that could be done to shut this brother up right now besides her grades.

As soon as the league was over, she also had to review desperately.

And frankly speaking, the time was so short.

Getting a score more than twenty to thirty points higher than others, she was also clueless.

“I read a scientific research report.

Said that the research has proved that women have a much stronger desire to talk than men, so it’s usually girls who talk a lot.

But why does this Zhuang Zixue continue to talk like a girl”

After she spat out Zhuang Zixue, she added in a whisper.

“I still like boys to talk less.”

“I don’t talk much.” Lin Suno took her words very naturally.

As soon as the words were uttered, the atmosphere between them immediately became subtle.

Shi Ning froze, her eyes flickering, then her gaze flickering downward.

What should she say now

She likes boys who talk less.

He talks less.

How was she supposed to answer that

It’s impossible to say, I like you.

Lin Suno also immediately responded that there seemed to be something wrong with his words.

He looked away, then looked at the textbook, and whispered.


Ah, ah, what are you panicking about, Shi Ning Suno to doesn’t talk much since he doesn’t like to talk in the first place! It’s your twisted mind that took it the wrong way, what do you make people think of you!

Now look what you did, he was so shy that he said sorry because you look awkward!

Think of something else, think of something else.

Shi Ning denounced herself and looked up to Lin Suno.

“What is there to be sorry for, it’s better to talk less, to talk calmly ah, I…”

I like people who don’t talk very much.

Was the sentence she did not continue to say as she quickly stopped her mouth and once again almost said something she shouldn’t have said.

“How about you”

He asked, looking at her with bright black eyes.

“I just think you’re fine the way you are.”

After she finished, she quickly lowered her head and continued to work on the test paper.

Her shyness and panic were all in the bottom of Lin Suno’s eyes, and a light smile swirled in his peach blossom eyes.


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