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Shi Ning went back after eating and also packed some for Zhang Qing, entering their room she heard someone crying in the bathroom.

It was Zhang Qing who was crying.

The harder they worked at that time, the more they saw grades as everything.

It was normal for her to be sad after spending so much effort entering the national competition but the result was not satisfactory.

Shi Ning did not bother to disturb and put the meal in her room.

Because of the flu, Shi Ning was not feeling well these two days, but because of the exam, her spirit was out of tension, and some of her physical discomforts were ignored.

The examination room was like a battlefield, after returning from the battlefield and relaxing her body, her problem followed.

Last night before going to bed she felt a little dizzy, and she was in a daze waking up the next morning.

It was Zhang Qing who called her out and woke her up.

“Shi Ning, why are you still sleeping, it’s already time for lunch.”

Shi Ning touched the phone and saw that it was eleven o’clock at noon, she propped herself up and tried to sit up, but found that her bones were soft, and her head was dizzy.

“I seem to be a little, not feeling good.”

Shi Ning rubbed her head and muttered softly.

Hearing her, Zhang Qing came over, “Let me see.”

She felt Shi Ning’s forehead, there was no major problem with the temperature, just a little on the high side.

“You’re coming down with a bad cold, I see you’ve been coughing for the past two days.”

Shi Ning nodded and smiled bitterly.

“I usually don’t take medicine when I can, but now it seems that this cold won’t work without medicine, I’ll go down and buy some medicine.”

Zhang Qing held her down.

“You can’t go out with this flu, and it is windy outside right now.

I think you only have a low fever but if you go out like this, you’ll really get into trouble or I can help you go.”

Shi Ning was indeed uncomfortable and nodded to Zhang Qing.

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

When Zhang Qing was out of the hotel to help Shi Ning buy medicine when she ran into Lin Suno.

He should have just come up from lunch.

“Suno.” She called out to him.

Lin Suno nodded and asked.

“Where is Shi Ning.”

Zhang Qing was going to tell him that Shi Ning was sick and resting in her room.

But changed her mind when she opened her mouth.

“Shi Ning ah, still sleeping in her room, maybe she is too tired these days.”

“Really, I was going to go to her.”

Lin Suno lowered his eyes.

Only then did Zhang Qing notice that he was still holding something in his hand.

“This is”

“Oh, some of the more famous snacks in Beijing.”

Zhang Qing glanced at several of the most famous special snacks in Beijing.

She had bought them before in Beijing.

They were so popular that she had to queue up for a long time to buy them.

If he wanted to eat it for himself, he would not have packed it up and brought it back this way.

Zhang Qing remembered that he said he was going to find Shi Ning and asked tentatively.

“For Shi Ning”


He answered and looked at the object in his hand.

“I should give these to her before some of the food gets cold.”

Zhang Qing: “How about this, you give it to me, I share a room with her, I’ll bring it in for her, she’ll be able to eat it when she wakes up.”


After saying that he handed the item in his hand to Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing carried these things to the pharmacy as her mood sank to the extreme.

Last night she obviously showed her sadness, even Zhuang Zixue spoke out to comfort her when he saw her in the morning.

But he, they have known each other for so long, even as a friend, he was not willing to care more about her nor give her two sentences of comfort.

She couldn’t even ask him for a word of care and greeting.

Instead, he went to the line like a fool for another girl early in the morning.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she couldn’t imagine that Lin uno would do such a thing.

Zhang Qing walked to the pharmacy with a downcast look, asked the pharmacist, and then took two boxes of cold medicine to the counter to check out.

All that was on her mind was Lin Suno’s and Shi Ning’s business.

She even hated herself for why she went to review with Shi Ning on the night of the exam and saw the notebook.

Because of that, she had a sleepless night, and with the anxiety before the exam, she didn’t sleep the whole night.

So the next day, on the exam she naturally didn’t do well.

Thinking about the reason why she failed this exam was related to Shi Ning ……

“The total is fifty-two yuan.”

“Wait, little girl, I’m sorry, the medicine box in your hand is expired before the shelf.

Let me help you get two boxes again.”

The pharmacy cashier spoke up at this time.

Zhang Qing wanted to say yes, but a thought flashed through her mind and picked up the two boxes of medicine then took out fifty-two yuan from her bag and gave it to the cashier.

“It’s okay if it’s expired.”

“This is not okay, expired medicine is useless to take and is not good for the body!”

The pharmacist did not understand what was wrong with this little girl.

Zhang Qing takes back 20 yuan.

“I don’t have any money, so you can sell me as a bargain.”

After saying that she ran out quickly, and even after the cashier called her again and again she did not turn back.


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