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Translated by: Parfait


The girls around them were boiling again.


“Ah, I really envy Shi Ning.

Nan Xiao has to put up with her even when she’s like this.”


“Ah, ah, today is another bitter day, I also want to hold Nan Xiao’s hand!”


However, the person sitting on the ground did not hold his hand.

She might have broken a knee bone.


Seeing that she hadn’t moved for a long time, Nan Xiao’s handsome face was a bit darker.


“I’ve never seen you acting so difficult.”


With that, he consciously took a few steps toward Shi Ning and squatted down with a stinky face, his back facing her. 


Shi Ning looked puzzled.


“What are you doing”


“Carry you as you wish.” Nan Xiao said.


“Ah, ah, ah, f̲u̲c̲k̲ my life! Nan Xiao is going to carry her.”


“It’s today’s headlines again! I know this woman is not simple! She’s not satisfied with just holding hands!”


“Sobs sobs…I’m so distressed.

Even though I don’t like this, I have to endure it! It’s Shi Ning’s schemes again!”




Again, her ears hurt when she listened to the group of girls talking.


Wasn’t the school a quiet place to read How could it be so noisy


She just wanted to read well.


The first step of keeping a low profile was to keep a distance from these influential figures.


Shi Ning endured the pain, her one hand supported the ground as she stood up tenaciously on her own.

She walked past Nan Xiao’s back.


Just as if a brake had been pulled, the noisy screaming and discussions suddenly stopped.


People couldn’t believe their eyes.


Nan Xiiao also couldn’t believe what happened.

When he saw that she would rather walk limping than be carried on his back, he thought he had an illusion.




Shi Ning walked to him and was about to speak when Nan Xiao interrupted, “This is not enough What do you want” His eyes showed as if he knew she wouldn’t simply let him go. 


“I don’t want to do anything.”


Shi Ning showed no expression while pointing to the physics book under his feet.


“I just want you to take your feet away.”


This was a scene that surprised everyone.

Nan Xiao was the son of the richest man in Yang Cheng and the person that was scariest to provoke, but when he heard her say this, he really moved his feet from the physics book.


Shi Ning bent down to pick up the book and patted the dust on it.


“Thank you.”


After she finished, she picked up her school bag and walked to the classroom without looking back.


She left behind a group of bewildered people, and the three handsome with confused faces.


Jin Sihan: “How do I feel that Shi Ning has changed”


Lin Suno: “Maybe she met a certain someone that irritated her.”


A certain someone: “…”


What was wrong with Shi Ning today She used to look at him with crazy obsessive eyes, as if she couldn’t wait to pounce on him in the next seconds.


What was it just now


When could he not compare to a physics book

Shi Ning went to the classroom and found her seat according to her memory.


She looked up at the timetable on the blackboard, took out the book according to the next lesson, and then began to preview.


The students in the classroom started talking in a low voice.


“Is Shi Ning really learning”


“How can she really study Can she read the textbooks with her low grades”


“It’s probably because Nan Xiao and Tong Lu are getting closer recently, so she’s trying to imitate Tong Lu’s good student attitude.”


“Tong Lu is in the top five of the grade, meanwhile Shi Ning is the fifth from the bottom.

Isn’t she insulting Tong Lu by comparing her grades”


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