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Since midterm exam, no one would consider Shi Ning as a scum anymore.

She also finally no longer have to hear those whispers about her being just a ‘vase1’, ‘only relying on her family background’, ‘worthless’, ‘not as good as the Shi family’s adopted daughter and many other more.

However she herself was not satisfied with her results last exam.

Her goal was always to be the first on her grade.

And she was only on her senior year, year 1, she was far away from the college exam.

She doesn’t even know yet which college she wanted to attend.

She just wanted to make progress and take the first place.

Unfortunately, the first in the class, the recognized science genius, and everyone even said that his level was guaranteed to be part of the Qingbei2 but would still depend s on what he chooses, was in the same grade as her.

Of course it was no other than Lin Suno.

Everyone knows by heart that if they don’t surpass him in their senior year, they will never do so in their lifetime.

Also since, by their second year of senior high, they would be separated into arts and sciences.

Lin Suno’s liberal arts was mediocre, not outstanding and does not score too many points.

He himself was not interested in the arts, as long as is does not drag his leg on the line, he would just usually memorize some key points just before the exam.

Because they would often discuss this topic recently, Shi Ning and Lin Suno got acquainted a lot.

When the two talked about the division of literature and science, Shi Ning said.

“You must have chosen science, since without the key points on liberal arts you would really be terrible.”

Lin Suno nodded and asked.

“How about you”

Shi Ning thought about it and said.

“I ah, my strength is in the arts ah.”

“In fact you are quite smart, science can also be learned.”

Shi Ning laughed.

“Every year, there are so many people taking national college entrance exams, there are many smart people.

I’m just this smart, it’s nothing compared to them.”

What makes her better than other was her memory, and in that aspect the liberal arts suits her better.

“Then when the time comes to divide the arts and science classes, you want to take the arts, right”

Lin Suno asked.

“I guess so, after all, that suits me better.”

After she finished saying this, she looked at Lin Suno, smiled at him and said with slight regret in her voice.

“Unfortunately, if we were assigned to the liberal arts class we wouldn’t have had the chance to appear on the same report card.”

Lin Suno looked up at her light brown eyes which was focused and sincere.

Just as she said this, an absurd idea that had never occurred to him before sprouted in his mind.

What would it be like if, as a top student who was trained by his school as a prospective top science student chooses the liberal arts and be a second year liberal arts major.

Shi Ning said again.

“I will not be embarrassed even if you laughed at me, but after the first exam, although I was the fifth in the grade, I do not seem to have the first four people in my eyes, my goal is only you.”

After she said this, she spat her tongue out mischievously.

“That doesn’t that sound too arrogant.”

Shi Ning then said.

Dreams still need to exist in this life since people have the ability they should constantly break through.

As her brother said, the pursuit of the ultimate was the most exciting.

Her words gave him a great encouragement and Lin Suno suppressed the surge in his hear and said seriously.

“If you want to study science, I will help you.”

“If you help me, then I will never be able to surpass you in my life.”

“Since we can’t surpass it, let’s reach the peak in our respective fields.”

Shi Ning said.

Reach the peak at our respective fields.

Lin Suno silently recite her words inside his mind and nodded solemnly.


His expression was too serious, Shi Ning were amused by how Lin Suno make it as a serious and solemn like an oath since she had just said it casually.

The god of learning look a little too well behaved.

He was excellent and kind, he also looked stunning.

Shi Ning thinks that if she would have a baby in the future she must have a baby like Lin Suno.

“But it’s still early, there are still several exams, maybe I’ll surpass you.”

Shi Ning finally said with a smile.



On this day Shi Ning was reading in the classroom when someone outside the classroom suddenly approached her.

As soon as she heard the loud and clear voice, she knew it was Gao Min.

Shi Ning walked out and the first things she said to greet Gao Min was.

“Have you finished you homework”

Gao Min’s excited face collapsed in a second.

“Boss, why are you like this As soon as the weekend is over, you bring up such sad things when you see people.”

After Shi Ning crossed over, she disbanded the original owner’s support association for Nan Xiao.

But Gao Min was too clingy, she would cling to her every day, so Shi Ning then simply took her to study together and the Support Association for Nan Xiao change to Study Support Association.

She even thought a cheering slogan to support Shi Ning.

‘The book is covered and the pen is lifted.

I don’t love anyone but studying.’


so it’s not finished yet.

You’re wondering around without finishing your homework Go back and do you homework first.”

After Shi Ning finished saying this she planned to turn around and leave.

In order to force Gao Min to study she once told her that she would not make friends with people who didn’t study hard.

Since then she was not allowed to look for her until she finished her homework.

Seeing that she was going to leave her mercilessly, Gao Min quickly stretched out her hand to hold her.

“Boss you don’t rush off first, I really have something important to tell you this time!”

Shi Ning stopped on her tracks, intending to listen to her very important matter from her mouth.

Gao Min pulled a promotional poster.

It say’s “Yang Chuan popular big PK the final Yang Chuan school flower crown will fall on who” as the big title.

“Boss, it’s the time for annual cultural activities of our school and the selection of the school flower, I have helped you sign up!”

Ga Min excitedly said.


vase1– fig.

just a pretty face

Qingbei2– provides tutorials and subject counseling for elementary school students and junior high school students.


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