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Translated by: Parfait


She looked up: “Since I established it, then I have the right to dissolve.

Or if you don’t want it to dissolve, I can just withdraw.”


“If you are no longer here, this support club has no meaning.” Gao Min almost cried.


Shi Ning looked at her watch.

She arranged a strict study plan for herself, and it was almost time to do the physics exercises


“I’m going home, you guys go back soo too.

Don’t watch the fight.

Don’t make your parents worry.”


She persuaded them with a few words earnestly before walking forward while carrying her school bag.


After a few steps, she turned back.


Gao Min and the others saw her turning back, thinking she had changed her mind, they looked at her with tears and expectation.


Who knew that Shi Ning turned her head to only say, “You have to study hard.

If you don’t study hard, you will go to hell in the future.”


Her faint voice caused several girls to shudder.


Their boss was now too scary after she came back from the dead!


Shi Ning walked towards the school gate carrying her school bag.


There were a few young people squatting on the path out of the school gate.

They didn’t wear school uniforms and didn’t look like the students in their school.


The first one had curly hair and a cigarette in his mouth.

His facial features were strong and angular, and his eyes were vicious.


The little brother next to him lit him a cigarette.


“Boss, do you think we can get Nanxiao here” 


The person he called the boss was Chu Yingjie, the south school tyrant.

Both he and Nan Xiao were leaders of their own gangs.

The two were at odds for a long time. 


They deliberately stayed here today.


Fighting also needs to pay attention to tactics.

The location they agreed upon was not here, but they were beaten badly by Nan Xiao’s group, Chu Yingjie decided to make his move first.

In case he encountered Nan Xiao here alone, he could beat him up first!


Remembering that Nan Xiao had beaten him black and blue to the point his mother couldn’t recognize him, Chu Yingjie gritted with his teeth.


“Let’s first squat and wait if this Nan Xiao kid gets unlucky, but if we don’t see him here, we can just go to the agreed location and meet him.” Chu Yingjie took a cigarette and said coldly.


They deliberately skip the last class to squat outside the school gate.

They were already squatting here for half a day, but they had not seen Nanxiao.


When  they were all waiting impatiently, they saw a very beautiful female student coming from afar.


“Oh, boss, that girl is very beautiful!”


“We’re not just squatting down and waiting for Nan Xiao, but also for this beautiful sister-in-law ah.

What do you think, boss, do you want to ask her Wechat”


The little brother at the side of Chu Yingjie’s coaxed.


Chu Yingjie was very happy at first.

The girl they saw was tall, slender, fair, beautiful, and most importantly, she looked pure and well-behaved.

Like a little fairy, she was his type.


However, when the girl got closer and closer, he felt something was wrong.


Chu Yingjie: “She’s very beautiful, but also very familiar.”


“Now that you said it…” They were also in deep thought.


“F̲u̲c̲k̲, I remember who she is! Isn’t this the girl who follows Nan Xiao every day!”


One of them finally remembered!


The moment Chu Yingjie remembered who Shi Ning was, Chu Yingjie’s fluctuating facial expressions immediately turned into black coal.


He remembered those several times they fought with Nan Xiao’s group, he would always lose!


It was because every time Nan Xiao and his group gets exhausted from fighting, a group of female warriors would come and rush towards Chu Yingjie’s group while holding Nan Xiao’s cheering signs.


They had experience in fighting with men, but they couldn’t fight with women at all.


In the end, in this terrible situation where these women kicked and fought, Chu Yingjie could only give up this great opportunity to withdraw first.


The woman who grabbed his hair that day and screamed “If you dare to beat Brother Xiao, I’ll beat you to death!” was the boss of that group of girls.


It was the woman who was walking towards them now.


“She didn’t look like this before.” Chu Yingjie remembered that day she wore heavy makeup, and her perfume on her body was so strong that he could still smell it the next day.


“Brother, this is a great opportunity.

Although today we can’t meet Nan Xiao, it’s still worth it.”


“Yes, Let’s tie this girl up! I don’t think Nan Xiao will still dare to act rashly!”


Chu Yingjie touched his chin: “She looks like this, pure and pitiful, I can’t bear to tie her up.”


“Brother, think about it when she kicked you that day, you still think she is pure and pitiful”


Chu Yingjie resolutely said: “Tie her.”


Shi Ning was tied up by these people and taken to an abandoned playground.


Chu Yingjie looked at her: “We meet again.

Do you remember me”


Shi Ning looked at his face, but after thinking about it for a long time, she still couldn’t remember.

The original owner seemed to be forgetful.

What’s more, Shi Ning had just transmigrated to this body, there were still many unimportant memories that she couldn’t remember.


Chu Yingjie: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember.

You will remember it later when your man comes.”


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