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Versatile Mage Chapter 2082 - If it was Him鈥

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Fighting for the peace of a thousand years from now

If Michael was really a wise ruler who was concerned about his people, he should put all his attention on the Emperor who was a real threat to the world!

They were able to predict the future at their level, and see whoever was plotting against the world, whoever was stirring the waves behind the scenes. If Michael was not really after personal gains as he was spewing, the Undead Emperor would not be the one he invited to the Sacred City!

Darkness might bring mankind disasters, but it would not happen in the current century, nor the next century. The thing that would suffocate humanity was the cold water of the oceans!

The Emperor whispering softly in the deep would be their greatest danger in this century, and in fact, during the next few years, so why did these human leaders choose to ignore it

Forget it, their wellbeing was no longer his concern…

Zhan Kong hugged Qin Yuer tightly. Almost half of her body had already been absorbed by the Mantle. He looked down and saw a peaceful look on her face.

He could touch her skin. It was ice cold, like a piece of jade.

Who cared if his wilted heart would never beat again. Most importantly, they were together now!

“You might be an undead, but you will never wake up again in this world!” Michaels shout echoed between the two cities.

“I despise your world,” Zhan Kong said as he raised his hands high. He looked like he was going to nullify the power of the heavenly birds, but he was not unleashing his power. He was waiting calmly for the blue feathers to reach him!

The feathers poured down like a sacred rain.

Zhan Kong had merged with Qin Yuer. Their souls turned into a wisp of cloudy mist that separated from the black Mantle. The two souls were bound together, and dispersed in the form of black and ice-white dust. It stood out with odd clarity under the blue light.

It was not their souls that were powerful, but the black Mantle!

The black Mantle was the real Ancient King. It finally realized the danger it was in the moment Zhan Kong chose to die together with Qin Yuer.

The Mantle moved on its own, struggling fiercely trying to break free from the light of the blue feathers. However, it was nothing but a walking corpse without a suitable soul to use!

The Ancient King was just a container without Zhan Kong. It naively thought it could control Zhan Kongs will, but from the moment he saw Qin Yuer, Zhan Kong had regained control. The Mantle could no longer manipulate his emotions and decisions.

It was the best outcome possible for them!

If there was another life, they would start over again. If not, they would fall into a deep slumber in one anothers arms.

“Blessed be to God!”

“Blessed be to God!”

“Blessed be to God!”

Countless devoted believers of the Sacred Residence fell to their knees in excitement and yelled at the top of their lungs.

The Sacred City Mages burst into tears. At last… they had eliminated the Undead Emperor. They had almost thought the Sacred City was done for.

“As expected of Michael, our Head Angel!”



The shouts continued. The Sacred City was bustling like a grand festival.

“An Emperor, that was an Emperor…”

“The unbeatable Emperor-level, yet our Sacred City still eliminated it. Blessed be to God! Blessed be to God!”

“The darkness has been purged. The warmest sunlight awaits us. From today onward, the Darkness Creatures will never invade our city again. We will purge them from our world and make them our slaves!” the Sacred City Mages rejoiced.

There were only a few Emperors of Darkness, and the Undead Emperor among them had been eliminated. It would definitely hinder the growth of darkness across the world.

The Darkness Creatures fed on their Emperors presence. The death of the Undead Ruler would significantly thin out the Darkness Creatures. The chance of a high-level Darkness Creature being born was now lower, too. Most importantly, the Kingdom of Undead in China would be gone forever. The rest of the undead would be buried forever under the rotting ground.

Mount Kunlun in China and the Alps in Europe would enjoy the cleanest air!

Mankind had taken down another powerful kingdom of the demon creatures in the prolonged history of the Magic Civilization. One day, the deserts, swamps, oceans, glaciers, and mountains would be full of humanitys footprints. The safe zones would no longer be necessary, as the whole world would be safe. The demon creatures could only hide in caves, underground, and in deep trenches. Humans would become the real ruler of the world with their powerful magic!

The shouts in the Sacred City lasted for the entire night. Mo Fan was on the Sacred Residences outdoor balcony, watching the mirrored Sacred City disintegrate.

The cries of victory echoed across the cities and the bards were gracefully sharing their poems, yet the joyful atmosphere of the celebration only filled Mo Fans chest and throat with sourness. He was struggling to breathe properly.

The Little Loach Pendant on his chest was unprecedentedly restless.

Mo Fan took it out from his collar and held it firmly.

No one could see the soul dust sprinkling down from the sky, except for Mo Fan.

The fragments of the two souls that had perished in the battle had flown to the Alps, but their soul essence had floated toward him and gone inside the Little Loach Pendant.

The black Mantle, now heavily damaged by the sacred light of the blue feathers, also followed Zhan Kong and Qin Yuers souls and took shelter inside the Little Loach Pendant.

The sparkles falling from the Mantle put a glossy sheen on the Little Loach Pendant and wiped away the rust on it. It now had a soft shine to it, as if someone had just wiped it with the cleanest water. It finally got rid of the muddy appearance that Mo Fan had always disdained. It now possessed an extraordinary splendor!

Mo Fan could not tell if the black Mantle had awakened the real Little Loach Pendant, or it had ascended because of Zhan Kong and Qin Yuers soul essence.

Even though it was the best outcome possible for the two, Mo Fan did not feel the slightest bit of joy. It had been a long time since he grieved so badly.

It was like watching a movie which he already knew had a bad ending!

“Can you send them to a kinder world, Little Loach” Mo Fan asked his Pendant, leaning forward and feeling like something was tearing his heart apart.

He suddenly had the urge to stand on the opposite side of the world he had so cautiously protected, just so he would not succumb to its evil.

Why did they have to be so merciful Why did they compromise with this stupid world

If it was him, he would never have done it!-

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