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The members of Dragon Hina who defended against the regular AM raid log out.

After eating and resting, they gathered at the guild home again at 19:00, 1 hour before the final attack.

“Oh no, no, it’s so embarrassing that I’m the only one who fell,” EnjouP said.

“I’m surprised y’all got a sense of shame, Enjou-han.

That’d be today’s biggest surprise,” Kon said.

“Anyway, our Points are adding up wonderfully,” Donald said.

“Let’s keep up the momentum and clear the last raid, too☆.”

Johann defeated Belial-kaasan in the previous attack.

Perhaps a more powerful Belial will come.

“Do you have any information about it” EnjouP asked.

“I got nothin’, y’all’,” Kon said.

“… I think it’s probably a monster limited to this last raid,” Remma said.

No guild has information on the next Belial monster after Belilal-kaasan.

It will be a test of the ability to adapt in a rush.

“The Points we’ve gathered now are not enough to get the materials you need to upgrade all of your equipment,” EnjouP said.

“We want to make sure we can defeat it, too.”

So says the guild’s Production specialist.

In short, if they repelled the next attack, Johann and all the other members will be able to get a significant power-up.

“Yes, that’s right,” Donald said.

“Now then, let’s get fired up and get to business, shall we☆” he said, banging on the whiteboard for attention.


A map of the castle was drawn there, along with approximate deployments for the guild members.

The garden would have Zecca and EnjouP.

The Lobby, 2F, and 3F are all left to summoned beasts, and Kon, Donald, and Remma are on 4F.

And in the final throne room, Johann awaits.

Looking at the diagram, Johann tilts her head.

“I know it’s a little late, but wouldn’t it be quicker for everyone to get involved from the start” Johann asked.

Donald answers: “That’d be fine, too.

Since we don’t know the enemy’s ability, it’s better to spread out the valuable players☆.

If the enemy has an unreasonable Skill and we all fall victim to it, it’ll be game over for all of us☆.”

“You don’t mean…” Johann said.

“We might get be playin’ a kuso game like with the Pirate King again, yeah” Kon said.

“Yes,” Donald said.

“That is why Johann-chan with the many practical Skills is our last resort… oh well, I guess it’s time to go.

Come now, everyone.

Time to get into position ☆.”

The short meeting is over, and Johann and the others are all in place.

“But why would you spare a powerful high-level summoned beast” EnjouP asked.

It’s shortly before the final attack.

EnjouP, who was on standby in the garden, questioned Zecca standing beside him.

There are Super-class monsters such as Kuwa Geiger and Crystal Leo in the garden, as well as advanced monsters such as Dark Magician, but most of the other monsters are Basic and Intermediate class monsters.

“Ah, I guess you’re not familiar with summoned beasts, EnjouP” Zecca said.


I never had any friends familiar with them,” EnjouP replied.

“Ahaha… Summoners were a very exclusive class, don’t you know” Zecca said.

And with a wry smile, she answers why Donald and Kon don’t actively deploy all their high-level summoned beasts.

“Intermediate-and-above summoned beasts have most of their Skills sealed when you get them.

You can only use one Skill to start.”

And in order to release those Skills, materials and gold are required for each one.

And the number of requirements is much higher for high-level summoned beasts.

Even if Kon is a veteran Summoner, it doesn’t mean that she has unlocked all the Skills of her summoned beasts.

That’s why most of the Advanced summoned beasts have their Skills still sealed.

Most could only use their one initial Skill.

And most of the Skills that can be used from the beginning are difficult to use.

“I see.

Then, are you saying that Intermediate summons are more useful” EnjouP asked.

“That’s right.

After all, Summoners are the strongest when they give direct instructions to their minions, aren’t they”

“Haha, there is no doubt about that…” EnjouP.

“Oh my, is it about time”

From the entrance of the garden, monsters rush in.

Among them, there are even monsters that can be seen only in high-difficulty dungeons.

“What do you think, Zecca-san” EnjouP asked.

“Does anything seem to be a Belial to you”

“I don’t know what we’re even looking for now,” Zecca said.

“But, that goes for all of us.

We’ll try to cut down their numbers as much as possible here.”

Zecca pulled out the swords on her back.

During this Event she was equipped with two types of one-handed swords instead of the usual Unique Equipment Dead or Alive.

“Vampiric Blade Bloodsword” recovers HP equal to 10% of the damage dealt.

And then there is “Holy Sword Zetcalibur”, which adds damage correction to Dark-type monsters.

“You’re so motivated, Zecca-san.

Well then, I have to be the same…” EnjouP said.

“Yeah… are you going to do that again” Zecca asked.

When EnjouP activates his Skill, “Live (Show) For You!”, a standing microphone appears before him.

That EnjouP always wears an idol outfit is not because he’s a pervert.

The Unique Equipment he wears, the Sakura Happiness SF set, has a Skill called “Live (Show) For You!!” which is extremely powerful.

After the Skill is activated, Idol Stars songs play.

There’s a total of 5 types.

From among them, the player activating the Skill can select a song.

For each song, you can apply a super-powerful buff to your allies.

However, it also has its weaknesses.

One is that the buff has no effect on EnjouP himself.

The other is that EnjouP must perfectly reproduce the song and dance to match the song.

If you miss the note or make the wrong move, the buff will lose its effect then and there.

“Furthermore, this Skill has a major weakness.

It generates extreme amounts of Threat from enemies, which is a real problem,” EnjouP said. 1

“Is that so” Zecca said.

“However, this event has nothing to do with Threat,” EnjouP said.

“I can fully demonstrate my talents.

Now listen to my song! Its title is ‘O H M Y G O D!!’'” [sic]

A light and lovely song start to play.

Then the A part begins, sung by EnjouP.

“Oh mai gah~♪ Oh mai goh~♪” EnjouP sings.

“It’s lost on your voice…” Zecca muttered.

While holding both swords in a delicate mood, Zecca rushes the enemies.

EnjouP’s performance of “O H M Y G O D!!” will grant Zecca infinite stacks of Guts.

And before her, a group of super-powerful monsters.

“Now then, let’s see what happens……” Zecca said.

Thus began the final defensive battle of Event.

Footnotes“Threat” is an MMO term used to describe how likely an AI-controlled monster is going to attack you.

Tank classes, which are dedicated to protecting their teammates and having high survival, are generally the ones you want to have Threat, while other classes need to manage their Threat Generation so they don’t get targeted instead and almost inevitably killed, as they don’t have the tools necessary to survive enemy attacks.-

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