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Important News: The original author has decided to delete everything off Syosetu except for Volume 1.

This is to support sales of the official book version of the novel.

I will be dropping this novel as I cannot navigate the financial and possible copyright barriers of translating an officially published novel by a Japanese company, especially as it’s picking up steam and popularity and may be of interest to official English translators eventually.

This is not the end of this Volume, unfortunately, but I can no longer access the rest and do not have enough of a good memory to describe how the rest of this event goes.

“Well then, let’s get started, Belial… Belial…” Johann said, trailing off.

She’s astonished to see the name displayed above her enemy’s head.

“Belial King! It’s not Belial-toosan!”

“Moh” Hinadora went, tilting its head.

“Kuh… I can’t forgive the feeling of inconsistency in this naming series… let’s go, Hinadora, Evolution!”


When Hinadora’s 3rd Skill, Evolutionary Summon, is activated, Hinadora’s body shines.

And then, it transformed into Chrono Dragon.

A dragon clad in jet-black armor stands in front of Belial King.

“Mmnn! You’re so wonderful, Chrono Dragon! Come on, defeat that enemy!” Johann said.

In the Chaos Apocalypse set, it’s better for Johann to fight normally.

However, perhaps because no one was watching her, Johann returned to her childhood and seemed to enjoy the roleplay of having her partner, Chrono Dragon, fight while cheering it on from behind.

“… Gii,” Belial King rumbled.

However, Belial King ignored Chrono Dragon.

He started running at tremendous speed, aiming at the orb that was installed in front of the throne.

“Nope,” Johann said.

“… Giii!” Belial King hissed in surprise.

Belial King had been dashing toward the orb, and suddenly found himself floating in the air as Chrono Dragon overtook him.

He was struck and blown away.

By the time he regained his balance, Belial King was back at the entrance to the throne room.


And the one who attacked Belial King… Johann laughs under her helmet.

“No cheating, okay …… You have to fight my Chrono Dragon properly.”

“… Gii,” Belial King is holding his sword like he’s resigned himself to the fight.

“It looks like you’re finally ready to fight,” Johann said, sighing in relief.

And the only Skill that Chrono Dragon can currently use, Time Maker, activates.


Wings of light appear on Chrono Dragon’s back.

And it spreads like the wings of a butterfly, enveloping the throne room.

The Limit 1 Skill is hit, and the Super Power Skill Time Maker is activated.

As a result, Chrono Dragon will be able to activate all Skills activated during this battle.

By the way, the range of “during this battle” stretches since the final raid began and the guild home was brought into a “combat” state.

A window with all the Skills used during this final raid opens before Johann.

The number of items is well over 100.

“More than I thought… probably,” Johann said.

Of course, it is impossible for Johann to master all Skills perfectly.

So she will use what she does know.

“Then, Zecca-chan’s technique… Final Saber,” Johann said.

“GURRUAAAHHH!” Chrono Dragon roars.

It swings down its hand like a sword, and a golden beam shoots out from it and strikes Belial King.

“… Gii.”

Belial King fights back with its original Skill, King Slash.

He survives Chrono Dragon’s attacks.

However, Chrono Dragon is overwhelmingly superior in terms of its moveset.

“Next is White Dragoon’s Legend Stream,” Johann said.

Chrono Dragon unleashes a breath attack from its mouth, but it is avoided by the enemy, probably because the wind-up is so long.

And then:

“Belial King’s Skill, Gate Open, has been Activated.”

The Skill Gate Open that tormented Donald and the others below is here once again.

The undead and Ogre-type monsters that were outside entered one after another through the hole in space.

Furthermore, since the monsters were given the Target Focus status, Chrono Dragon wouldn’t be able to attack Belial King.

“Umm, if I remember correctly, Target Focus is a buff, isn’t it”

Johann remembers what Zecca taught her long ago.

Her next order is this Skill:

“Activate Evil Aura.

Dispel the enemy’s Target Focus,” Johann said.


“Let’s go further … Gate of the Heavens!”

Belial King’s Evil Aura removes Target Focus.

In addition, Sword Angel’s Gate of the Heavens activates.

The Sacred Gate is called and banishes the small fry monsters, whisking them away into oblivion.

“Follow up with Final Meteor Impact!!” Johann yelled.


Chrono Dragon envelopes itself in flames and rams the enemy.

Belial King can’t dodge and takes tremendous damage.

“Hmm, consecutive attacks with Virtumon Skills… this feels good!” Johann said, squirming.

Virtumon Summoned Beasts were not used during the guild home defense.

So, Virtumon Skills cannot be used in Time Maker.

However, for the sake of this battle, Johann used her Virtumon Skills during her downtime.

This lets Chrono Dragon use them later.

“… Wait, it looks like Chrono Dragon’s MP will run out soon.

I’ll activate a new Skill here,” Johann said.

A new summoner Skill acquired from Kon’s guidance is Magical Link.

It’s a Skill that gives all of your MP to your summoned beast.

As long as one is called, it will prolong their up-time despite the constant drain that merely existing costs.

“With this, my MP is 0.

But it doesn’t matter… Meteor Bird’s Feather Rest, Activate!!” Johann cries with a dramatic flap of her arms.

10 seconds was all she needed to decide the pose.

It restores 50% of Johann’s HP and MP.

In addition, Little Wizard’s Mana Acceleration can recover a small amount of MP every 10 seconds.

Chrono Dragon, fully supported by Johann, has no weaknesses.

Even if Belial King somehow defeats Chrono Dragon, Belial King has no chance as long as Johann is standing behind it.

“… Gii.”

But even so, the enemy’s AI searches for a way to overcome this situation.

However, Johann wouldn’t wait for it.

She buffs Chrono Dragon with random Skills such as Flower of Life, Fighting Soul, and Power Yell.

Furthermore, he uses Scapegoat’s Multiply to divide Chrono Dragon into three separate bodies.

“It’s the finale!” Johann yelled.

“Triple Terror’s Blaster!”


“… Gii…gii.”

In the end, with Johann’s hand maximizing DPS, three consecutive casts of Buster Beetle’s Terror’s Blaster end Belial King.

“Well then… it wasn’t as bad as the Pirate King, was it” Johann asked.

“Guruaahh,” Chrono Dragon rumbles.

“There are no drop items,” Johann said.

“But I wonder if this is how the Event ends… huh”

At that time, a message arrives from Kon.

When she opened it, this was what it said:

“Congratulations on beating Belial King! But the Event won’t end until all the enemies are annihilated.

Come to the garden, y’all.”

“Is this… do I have to lend a hand”

“…… Moh” Chrono Dragon went, confused.

Master and Virtumon look at each other.

And then, they rushed out to go on another rampage into their fiercest battleground yet, in the garden.


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